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Currently he has less than half the votes of the current first place, so if you haven’t voted already, go do it.
If you have, you might still be able to. Some users seem to be able to vote once a day, while others could only once at all. Here’s what you can do:

  • it seems that on iPhone/iPod, you can vote as often as you want (at least through safari) even when you only re-load the page, it just is somewhat time consuming, but it works.
  • on Android, (and again iOS, I suppose) you can use Chrome and open a new incognito window each time, because it doesn’t store cookies etc. (As pointed out by Ashe)
  • The same seems to work on Computer. For me it works if you open a new incognito window each time (not just a new window and several tabs), others have to exit out of chrome entirely.
  • It might work to open sub-windows on mobile when clicking the link on tumblr/twitter/facebook/… but that might depend on your system and browsers too.

And remember, if we can break charities, we can win this. Just imagine Castiel’s reaction to the number of votes he already has or the ones he’d have when winning this.

aka merry christmas everyone!

         yo i’m going to keep this short, because i have been binge-watching ‘it’s always sunny in philadelphia’ for like past 3 days and my head is filled with trash so here we go: THANK YOU. SO MUCH. thank you for your continued support, thank you for your super nice asks and thank you for simply being here and existing, because it makes my tumblr experience  a true delight!  thank you!

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the new rose wig is here!! it’s a little shorter than expected but that’s totally fine with me cause it means i don’t have to cut anything but the bangs haha, and it’s reaally soft. And it’s actually blonde this time, definitely better than using my old silver prussia wig lol