don’t let your frustration with me affect your judgement.
he’s going to let his frustration with you affect his judgement.

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I found this super amazing Korean video a while ago. It’s the Mads episode of a segment where a fangirl of many many different actors basically puts her all fangirling into videos while a man narrates. It’s funny as hell, although not all the facts are accurate.

some highlights (many others are self-explanatory):

beginning: (“age?”) this fangirl’s favourites have maintained an average age of 35, but… (0:17 “I don’t think age matters at all”) this man makes things like age insignificant

0:54: “his muscles are firmer than a horse’s and his silver hair flutters as majestically as a horse’s tail and especially his duck-like lips are a charm point”

2:41~ talks about his multiple languages

3:45: “his dancing experience really comes into play not in dance sequences but in his dancelike sex scenes” (3:55 “It’s magical!!”)

4:15: (“I didn’t know he was a gambler!”)

4:50: “The thing all his characters have in common is Mads’ sexiness. he’s so sexy the ladies can’t leave him alone so he’s a veteran at on-screen affairs. he even had a (beautiful) double nosebleed while playing a target of the love of a girl young enough to be his granddaughter”

And yes this seems to have aired on MBC which is one of the major TV networks in Korea.

stuff i had japanese people ask me

"wait so is germany still divided into east and west??" or "what was is like when the wall was still there??" (dUDE I WASNT ALIVE OK)

"so what language do you speak in germany…?"

"where even is germany im sorry its in europe right??"

"can i ask what you think about nazis?? oh i probably shouldnt right.. " (YOU ALREADY DID MAN)

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Interview with Michael at the 2014 CrossFit Games

Bless William Strife and him playing the P.T. Demo. krys411 and I just got done watching it together and omfg. I have not laughed so HARD in awhile jfc. Admittedly though that dang ghost lady got me and Tabs SO BAD WE SCREAMED JFC.I have watched this demo from like four other people AND STILL SHE MANAGES TO GET ME.