i want to punch all of your

The hardest thing about depression is that you don’t want to talk about it. You end up sounding like a whiny, unappreciative brat. How many times have I been told that I will never be happy with what I have? I’m no fun. I just hate everyone. I just waste opportunities others would be so happy to have. I know this. I feel guilty, and sorry. I don’t want to be like this. I get so angry at myself. This is your fault, you need to make better decisions. Punching yourself in the face does not really solve anything. You’re so smart, and even more stupid. I’m no fun. I just hate everyone.
My muse has lost most of their memories and only remembers things from a long time ago. Send me one of the following sentences for my muse’s reaction.

“Why are you calling for your childhood dog, again?!”

“You don’t live there anymore… Don’t you remember? You haven’t lived there for years!”

“Yesterday you said you remembered, and now you don’t recognise me anymore… I don’t know how long I can hold this up.”

“Don’t drink that, you’re pregnant!”

“Why do you keep trying to call your mum/dad?”

“You could’ve just said you weren’t in the mood, no need to punch me! Why are you looking at me like that? What’s wrong?”

“What the hell are you doing here?! I told you I never wanted to see you again!”

“So, what you’re saying is, you don’t believe you can trust me? After all we’ve been through?”

“What’s the last thing you remember?”

“Maybe it’s better if you don’t remember…”

“You’re safe with me. Don’t listen to what anyone says, they’re trying to confuse you. You need to stay with me. I will help you remember everything, my dear.”

“He/she is dead.”

“You should at least try to stop living in the past!”

“Haha, very funny, but that’s not going to get you off the hook.”

“It makes me sad that you’re happier now than you’ve been in so long, because eventually you’ll have to remember.”

why I really want to be a shadowhunter:

you get one of those really cool rings that probably leaves an imprint of your initial on something when you punch it. just imagine how satisfying punching someone in the face would be because they’d have to walk around all day with your initial on their face and everyone would know just how many people you fucked up that day.

All right guys, let’s show these people what the 100 fandom can do!

The 100 was nominated in four different categories in EW’s TV Season Finale Awards. The ballot has multiple pages, so make sure you go through each one and hit up every category!

We were nominated for Most Rewound Moment. (Bellarker’s your time to shine.)

Best Use of Music (don’t tell me this song doesn’t maek you want to punch yourself in the face.)


And Biggest Regret That I Didn’t Watch Live

Alright, fandom! Let’s put aside our differences and go and slaughter this poll!

i shook this guy’s hand today and man his grip was too strong. i don’t know if i don’t have a good handshake or i just never take handshakes seriously, but i was a second away from reacting like, “ow, the fuck?” not a good power move. that’s what it’s all about when guys shake hands too, it’s like a power thing. look, if i wanted to establish dominance that badly i’d clap my hands really close to your face and go, “you blinked! i’m a fucking shark, buddy! what a great job interview.” i guess i like fistbumps better for that reason. most people fistbump with the same amount of force, you know? you’d look like a god damn lunatic if you tried to use a fistbump as a show of power. just punching someone’s near stationary hand with all your might like, “it’s a subtle business move! i’m in your head!!” yeah we need to come up with something else. like we each feel each other’s heartbeats, i don’t know. 


And that is what it’s like to live in the orbit of Matt Murdock. He will confound you. He will frustrate you. He will make your choices FOR you, he will manipulate you without CONSULTING you, and you will want to PUNCH him in his self-assured face at least ONCE AN HOUR. He will make you wonder EVERY SINGLE DAY why you ever put up with him because the devil is FULL OF TRICKS.

But he will care about you in a way that no one else ever could.

When it comes down to it, I guess I don’t really need the world to know I exist.

I’m just glad HE knows.

Daredevil (2014) #5


More oldies! 23 year old Alexander Skarsgård. Hope you enjoy!

(As usual, I’ll really appreciate if there’s someone out there able to translate the interview, it’s in Swedish. Send me a PM with your email, thank you!)  

-Updated— Vecko Revyn, November 1999


Son of: world famous actor Stellan Skarsgard and My Skarsgård, doctor. The eldest in a family of six children.

I just go with it …

23 years old. Looks good. Have work all the time. It’s almost as you want to give Alexander Skarsgård a punch in the face. But he is too nice for that.

Alexander Skarsgard cruise between film shoots and sail through life. He has fluency and predicted a future among the really big. Among those who dad Stellan belongs.

Though any comparison he does not want to do.

We are completely different, my father and me.

Wet and long, striped, he enters through a heavy wooden door at the film company Sandrew. It’s pooring outside and the water flows from the blond hair, down on a black and green striped shirt with buttons on one shoulder.

What we see here is a lucky guy. A guy who has a reason to smile. Alexander Skarsgard has a job as an actor all the time.

He has made a season of “White Lies”, success, yet he has managed to avoid falling into just doing daytime TV. In the autumn he goes into theaters with a big role in the film “Happy End”. And after this intervjuvn he to TV’s costume archives and try on clothes at a drama production and then set off on another recording in Gothenburg.

He exudes a kind of cool unconcerned  just like confident people do. Not hysterically positive and ingratiating, not overexcited and introverted. Simply: “Hi, I’m 23 years old and actor who  looks good and will live to be 100, and I will have as much fun as I can.”

Are you thinking that you have that damn good?

Absolutely. I’m really grateful because I know that many do not have it so. In a way, I have had it very easy. I have had the opportunity to choose. This does not mean that all choices have been easy. I have also had setbacks and dimensions lousy. But there are many who do not even have a choice.

Choice to what?

I could, for example, to go to New York and study for an actor. It cost a lot of money and I had never been able to do unless dad paid.

Have you ever had a real set back?

No, nothing catastrophic. I’m not afraid of it either. I have my own security, my friends and my family who lived in the same old scrubby apartment since the 80s. And if everything goes to hell, I can always come home. I know that.

Your dad Stellan is a world famous actor, your brother is actor and you’re an actor. What is that? Have you had it easier because of the father or is talent in the blood?

I do not know. My first role I was given by my dad when I was seven, but then I managed all by myself. I do not know what it is that makes a good actor. Some hold on for thirty years and still lackluster, then it comes a ten year old and is brilliant.

Is not it difficult to have the same profession as your dad. You risk being the eternal runner-up?

I have not even thought that way. We are completely different, my dad and I, and does not compete that way. I’m not a 25 year younger, steeped copy of him. It is not as if people stand and compare “oh well, 1982 was Stellan Hamlet and now Alexander Hamlet and he’s worse there.” It does not work that way.

But many have to make the comparison?

I do not think so. If I come to a set so it is often many who have worked with my dad. They might tell you something they made together and asking me to greet him but then it is no more talk about it. It’s not that “You go to the left there, I think Stellan had gone right.”

The family Skarsgård seems a little like happy family. Successful parents who have known each other all their lives, and offers a mix of fuzzy, intellectual culture and strong academic intelligence to dad an actor and My the mother who is a doctor. Six children: Alexander, Gustaf, Sam, Bill, Eija and Valter. Youngest Valter two years. Oldest Alexander.

I’m probably a typical big brother. Our dad has been gone a lot, and then I had to control and adjust a little and scream at younger brothers. I’m not like that hyper meticulous really and prance around like a rooster and says how things should be - but with Sam and Gustaf I become a bit like that because they are like pigs. I don’t mind if there is a bit dirty, but when you get to pick cigarette butts in the bathtub and there are sandwiches laying around since a week ago, then it is not funny.

What kind of upbringing did you get?

We had it pretty freely and had to take decisions themselves. It was very open home. Always a lot of people, a lot of friends that came and went like that. I thought it was good but there was the problem sometimes because dad was away a lot when he was working. In certain situations as needed to both mom and dad. Long times our mum was at home and it became a heavy burden on her.

How did it affect you that your dad was gone?

Dad has always been away a lot so it was natural for me. When I was born, he worked at the Royal Dramatic Theatre and then he was home in Stockholm anyway. Then he started shooting and then he was gone longer periods. But he did the best he could. I was with him a lot of Dramatic Theater and when he was filming so he took us if he could. On the other hand  he sometimes stay home for weeks at a stretch and stand in the kitchen all day.

Did your dad drive you to “Vår teater” when you were little in the same way as other driving kids to soccer practice?

Actually not. I started at “Vår teater” in my kindergarten. There was a whole group from there.. But then it is clear that my father helped and supported, but he supported like much when I later added by the theater completely for a few years.

Why did you quit?

I had a role in the film “The dog that smiled” when I was 13 and got crappy confidence after that. It went on TV and even though there was no hysteria, but still there were some who recognized me on the town. I was just at the beginning of puberty and became agoraphobic. I felt that people looked at me, giggling behind my back. I was really nervous. It was really difficult and I felt I did cope with it, so I quit completely and said no to everything for a few years.

What made you come back?

I grew up. I was 20 and felt I could do it better then. I had more security. Was more sure of myself. It was during the military service I started thinking. I had thought it was fun to play and that was not really the profession it was wrong, but on others. So I tried again.

You did the worst macho military service. Are you interested in the military?

No, I thought, either I seek exemption warrant or I do something properly. I am an urban rat. If it rains then run it into the subway, so I felt I could do something completely different that I had never done. I’m glad I did it but when I was there so it was quite hard sometimes.

Formed you from it?

To some extent. I tested my limits, did stuff I never would have done otherwise. Who goes out and one march nine mil through the forest until you puke. You become more accepting when you did such things. And so I learned a lot about leadership and psychology because I was the patrol chief. But I’m certainly not military of me. It was enough with what I did.

Are you single now?

Yes, I get on well with being single. I’m not so desperate after having a relationship. But not the other way around. If I would meet someone and be really in love then I would go for it.

Are you romantic?

I’m not like that when the guys are at my house  they get a beer, and when the girl comes, it’s red wine and fine dining and so. I am who I am. Maybe not so romatic that way. I don’t fall  easy in love either. It happens, but it’s not easy.

You seem to live more in practice than in the though?

It is clear that I can go and daydream and thinking and so there, maybe on any girl I want. But I can not brooding so much. I just do mostly. I feel instead of thinking. If something feels right then I go on that track. It’s just a feeling that fills one. I want to do it or I do not. Usually weighs one the feeling of the other. When it is not so much to think about. I just go with it. >>

ID: Alexander Skarsgard

Born: August 25, 1976

Occupation: Actor

Family: Single

Current: As Marcus Englund in TV3’s soap opera “White lies”. Going coming at cinema this autumn in “Happy End”. Playing against Stefan Sauk and Izabella Scroupco in the action thriller “The Diver” which premieres this Christmas.

anonymous asked:

Could you give your in-depth thoughts on Fury Road?

It felt like a combination of all the best parts of the other films; the batshit insane stunts of Mad Max coupled with the budget and bombast of Thunderdome, but with all the pure, glorious weirdness of Road Warrior. Fury Road left me totally satisfied, to the point that I almost don’t want another sequel. I can see myself watching it another dozen times, noticing something new each time. It’s a good-ass fucking movie.

As for the feminist stuff, it’s kind of a hilarious one-two punch checkmate Voight-Kampff test for petty misogyny. Like, if you walked out of that movie going “That film is shameless Feminazi propaganda!” instead of shouting “I LIKED WHEN THE COOL MONSTER TRUCKS FUCKED EACH OTHER TO DEATH IN A PILE OF DIRTY GASOLINE EXPLOSIONS!” what the Hell kind of tattered excuse for red-blooded masculinity are you even defending?

Fury Road gives you two hours of explosions and trucks and action, ignoring all that to gripe that the female characters are actual characters with agency and motivation isn’t a complaint about something you DON’T have, it’s a complaint about something other people DO have. If that’s your deal, man the fuck up, you crybabies. There is absolutely no shortage of movies where shit explodes and women don’t do anything.

tl;dr: It is a fun good time when the trucks explode and I like the movie a lot. The end.

Who You Should Fight: R+ Edition

Till: For the love of God no. Don’t. Please. You will be ended. The very atoms that make up your being will be disintegrated. You’ll be erased from time itself. Don’t fight Till (besides even if you managed to land a punch he’d probably like it).

Richard: You could probably take Richard in a fight. You also have the advantage that all the other R+ members have likely wanted to bop Richard at one point or another, so they’re less likely to try and stop you/avenge their fallen comrade. Be warned though, if you fight him and win he’ll probably write like twelve songs about it and release another Emigrate album, so you’ll have that on your conscience.

Paul: If you fought Paul you would win. But why would you want to? Paul is sunshine. Paul is a rainbow. You’d be heartless to fight Paul.

Flake: Idk it’s up to you. On one hand you could fight Flake and win just by blowing air kinda hard in his direction. But Till will come after you. And he will bring the dick cannon.

Schneider: Do it. You’ve got this. Trust me. He’ll get stuck in an infinite revovovovovovo loop and you’ll be able to take him down in one blow. Just don’t let him get a punch in. He has drummer arms.

Olli: This fight will be tricky. Olli is virtually invisible and it will be hard to detect him, let alone fight him. But it’s not impossible. The trick is to get down low and trip him, and he’ll go down like a giant redwood in the forest. Kick him in the shins. Gravity will take care of the rest.

hartley writes a guide: developing your writer’s voice

you read these novels with this just heavenly tone, it makes you want to write, its art the way this writer describes things, creates them. so you go to write, only probelm is, you’re stuck staring at a blank word document and suddenly you have a headache and you cant find the right words. you cant find your voice.

i’m here to help with that.

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Can you do something where he loves showing you off and just calls you his girl all the time plssssss

“God, look at that fine ass.” 

You turned around laughing to find your very drunk boyfriend smirking down at you. “Hi, Cal.”

“You are the hottest girl at this party, you know that?”

Laughing you reached out to take the cup out of his hand and set it on a nearby table. “I think you’ve had enough.”

“I’m serious!” he huffed, placing his hand on your waist. “Everyone in here’s watching you. Staring at you. At my girl.”

He placed his other hand on your waist and pulled you to him, and leaned down to kiss your neck. “They can look, but they can’t touch.” He bit down on the skin, and you gasped. “You’re mine.”

“Cal,” you gasped, knotting your hands in his hair. You were suddenly aware that people were watching and you could feel your face turning red. You cleared your throat and lowered your voice. “Cal, people are staring at us.”

“Good,” he growled out, lowering his hands to grab your ass, “then they’ll know your mine and no one else can touch you like this.”

He kissed up your neck before brushing his lips against yours, and then took your lower lip harshly between his teeth. You whimpered and felt your knees shaking under you.

“Take me home,” you breathed out.

He pulled back, eyes dark, and smirked. “That’s my girl.”

Which Durarara!! Character Should You Fight:
  • Mikado:Fight Mikado. He's a wimp, and won't fight back. Fight him where no one can find him. You should probably also take his cell phone.
  • Kida:Do not fight Kida. Why would you want to? Become friends with Kida instead. Meet girls and join the Yellow Scarves. This guy can get you places.
  • Anri:Do not fight Anri. She'll go Saika on your ass and boom, here come all her babies. You can't fight a hoard of zombies. Do not fight Anri.
  • Izaya:Please fight Izaya. You will lose, but you might get to punch him, which is totally worth it. This is for the benefit of society. Please fight him. I will pay you.
  • Shizuo:are you fucking kidding me
  • Celty:Don't fight Celty. She's too sweet, plus she'll kick your ass. Be nice to Celty.
  • Shinra:Give this nerd the biggest wedgie of his life
  • Namie:Fight Namie. She's in love with her damn brother, please fight her.
  • Seiji:Kill Seiji.
  • Anyone from the Van gang:Friend, stop while you're ahead.
  • The Orihara twins:Seriously, stop.
  • Simon:Just buy some sushi and move on
  • Kasuka:See Shizuo
  • Aoba:See Izaya
#11 “Jealous” (Nick Jonas Song)

A/N: This was requested by an anon. Thank you so much for the request. This was the first time I wrote a pref based on a song and I absolutely enjoyed doing it. I hope you like it and this is what you wanted.


I turn my chin music up
And I’m puffing my chest
I’m getting red in the face
You can call me obsessed”

Niall was leaning against his car , waiting for you to walk out from the building you work at. He was checking his twitter when he heard his most favourite sound in the world , your laugh. When he looked up from his phone , his smile fell when he saw you laughing at something a guy was telling you. Nobody , no one can make you laugh like that except for him. He could see the admiration on your guy friend’s face and all he wanted to was punch him hard. Without waiting even for a minute he went to where you were standing. “Hey princess” he surprised you by coming from behind and pulling you into a bone crushing hug. He glared at the boy making sure he got the message that you were with Niall. “So how was your day?” he kissed your cheek and asked more sweetly than ever , absolutely ignoring your friend , Jake. Unfortunately for Niall , you knew him too well , you knew he was completely possesed by the green-eyed monster.  “Omigosh! Niall Horan! Can I get a picture with you. Phil is gonna so regret not coming to pick me up. He is a huge DIRECTIONER!” “Who is Phil?” Niall asked  “Jake’s boyfriend.” you say knowingly. AND with those words escaping your mouth , Niall turned red. He was so embarrased. You tried your best to contain your smirk. After clicking a picture with Jake , you and Niall walk over to his car.  “Ahem” you clear your throat. “Need to confess something babe?” “Not my fault princess. You know I love you.”


Cause you’re too sexy, beautiful
​And everybody wants a taste
​That’s why (that’s why)
​I still get jealous

                                                                                                                              It was your third anniversary with Harry. You two were lucky that Harry was not on tour at the moment. Harry had planned a very extravagant trip to Paris. Everything was beyond perfection. You two were right now enjoying your evening at a super fancy restaurant. But , everything would be more better if the waiter stops hitting on you everytime he comes to your table. It is annoying both you and Harry. “Mate enough.” Harry glared at him one last time when he said some cheesy stuff about your eyes , before pulling you out of the restaurant. Though you were grateful , you still couldn’t believe that even after three years of dating , Harry would get jealous. “Well babe , I don’t blame them exactly. You are so beautiful , smart , funny , kind that everybody wants to have you. It has been like that right from the start of the relationship. And I don’t think this ,you getting so much attention , is ever going to stop.” “But Haz , you know that I only want you right?” you place a sweet kiss on his cheek. “I know babe. But I don’t think that is going to stop me from being jealous.”


I don’t like the way he’s looking at you                                                            I’m starting to think you want him too                                                                ​Am I crazy, ​have I lost ya?                                                                             Even though I know you love me, can’t help it”

He just came backstage after practicing for the show tonight to be greeted by the sight of a crew member flirting with you. You were too sweet and innocent to know that and you were assuming he was just being nice. But Louis , he knew that look very well. God , it was the same look he has when he is with you. And he didn’t like it one bit on that guy. But seeing you happily chatting with that man made him question do you want him too? You were too good for Louis. You definitely deserve someone better , someone who could stay with you all the time and maybe have ‘a real job’. Niall’s loud laughter distracted you and you knew at once the rehearsal is over. Your eyes searched for Louis’. On him being spotted by you , he tried to fake a smile , a little sad by the thoughts he just had. You could clearly see his dejected eyes and without wasting a moment walked to him. “What happened hmm?” you say after giving him a sweet kiss. “Just worried about something.” “Don’t worry. I love you , okay?” “As long as you love me , everything will be okay.”


​“You’re the only one invited
​I said there’s no one else for you
​'Cause you know I get excited, yeah
​When you get jealous too”

You were here , even though you didn’t want to be here. You were trying your best to pay attention to what Eleanor  was saying , but your mind kept travelling to the words Liam said that morning , during your fight. The club was crowded. You couldn’t see Liam anywhere around. “Good.” you thought. To say that you were just angry was an understatement. All day long you couldn’t stand Liam’s presence , ignoring him everytime he tried to apologise or even say something. “Hey babe. Wanna dance?” a cute guy out of nowhere came and asked you to dance with him. You saw Liam from the corner of your eye , glaring at the man , who was now holding your hand. This is something Liam would never approve. “Sure” you faked your smile and walked with him to the dance floor , his hand resting at your waist. For some fifteen minutes the man kept telling something , but you didn’t hear them. You were busy searching for your jealous boyfriend’s face. And you saw it. But it wasn’t the angry face , it was his famous flirty face. You saw dancing with a blonde whispering stuff in her ears that made her blush. You couldn’t stand the sight. You walked towards them and tapped Liam’s shoulder. “Yes?” You crashed your lips against his so hard and only detatched yourself after the girl left. “Jealous?” “Very.”


​“It’s not your fault that they hover
​I mean no disrespect
​It’s my right to be hellish
​I still get jealous”

The car ride is awfully quiet. You didn’t know if Zayn is angry at you or what? You had a gut feeling that you shouldn’t have worn that dress , but Zayn encouraged you. And it was not that you were enjoying their cheesy comments. it was no way your fault. “Then why is Zayn mad at me?” you thought. You placed your hand on his thigh and gave it a light squeze. He didn’t react. His eyes were fixed on the road. “Zayn please speak.” you were begining to panic making your voice sound shaken. This time he looked at you. “Please” you whispered one more time. “Are you angry with me?” “What!? Why would I be angry with you Zayn?” “Because I practically dragged you out of your friend’s part and that was disrespectful. And I didn’t want to create a scene but I just couldn’t control myself. I-” “Zayn , I am not at all mad at you. Infact I am glad you saved me from those , those-” “Animals.” he said doing his jaw thingy. “The way they were looking at you Ugh! And being your boyfriend , it most definitely is my right to be hellish.” “It sure is.”

A/N: Tell me how it is?

theoriginalimpossiblesoufflegirl asked:

omg i just saw your cullen/quizzy men in tights fan art and now all i can think of is all the boys singing men in tights, with dorian being so into it and cole mistakenly punching bull when "put out your lights" comes up. WHY DID YOU MAKE ME NEED THIS

Iron Bull: Why did you do that?

Cole: You wanted Dorian to put out your lights, but he was busy singing, so I helped.

(YOU AMAZING PERSON THIS WAS THE BEST IDEA. theoriginalimpossiblesoufflegirl, you got your need)

anonymous asked:

Fuck your chickens, bitch. I wish I could punch a cow in the face every day just because you vegans are so fucking annoying. No really, I want to eat more meat just because you people are so shit that I'd like to spite you. Shut your upper-middle class bitch ass. Kill all animals and eat them. If it's not human, GET IT IN MY MOUTH. hahahahahaha


glee rewatch
↳ 01x08 - Mash-Up: “Schuester! I’ll need to see that set list for Sectionals after all. I want it on my desk warm from the laminator at 5:00 P.M., and if it is one minute late, I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then, on some dark, cold night I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face.”

anonymous asked:

all i want to do lately is punch myself in the face. my last relationship was a flying shit show and left me feeling worthless while i put a guy who actually cared for me in the trash. now he has a girlfriend and i know he deserves all the happiness in the world. but what I'm trying to say is that i simply want to die, my problems are so small but i feel like I'm going no where. my scarce ambition has brought me to you, and i was wondering if you had any words of advice

unclench your fists / cry into your own lap a little / it’s ok to spend a few hours on the ground / it’s ok to not feel like you can move for days / not moving for days is a way of surviving sometimes / when it gets really bad do not be afraid to reach out / even if reaching out is a timid knock on a window / even if reaching out is a poem / every time i punch myself in the face i touch the bruises in the mirror and wish i hadn’t 

The afternoon sun is crashing on your cheeks and your eyes are just way too beautiful. I am holding your hands and your skin is so warm I never want to let go. You keep on saying I love you and I am shaking from all this serenity. I am in love with you. I am in love with your voice and the way it sounds at 2AM and how it breaks every time you cry. I am in love with your punch lines and your words and how we never get to end our conversations. I am in love with your eyes and the way they look so tired and how they long for so much care. I am in love with you and I am in love with your sadness and how you manage to pretend that everything’s okay. I am in love with you; I do not know how to end this prose but I am in love with you and I hope you know that I have never felt anything like this before. I am in love with you. It will always be you.
—  Beautiful Escape | cheska payongayong