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Everything is Emma and Regina working together, nodding at each other, Emma’s Regina senses apparently tingling, magicking together, checking up on each other, conferring with each other with wee looks and i think my heart is about to explode.







"No way, you’re a fantastic flute player! Because you’re my little brother!"

"What kind of reasoning is that?!"

Sometimes I think the tendency of Christian girls is to treat men as checklists. “Is he a good man?” Check. “Is he financially stable?” Check. “Oh, and is he a Christian?” Check! Great! Let’s get married!

When in fact the last item ought to be so much more than a single check off of a grocery list of expectations. “Does the love of and for God infuse his character and actions?” “Does he know how to glorify God with what he is given in life?” “Is he most attractive when serving the Church Body?”

Hold your heart to more lasting standards than “Is he a Christian?”

—  vitamere
My Boyfriend's Sleepy Comments about Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Boyfriend:Do you think Solas even farts?
  • Boyfriend:I bet they sound sassy.
  • Boyfriend:Like a sassy old black lady.
  • Boyfriend:-unnecessary fart sound- 'uh uh, sugah!'
  • Boyfriend:...
  • Boyfriend:and I bet Cullen's farts still stutter.

this is a very serious question. if the whole plot of Lazer Team revolves around them not being able to take of the armor pieces, how the hell do they change clothes? like I have broken legs and arms and have had to wear casts, changing clothes was not easy, and it was not achievable without help.

basically, please lord, let there be a scene where the guys (gavin and michael, a.k.a. woody and zach, hello!) have to help each other get changed

No but Bilbo coming home an realizing he’s pregnant. Thorin just died and he can’t deal so he gives the baby to a young couple that can’t conceive. Not even Gandalf knows. Then Primula and Drogo die, and Bilbo can’t help but take Frodo in, naming him the heir of Bag End that he actually is by blood. Frodo never knows, until on the boat to the Undying Lands Bilbo tells him. The troubles that he was having with the ring is actually caused by some pesky Durin genes of madness and greed. That he is the actual heir of an ancient dwarven kingdom. And everything just clicks for Frodo, because neither of his parents had ice blue eyes and his hair is both darker and thicker than his fathers. The unusual sharpness of his face, the aura of nobility he gives off and leaner frame. It all makes sense.

 And in the background Gandalf is truly shocked. Because he didn’t know male hobbits could give birth and thought Frodos strangeness to merely be a product of early tragedy, some extra Took and growing up with Bilbo, no matter how similar to Thorin he looked and acted. Because he didn’t ever meet Prim or Drogo. He never knew them. And also Gandalf being both amazed, annoyed (and a bit hurt) that Bilbo never told him so he says something about the stubbornness of hobbits and dwarves and how this jeopardized the quest and that he “should have known when Frodo didn’t even look weak in his knees once”. So Bilbo mutters something about “not prepared” and “dragons are rather dangerous”.