i want someone looking at me like that

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I am a 21yo female, who's pretty short and always had an "athletic" build. I work as a fitness instructor so I workout 1-2 hours a day already, I've noticed some of the results that I want, but my chest/arms seem to be really bulking up instead of trimming down and looking lean. What would you recommend for someone like me, who doesn't want to look so bulky?

Here are a few tips:

  • Reduce your amount of upper-body workouts
  • Increase the intensity of your workout routine
  • Slightly reduce your caloric intake

If your chest/arms are bulking up, it’s either fat or muscle, or both. In any cases, you should follow the tips mentioned above.

Here is an example of an intense workout routine:


can we just address the “where was louis when zayn was getting racist/islamophobic comments” for a sec here? and from someone who has actually experienced racism and islamophobia?

i wouldn’t want my white friends to publicly defend against something like that because it literally looks White Saviour-y. like i’m not sure you all have this black and white image of it but it’s actually not that simple????? also like…if you’re white and/or non-muslim you probably wouldn’t know what to say to defend me or anyone else who has to deal with this shit on the daily

yall can make posts about this for notes but then don’t have to deal with the repercussions of what you’re talking about in real life so lmao

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I have a mate who'll mention her unhappiness with her weight n body fairly regularly and I've given her advice and encouragement and reassurance so many times but now I'm starting to get sick of having the same convo but idk what to do cuz if that was me I wouldn't want someone to just be like "Lowe this Im sick of this topic". How would you handle this?

She’s not looking for advice, she just wants to vent. 

Let her talk and tell her you understand. Pretty soon you’ll be able to do that on autopilot and just wait for pauses

“thats crazy”

“yeah I feel you”

“I know right?”

“true, so what happens now?”

*Val hugs Zendaya more than once and kisses her temple numerous times* 

-the tag freaks the fuck out but ( a good chunk) still believe that they aren’t dating-

*Val does the same exact thing to a different woman*

-Doubters: “Val is dating that girl! Did you see that red room footage?!”- 

I’m sorry, but this way of perceiving these things don’t add up.

Look, believe what you want about Val and Z and their relationship but you can’t tell me that when Val does things like this to Zendaya it’s not couple-y and that when he does it with someone else, it is. That just doesn’t make any sense. It can’t be either or. If you didn’t take the V/Z red room footage as confirmation that they are dating then you shouldn’t take the red room footage of Val and JJ tonight as confirmation either. Because they basically were the same type of interactions. In my personal opinion, Val’s interaction with Zendaya was a bit more couple-y than his interaction with JJ but that’s just me. Just chill out doubters. 

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Muslim Peridot is so important to me. Thank you. Thank you so much. Not only is she FRIGGIN' ADORABLE, but she kicks ass and looks good doing it. TBH I'm seriously jealous of her scarf skills though. Mine always slips when I try wrapping it like that.

oh my god.  this literally means the world to me.  i just want to see more muslims portrayed in a positive light in society and i’m glad i can just affect someone like this

and gosh i even went looking at different wraps just to pick one that fit her 

ugh i’m just sitting her with my face in my hands, so happy oh gosh


Nothing stays in the end
This life, my eyes
My heart
Has withered away

I can’t see the world the same at all
Could you really love
Someone who can’t feel it anymore

I’m consumed by hate
If you looked into me
It would burn you empty

And there’s a sadness
I can’t reconcile
Can’t quell or sate
It pulls in everything

It’s all slipping away
Like the chair beneath me
Third time might just be the charm
Because I can never seem to sleep
The devil is smiling I can tell
He knows my soul is his to keep

Help me
I don’t want to see the world
In shades of grey and indifference

I’m not ready
To die
But if it’s my only way out
I’ll step up, step off
Cleared mind of all doubt

Can’t seem to be loved
So what’s the point
Can’t seem to speak
So I scream in silence and lines

I am a 21yo female, who’s pretty short and always had an “athletic” build. I work as a fitness instructor so I workout 1-2 hours a day already, I’ve noticed some of the results that I want, but my chest/arms seem to be really bulking up instead of trimming down and looking lean. What would you recommend for someone like me, who doesn’t want to look so bulky?
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I don't get a lot of attention cause I'm not really anything special. I don't catch anyone's eye because I don't look like all the other girls. I'm really skinny and I don't have a big but or big boobs so not many guys look my way not to mention I'm socially anxious due to being bullied for this. I don't have a lot of friends ppl tend to ignore me or I'm always left out. I just want someone to always be there for me and accepts me despite my flaws is that too much to ask? 😔

Love big boobs & a big butt isn’t everything… What always catches the right persons attention is personality, so just be patient the right one will come along… & you’ll make friends as time passes, just focus on you & while you’re focusing on you people who will become your friend will cross your path. Like in a job, after school programs, college etc… Just give it some time love


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someone teach me how to take nice pictures pls. me & my face (ft. a surprise appearance by my dog Chips!!)

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Depression isn't how you picture it at all

It’s not like you imagine or see in movies I don’t have a fucking choice it’s not sad afternoons and love songs.
It’s not being able to sleep at night when you are most tired it’s not wanting to eat anything although you didn’t eat anything all day it’s passing from smiling and laughing to isolating myself and hearing loud music just because I want to be alone with my thoughts, it’s ups and downs it’s a mess, I’m a mess.
And people that say people do this for attention make me sick, this is horrible it’s like I’m in a fucking pit and I can’t get out and then someone appears from the top of the pit and looks down and says ‘COME ON DON’T BE A PUSSY, GET OUT OF THERE’ IT’S HARD OK?

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oh look another person trying to make someone else look like trash. I'm just saying to tone it down. this is weird. don't turn me into one of those guys it's ridiculous to do that. now I'm gonna go bc I wanted to but I had to clear that. see ya sucker love, wind-daddy

please stop messaging me

Listening to all my friends talking about their first kisses makes me feel so weird and kinda upset?, haha, i’ve never kissed anyone?? I’m 17 years old?? I’m?? I mean, yes, I want my first kiss to be something special with someone I like, but sometimes I’m scared that I’ll never find anyone who wants to be with me and I feel like I’m wasting time/my life? Not sure if it’s because of my mother’s pressure or because of looking at all these happy couples all around me or just because I’m so fucking insecure. Woah, shit, fuck off I’m so whiny.

On self-harm scars

Someone saw my old, white scars today. She said: “Look at what you’ve done to yourself, your arms are ruined. Forever.”

Thing is, she knows. She knows I’ve been sick, she knows I’ve been fighting derpession, she knows the hell I’m going through….

How do I recover from words like those? How do I stay alive?

I hadn’t done it in ages, and I was so proud of myself. Such a victory against the monster that wants to devour me! I thought. But it’s left its teeth marks behind.

Turns out I’m ruined. Forever.

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Okay THIS GUY HAS AN ACCENT but it's the level I was looking for- perfectly understandable but obviously using a second (third?) language. Yay. Thank you friend. (I just really want someone to bring it up or make a dig and Soren can just "I speak like 5 languages and all my own dialects do not take this weak weak angle against me.")

Ooooh yes that was the reaction I was waiting for XD. Yeah I remember him as the Prime Minister who had the thickest Norwegian accent besides my 90 year old grandpa.
He also speaks Eastern accented Norwegian, and it would make sense for Soren/Norway to speak it because Oslo is in the east.
Norway was said to be a country with much more dialects than normal according to my Norwegian textbook, so he could suddenly drop into a Norwegian spiel even an easterner wouldn’t understand at all.
It’s actually very interesting that I can’t understand a word of what people who live in the valleys in the mountain regions speak. It’s just too many to learn, I’m sorry mountain dwellers!

Is….is it gonna be Longbottom or Huntington? I would imagine Soren speaking to Longbottom in only German or something just to piss him off or show how insulted he is. “Fine, you don’t like my accent, I’ll just speak German for you”


Cat of the Day

Pasha, from National Animal Welfare Trust, Hertfordshire. Click here for more info on adoption or ways to donate!

“Hello my name is Pasha and I am 15 years old. I don’t act or look my age as I have been very well looked after all my life. I came to the centre as my owner was very unwell and unable to keep me. Fortunately for me being here does not upset me and I enjoy all the fuss and attention I receive every day. The staff give me everything I desire and more as I really do deserve to be loved and pampered. My purrfect home would be with someone who wants to spend a lot of time with me as I enjoy sitting on laps whilst you watch TV or read a book. I’m looking for a home with adults or families who have children aged 10 and above but I wouldn’t mind the occasional younger child visiting. I would like to be the only pet in the home as I haven’t had any experience living with others and I prefer being on my own. I will need access to the outside as I like going into the garden to explore and relax in the sunshine.”

Please reblog as she is an older cat!

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tbh i dont really care about looks that much (okay before you call bs hear me out) like I don’t realize someone is good looking until it’s pointed out to me. Usually, when I get attracted to someone’s perosonality, their looks automatically begin to stand out. However I have one stupid weakness and that is: Green Eyes. Those damn green eyes get me. I don’t know why I love them so much maybe it’s because they remind me of trees (and we all know my emotional attachment to trees) but yea basically i forgot where i was going with this i think i wanted to say green eyes have a certain effect on me that nothing else has.

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Do you think you can stop trying to copy fellbloodtacticain mean it's obvious that she is a better Robin than you, so stop trying to copy her.

wow, aren’t you a RUDE anon!

but listen here, I do not have the time or fucks to give to you right now. Every one has a different portrayal of their muses. True I may not have been rping Robin for that long and I look up to Robin-mun, but I do not want to copy anyone. I make sure to do my best to make MY Robin be like how I see her and not try to make her a carbon copy of someone else’s. So please if you have anymore complaints about me do us both a huge favor and click that unfollow button, or shove them up your butt. Thank you and go eat a Snickers Bar 

So I have a lot of feelings about the Miracle Cure trope. And while I’ve kind of talked about it online, I haven’t much, mainly because talking about it borders on talking about something else that I’ve deliberately not spoken about online. Namely, why it matters so much to me.

But lately I’ve been wanting to talk about it openly. I’ve had a lot of feelings about a lot of related things and I want to be able to say something without feeling like I’m talking over someone else.

So I guess I’m going to talk about it now.

Back in October I took the original post picture during the WDNB initiative. And then when time came to post it, I hesitated.

I looked at the picture, and I looked at the Internet, and thought am I ready to tell everyone? I’ve talked about my anxiety stuff before, but this always felt different to me somehow. Maybe because I wasn’t diagnosed until after I started Twitter stuff. Maybe because this was physical, and newish, and I still haven’t digested it emotionally some days.

Maybe because I’m starting to understand I may never fully digest it emotionally.

I wasn’t ready then, and I’m not sure I’m ready now, but I’m just going to say it. I have rheumatoid arthritis.

For those who don’t know, which I’m assuming is most of you, the lowdown is this: rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes my body to attack itself, particularly my joints and the lining between my joints. It’s a debilitating, incurable (thus, chronic) disease that causes chronic pain and usually affects people twice my age or older, but has also been known to attack many in my age group and even younger. I was diagnosed at twenty, but my symptoms started at nineteen. I’ll save the story for another day because this isn’t actually about that.

This is about the Miracle Cure trope.

There are many problems with the Miracle Cure trope, but the biggest, to me, is the insinuation that people who are chronically ill/disabled/neuroatypical can’t have happiness if they aren’t cured. This repetition of the happy ending = Miracle Cure is a punch in the stomach that says you aren’t whole unless you’re healthy.

What’s worse is that people believe it.

What made my diagnosis even more difficult for me, was many of my well-intentioned family members didn’t want to accept it. I can’t tell you how many times I heard something along the lines of “Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to make you healthy.” I can’t tell you how many arguments I had where I was told off for having a bad attitude when I said, “There isn’t a cure. I need to accept this.”

I’m not blaming anymore. I’m not complaining. I love my family and it just took time for everyone to come to terms with what was happening.

But a large part of the reason why that transition period was so rocky, and why those arguments were so hurtful was because we were back to the Miracle Cure that everyone was expecting. There was this message, over and over, of “you can’t be happy until you’re cured.”

Except I probably wasn’t going to be cured. Right now, at least, there isn’t a cure.

The Miracle Cure trope isn’t just something stupid we occasionally see in fiction. It’s a real, damaging thing that feels like a knife to the gut to those who are chronically ill/disabled/neuroatypical.

The Miracle Cure says, “it’s too hard for me to see you as Sick. I’d rather pretend you’ll be Healthy again soon.”

The Miracle Cure says, “thinking about you having an incurable condition is too scary. I’d rather pretend you’ll be Normal again.”

The Miracle Cure says, “you aren’t whole if you aren’t healthy, neurotypical, and able-bodied.”

The Miracle Cure trope hurts. And if I never see it again in fiction, or hear it referenced again in reality, it’ll be too soon.


When I grow up
I want to be a forester
Run through the moss on high heels
That’s what I’ll do
Throwing out a boomerang
Waiting for it to come back to me

When I grow up
I want to live near the sea
Crab claws and bottles of rum
That’s what I’ll have
Staring at a seashell
Waiting for it to embrace me
I put my soul into what I do
Last night I drew a funny man
With dog eyes and a hanging tongue
It goes way back
I never like that sad look
From someone who wants to be loved by you

I’m very good with plants
When my friends are away
They let me keep the soil moist
On the seventh day I rest
For a minute or two
Then back on my feet to call for you

You’ve got cucumbers on your eyes
Too much time spent on nothing
Waiting for a moment to arise
The face in the ceiling
And arms too long
I’m waiting for him to catch me

Waiting for it to embrace me oh

Fever Ray “ When i grow up ”