i will

I will set your watches. I will put your favorite socks in the dryer so they’re warm when it’s too cold outside. I will fix you soup and juice when you’re sick and I will put on your favorite movie when you’re having a bad day. I will wake you up with kisses and cuddles everyday and I will cook you little snacks for when you wake up from naps. I will remind you to bring water to the gym and I will massage you every time I see you tense up. I will love you, with every fibre of my being.
—  I will
If you're my girlfriend I will

~ cook for you
~ cuddle you
~ kiss you (everywhere)
~ clean for you
~ take care of you when you’re sick
~ laugh with you
~ cry with you
~ fight for you
~ love you

How to tell if I have a crush on you:

I will run away.

I will not talk to you.

I will look away.

I will look at the floor.

I will mumble terrible replies to anything you say.

I will stand there twisting and turning with my friends in the same spot make groaning noises trying to muster up nonexistent courage to talk to you even though I’ll never muster it up.

Basically, I will act like I hate you, and you will think I don’t have any interest in you, but I do. I so do.


I really love this commercial, it’s motivating and funny. We all can! Believe in yourself! 

If you like all of these I will marry you

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Ed sheeran
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Kristen Stewart
“sweet disposition” by the temper trap
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The gay women channel
Rose Ellen Dix

No joke message me because there’s a 99% chance I will marry you right then and there