i think i'm gonna do like a appreciation post just with this pictures

okkmalik asked:


I know I know I knoooooow I’m so sorry but like….. he’s sleazy…. I just… I don’t know how to explain it there’s just something about him that I never liked… also I don’t find him attractive >.< like sometimes I’ll look at a picture and be like oooh that’s nice but overall he’s my #5… also I think liam is a better singer than him. I’ve learned to love things about him over the years and I did grow to appreciate him but then he proved his sleazball status and I’m right back in square one I’m sorry. Not to mention he’s the one who does the most stupid shit next to liam but liam is always super cute about it and idk I just trust liam and zayn just gives off a ‘drunk english uni student here to fuck random chicks’ vibe and I’ve seen way too many of those lately to be attracted to one

I do feel really shitty for saying it. esp in the light of louis doing the same thing and me just enjoying the jokes about it….