episode 12: if this feeling isn’t love, then there is no love in the world

I don’t understand how some people have kismesissesisises like
?????????? How do you hate someone that much
Yet you still want to bang them/care about them I’m

Wow guys so I just recently hit 600 followers and that is just amazing! it’s so much more than I ever expected to get and I love you all so much so I decided that a small give away was in order to show my appreciation!


    You have to be following me.
    You have to be a roleplay blog.
    Reblog as much as you want idc just remember spamming people’s dashes isn’t cool.
    OC blogs are welcome if you have a face claim for them.
    Giveaway ends Monday October 6th. I’ll make a post announcing the winners and inbox       them. If they don’t answer within 24 hours I’ll pick someone else.


    1st place - 50 icons, 10 gif icons

    2nd place - 25 icons, 5 gif icons

this probably wont happen

i have just come up with another idea for a youtube video but i need youtubers in it. 


it will include primarily men, ooo controversial. a huge thing holding feminism back is men. and men need to show other men that women deserve to be equal and deserve the same writes as men. 

many male youtubers also have a male audience and this could be a huge platform to get word out there.

(of course women are welcome and needed)

if a youtuber happens to come across this and is intrigued please leave me a message with a way i can contact you about a video

and can anyone else spread the word?

anonymous said:

hey Karol. i'm a 15 year old who started driving this year (driving age in america) and i just wanted to say that there's nothing to worry about!! driving is scary at first, but it'll get better. i'm sure you'll be fine.

sarah-yyy powiedział(a): It’s okay to be nervous! :) I’m pretty sure most people are on their first lesson. I was a complete mess when I had my first driving lesson, and it wasn’t even raining then.

killjoyras powiedział(a): Spoko, ja mam 30 lat i nadal nie mam prawa jazdy, pewnie nie będę mieć w ogóle jak Kaczyński. XD Ale pogodę to masz beznadziejną :( Trzymam kciuki :*

Aaah guys, thank you so much for the words of encouragement! <33 I kinda forgot to be nervous once I was sitting behind the wheel, bc I was trying so hard to remember all the stuff my instructor (Marius. My instructor’s name is Marius, I just xD) was telling me and then once I was actually driving it was kinda fun, even though I’m totally aware I know nothing yet :D

psa to my mutuals: if i haven’t reblogged your selfie it’s probably because i didn’t see it and you are more than welcome to be like “hey i posted a selfie wanna reblog it?” because i want you to feel cute and validated and i’m 100% here for making you happy by reblogging your selfie okay


I’ve only got one life, Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you, if you want.

(inspired by x)


Daryl implies that h e  h a s  f e e l i n g s  f o r  h e r, but before Beth c a n  r e s p o n d, walkers swarm the house. Beth runs outside, where she’s kidnapped by people driving a car with a white cross painted on the rear windshield. Daryl chases after the car, but is u n a b l e  t o  c a t c h  u p.


Walker inside got my shoe.

Didn’t get me.