suchakidder said:

Hey, since it's TMI Tuesday (or it still is where I am) I just wanted to pop by and say hello and that you are one my favorite people to follow on tumblr!

AAAAAH. Okay, so someone was talking to me when I read this and I legitimately pulled a (see below) face in the middle of the conversation. If he didn’t know me super well I’m sure he would have had me committed. :P 

But seriously, right now you are my favorite person in LIFE. <3 Thank you, really. I’m totally chuffed and honored!

I DID IT. I straight up slid it into the conversation with an “I wasn’t aware that I was still in seventh grade, but apparently…” and made that flipper laugh so it wasn’t as awkward, and he said he totally understood. You guys are the best thank u so much for listening to me all weekend

lazysarcasm said:


Yin: I want to bear your children! -blushes like mad while blurting this out. She had no idea why she said it. She turns her head from him, covering her blushy face-