well, i guess we don’t see our patterns until they’re all laid out in front of us.

  I’m being completely honest when I say that I’ve always loved Oreos. Whenever I go on tour, I always ask for them on my rider. Backstage, there’s always Oreos.


20 favorite pictures of Anna Torv (requested by taenypush)


"I should kill you right now! I’d get away with it. No one would miss you, no one would mourn you. You destroy everyone who gets close." Victoria + Death 

Why Are The ALF’s Activities Hurting Their Own Cause?


I’m well aware that this post may contain some unpopular opinions. If you would like to have a discussion on our differing views, my inbox / ask box is open. But please read with an open mind before you go jumping to the assumption that I am some cartoonish mad scientist who relishes the suffering of innocent little puppies and kittens.

I’m going to start off by saying that I personally hate animal testing. I wish it didn’t exist. But you know what else I hate? Cancer, HIV/AIDS, malaria, mental health disorders… want me to go on?

It should be noted that I’m writing this from the perspective of a scientist in the United States. I do not know the legislation, inspection criteria, or institutional requirements that are in place for research organizations in Brazil, but I do know where they stand in the US. I should also say that my colleagues and I have received death threats from the ALF and similar organizations. They target not only biomedical institutions, but zoos, universities, sanctuaries, and field researchers. This is something that hits rather close to home for me, so please forgive the obscenely long post.

(Warning: rant ahead)

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still wailing into the night

i don’t think i would be a very good educator - at any level (elementary, secondary, post-secondary, etc)

but one of the main reasons why i would never get into teaching is because idk i’d be tempted to look at websites like ratemyprofessor or something and i’m scared that i’ll find really creepy comments 8|

like whatever if my students hate me i don’t really care

but creepy stuff just nope

I think… I’ve found the sight.

If I had the proper tweezers, I’d like the chance to pull the rusted shards of myself I know I’ve left inside you.

Haha I’m such a loser, on snapchat I only have my sister and my dad added… I asked some “friends” if I could have their snapchat I.d, and they’re all like “sorry, I deleted my account…” BITCH I SEE YOU USING SNAPCHAT RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND I HEAR YOU EXCHANGING USERNAMES WITH OTHER PEOPLE SO IF YOU DONT WANNA BE FRIENDS WITH ME JUST SAY SO FAKE ASS BITCHES!!!!!!

sometimes I’m shy, my mouth is suddenly dumb when I see you right in front of me, don’t know what to say. But one day in the future, I’m gonna make a sign to make you see my feelings -ssi-