i want your salvation

~ The Heart Lady
(Annie R. Towns)

I crave the comfort of your waves to rock me, flood over me like salvation.
I want to feel the weight of your Ocean- above, below, behind.
To get lost in your relentless tide.
I want to surrender to your Sea.
Held by your waves, -safe- like the comfort of finally being home.
I want to know your secrets, your depth, your mystery.
To get lost, to find your secluded islands, the ones you would share with no one but me.
I want to gaze into your eyes, burning into me like torches, igniting this liquid fire you’ve kindled so deep.
Salt in the moisture of your passion filled kiss.
Bodies heated- causing steam to rise into a fog of ecstasy that can’t be defined.
Brows lined with sweat.
Strength, guidance in your voice.
Firm but loving hands slowly learning the needs of my body as I submit to their lifetime of longing.
You, the Masculine form of mysterious Ocean.
I, the Feminine pull of enigmatic Moon.
Two Souls become entwined together as one.