I gave up Henry because I wanted to give him his best shot. When I saw that he didn’t have it, I couldn’t leave. I was just as scared – more, probably. But once I saw him, got to know him, I couldn’t go back.”

"She knows herself well enough to know that if she even holds him for a second- she will keep him for sure. And if she looks at him for a second- she will keep him for sure. So the only way she could be strong enough to do what believed was right was to not look at him or touch him." - Jennifer Morrison


"Emma is not in a situation where she wants to not raise her child. She actually believes that she can’t. I mean, she’s in prison, and believes this would be a terrible situation, and she really wants him to have the best life possible."

"I do believe that Emma would have kept Henry if she were not in jail."

-Jennifer Morrison


"All she remembered was a baby she’d only been allowed to hold for a moment—a warm, soft, crying thing who’d looked up at her with cloudy eyes from a stiff bed in a jail hospital ward […] It was funny that anything that small could grow into a walking, talking thing. That was almost the craziest fantasy story there was.”  [x]

a henry/emma fanmix: love is easy
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01. Run | Leona Lewis // 02. Lightning Crashes | Live // 03. Little Lion Man | Mumford & Sons // 04. See You Again | Carrie Underwood // 05. Send Me the Moon | Sara Bareilles // 06. Found | Christel Alsos // 07. Turning Page | Sleeping At Last // 08. Your Song | Ellie Goulding // 09. Run | P!nk // 10. When I’m With You | JJ Heller // 11. Timshel | Mumford & Sons // 12. Feels Like Home | Chantal Kreviazuk // 13. You Were Born | Cloud Cult // 14. Never Grow Up | Taylor Swift // 15. Let Them Be Little | Lonestar // 16. I Won’t Let You Go | James Morrison // 17. You Are Loved | Vega // 18. In My Arms | Plumb // 19. Love Is Easy | Mcfly

anonymous said:

In The Price of Gold, when Henry says they should have codenames and asks Emma what he should call her, do you think he was wishing for her to say he could call her 'mom'?

100% YES. 

I totally believe that Henry wanted her codename to be “mom,” even if he could only call her that when it was just the two of them. 

While Henry is very mature and intelligent for his age, I really think that we have to remember he is still a 10 year old little kid (well, in season one). He’s finally met this woman he’s been thinking about since he found out he was adopted. And he found her at such a complicated/difficult time in his life. As much as Regina loves him, and as much as he loves her, at that point in his life, he was really feeling like he had no one. He found out about the curse, and he probably thought “what if my mom is just using me?” Clearly we know that she wasn’t, but in a ten year old’s head, he was just so lost. Then he finds this woman, his birth mom. And he instantly loves her, he’s loved her since he found out about her. Let’s remember this note he wrote her (which is totes canon). And he just so badly wants to call her mom. But he knows she isn’t ready for that yet. He doesn’t want to scare her away. So he keeps it to himself. But I think that he calls her ‘mom’ in his head, for sure. And then finally, after they are reunited when he thought she was dead and he’d never see her again, he calls her ‘mom.’ Because regardless if she was ready for it or not, he needed her- he needed his mom

anonymous said:

Do you mind explaining why you love Emma and Henry's relationship so much? There's nothing wrong with it, I just want to know your opinion :)

Oh gosh, that is literally like asking me why I need oxygen.

I’ve been drawn to Emma and Henry’s relationship since the beginning. I first fell for Emma, and consequently, fell in love when Emma/Henry. I just think it’s an incredibly beautiful relationship. Emma went her whole live feeling unloved and unworthy with no family and no one to love her. Then this precious little miracle comes into her life. A person that she KNOWS would unconditionally love her forever, and would never leave her. She would never be alone again. But she is in jail. She wants her little miracle to have the best possible life. She wants him to have everything she didn’t have. So she does the most unselfish thing anyone could do, and gives him up. It’s so sad, because even Jen had said that if Emma wasn’t in jail, she would have kept Henry. 

So ten years go by. I can only imagine how lonely those years were for Emma. And how often she thought of the little boy she gave up. And Henry, we know he thought about his birth mother. Then one day he shows up on her door and it’s history from there. They found each other. I just adore how much they love each other. How their relationship grew from season 1 to now. Their little adorable moments that make me squee. Emma needs Henry just as much as Henry needs her. The love they have for each other blows my mind, and I adore it.

I guess I can’t really explain why I love them as much as I do. But I have a thing for parent-child relationships. Because I think that they are the most beautiful kind of relationships to be had. And Momma!Emma is my favorite part of Emma. Now I’m just gushing about how precious they are, but I can’t really explain further than that. They are perfect and I love them.

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back to your arms || henry/emma
song: run - p!nk

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you were born || once upon a time ((emma/charming/snow & emma/henry))
song: you were born - cloud cult