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Samwise Gamgee A Summary


*tries to be Claire Novak*


At some point I saw a post comparing the hairstyles of 4x20 Claire and 10x09 Claire.  That made me think that “Hey, they gave us three young girl angel vessels with braids.”  I wish I could find that post.  I tried and failed.

And then there’s Esther, whose hair is not obviously braided and is a little older than the other three.  (I think.  I’m not good at guessing ages, especially children’s ages.  Also if you want to get technical, in the later scene where Claire is briefly Castiel’s vessel, her hair doesn’t appear to be braided, but anyway.)

Several things come to mind.  First, where are the male child vessels?

I think the answer to this is that the things that they’re using as a visual proxy for angelic nature or otherworldliness in the child actors are not very compatible with Hollywood’s current standards of attractive masculinity/maleness.  (Long hair, certain hair styles, hair accessories.  Yeah, there have been prominent long-haired movie roles for men recently, but they were almost all wearing wigs.)  Also, maybe some thoughts that boys are gross and that it would be hard(er) to find one who could seem angelic.

I also wonder if they cast the latter young girl vessels as Clairallels I’m sorry I like portmanteaux don’t judge me to evoke or parallel Claire, especially the ones with braided hair.

Second, though I at least didn’t realize it when I was watching season 9, they gave us examples of angels enjoying human things: ice cream and playground equipment.  (I am headcanoning that the second young girl playground angel is the same one as the first, Purah, in a different vessel.  But that’s another post.)

Third: I feel like this is another consent problem thing.  Yes, angels have to obtain it—but I look at all these girls and see the Alex problem.  i.e., it’s not really possible for them to give meaningful consent.  (There’s a reason that Jimmy Novak insisted that Castiel take him instead, despite Claire’s consent to be used as a vessel.)  They don’t have enough experience or information to meaningfully consent to allow their bodies to be used as weapons in a holy war.

And apparently just being a vessel (“chained to a comet”) is not pleasant, even if you don’t end up dead in the process.  (Dead literally or just dead for all intents and purposes—remember Raphael’s vessel.)

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