She’s just been woken up from her nap because of a loud noise and
       she can’t get back to sleep on her own. Of course, this could only
       mean that she has to go find her father; even as a baby she was
       easier calmed by him. He’s not in the family room or the living room
       when she looks, however, so all that is left to do is check his study.
       —— Luckily, he leaves the trap door open so she doesn’t have to call
       for him to open it. All she does next is climb onto his lap and rest her
       head against his chest, because she’s not tall enough to reach his
       shoulder yet.


  “Hi daddy.”

my cousin had a baby yesterday and i’m so excited for her! to be honest, i had actually forgotten she was pregnant at all, but now i keep checking back on facebook to see more photos that they’ve posted. it’s really cute because her husband keeps posting more, he’s already obsessed with her and i love it. and my other cousin is so excited to be an aunt! ahhh i wanna meet this baby!!!!!

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a notion: "if it fits i sits" regarding makaras


*happy honking*