i think i'm done tho

fromtragedy asked:

OMG reading your tags about all your deans just made me think of like a tiny little family of deans that are all your sons runnin around & you've got to take care of them hah

my immediate response was ‘I NEED THOSE CHILD LEASHES FOR THESE LITTLE SHITS’ but all three of them at the same time said no.

Okay, I managed 2k today. 

I still need, like, another 30k, but yeah………. /sobs

I definitely won’t make it for tgweek. lol I’ll maaaaybe just finish my fic around then, by which point I’ll literally be throwing myself into story of seasons so yeah, i’m screwed.

I just really wanna know who thought it was a good idea to have an exam on a Saturday for one, and then they have the nerve to make it at 8am.