Legend of Zelda Racebends [3/11]: Chinese Ocarina of Time

Can you see the man with evil eyes? That is Ganbaatar, leader of the Huunu. They hail from the desert far to the north. Though he swears allegiance to my father, I am sure he is not sincere. The dark clouds that covered JInguo in my dream- they must symbolize that man!


Happy birthday, Jessy!

Mr. Brightside (Split)
  • Mr. Brightside (Split)
  • The Killers/Fall Out Boy

Mr. Brightside - The Killers/Fall Out Boy; The left ear is the official studio version by The Killers, while the right ear is a live performance by Fall Out Boy found here.

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Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, after being eliminated from the WCF vs. Detroit in 2009; after being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs vs. Phoenix in 2012.

So this is why I don’t doubt that these two are close — because at the conclusion of a season, whether it ends in ashes or in a silver cup, they find each other first.

Part 3: his love for his fans.

在任何国家,只要有EXO粉丝存在的舞台,我都可以去他家想要的。让自己的脸贴近他家,因为我想看你们看的更清楚,让你们触碰是想让你们知道那一瞬间我真的就在你们面前。每个人都是平等的!不分国家!不分肤色 ! - No matter which country, as long as it’s a stage with EXO’s fans, wherever you want, I can be there.  To let my face be close to yours, so I will be able to see you more clearly, and to let you guys touch me, so you know that at that moment I really am in front of you all.  All people are equal!  No matter the country!  No matter their skin color! - 130120 (x)


i’ve started to translate this rly long doujin to so that i can improve on my japanese! the majority was done by me, but i did ask for help on reddit and used some japanese OCR’s, so kudos to those people too (‘∀ `)

i’m currently working on some art and school work, so i have no idea when i’ll finish translating the rest of it! gomen (‘· Ω · `) aybe someone else will come along and translate the rest! it’s pretty long (around 20 pages, i think). i’m not very good at translating mondo’s slang either, so maybe someone else who can might be able to do the rest ʕ · ᴥ · ʔ


translated by me 

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friendly reminder that asexual people can have sex.
some of them will have sex for their partner’s pleasure, and some of them, despite their lack of attraction, enjoy the sensations that sex gives them.

there’s nothing wrong with that and there’s nothing about that that doesn’t fit into even the traditional definition of asexual.


ANNA TORV 7 DAYS CHALLENGE  (created by Zoe)

DaySeven: Whatever tickles your pickle

 Every perfect/heavenly bit of her.

Some of the BtVS ships sound like plant species or dog breeds or something, I swear.

"The flowering Tillow vine is known for its delicate, beautiful blossoms, which are most beautiful right before the plant suddenly and inexplicably dies, breaking everybody’s hearts."

"The American Spuffy is a loyal dog known for its aesthetic appeal; however, it is prone to fits of violent passion, which may culminate in the destruction of your house."

i honestly don’t care about being in a relationship, but god dammit sometimes i just want to be cuddled and adored and see them making me pancakes with cute bedhead, okay?


My Endless List Of Favourite FIlms // Der Himmel über Berlin (1987)

Tell me, muse, of the storyteller who has been thrust to the edge of the world, both an infant and an ancient, and through him reveal everyman.