Korean useful words, notions, phrases...
Basically I was looking through my drafts and found this quite old post. I don’t need it anymore since it’s things I acquired a long ago so… but maybe it could be useful to some of you so TADAM.
  1.  하나 (hana)
  2. 둘 (dul)
  3. 셋 (set)
  4. 넷 (net)
  5. 다섯 (daseot)
  6. 여섯 (yeoseot)
  7. 일곱 (ilgop)
  8. 여덟 (yeodeol)
  9. 아홉 (ahop)
  10. 열 (yeol)

I’m lost. 길을 잃었습니다. (gireul ireosseumnida)

Clock system

one o’clock AM 오전 한 시 (ojeon hansi)

two o’clock AM 오전 두 시 (ojeon dusi)

noon 정오 (jeongo)

one o’clock PM 오후 한 시 (ohu hansi)

two o’clock PM 오후 두 시 (ohu dusi)

midnight 자정 (jajeong)


_____ minute(s) - _____ 분 (___ bun)

_____ hour(s) _____ 시간 (___ sigan)

_____ day(s) _____ 일 (___ il)

_____week(s) _____ 주 (___ ju)

_____ month(s) _____ 달 (___ dal)

_____ year(s) _____ 년 (___ nyeon)


today 오늘 (oneul)

yesterday 어제 (eoje)

tomorrow 내일 (naeil)

this week 이번 주 (ibeon ju)

last week 지난 주 (jinan ju)

next week 다음 주 (da-eum ju)

Sunday 일요일 (ilyoil)

Monday 월요일 (wolyoil)

Tuesday 화요일 (hwayoil)

Wednesday 수요일 (suyoil)

Thursday 목요일 (mogyoil)

Friday 금요일 (geumyoil)

Saturday 토요일 (toyoil)


The names of the months in Korean are simply the Sino-Korean numbers 1 through 12 followed by the word 월 (month).

January 1월 (일월) ilwol

February 2월 (이월) iwol

March 3월 (삼월) samwol

April 4월 (사월) sawolMay 5월 (오월) owol

June* 6월 (유월) yuwol

July 7월 (칠월) chilwol

August 8월 (팔월) palwol

September 9월 (구월) guwol

October* 10월 (시월) siwol

November 11월 (십일월) sibilwol

December 12월 (십이월) sibiwol

Food and shit

beef 소고기 (sogogi)

salad 샐러드 (saelleodeu)

rice 밥 (bap)

tea (drink) 차 (cha)

water 물 (mul)


So I was looking through my drafts and I found this post of a bunch of old selfies from when I actually looked like a boy

Lone Wolf: Pacific Rim/Doctor Who AU

chrisdwoo answered to your post “fic requests?”

Doctor Who/Pacific Rim — Ten can drift with Rose but 1-9 don’t do so well…

Hey chrisdwoo, remember this? Me neither. Anyway, I was looking through my drafts, and I found this, so I decided to write something for it. It went in a different direction, and isn’t quite finished, but here’s what I wrote while deskwarming today. Note that I haven’t done any editing.

Title: Lone Wolf
Fandoms: Doctor Who/Pacific Rim
Pairings: Rose/10 probably
Rating: Teen? I guess? Right now it’s pretty G-Rated
Summary: Rose Tyler is called out of self-inflicted retirement to man a jaeger. Finding a drift compatible partner has always been a struggle for her.

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