i was upset today

please cheer up

kyoryu-gold submitted: 

 Happy Ace Day guise~ ^^

I’m so happy that I don’t have to feel confused anymore and to all those who are scared or can’t come out yet, you all are amazing and I hope something good happens to you today~
I’m kinda upset that you really can’t see my kick butt Pirates of the Caribbean cards tho. Stupid lighting. >.<

I just broke down in front of chris

I don’t ever ever let people see me as weak and I’m just upset with just today I need a do over.

today’s fatigue went in stages right around the 12th hour of working. first there was blurry eyes the ones that hover around the edges that you try to blink away but they’re permanent so. then came the “I’m so over exhausted I could burst out crying for just that reason alone.” and then on my walk home was the “I’m so tired and underfed I feel like throwing up.” or whatever extra fatigue makes you feel like puking even though you haven’t eaten in 7 hours.