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Sea Devil babies :) - cruella is worried about the weight she's gained during the pregnancy, please.

Thanks anon! This sounds like a super cute idea… Well, if I write it right

Cruella stood in front of her full size mirror that was built into the wardrobe. A frown settled across her features as she brushed her hands over the swell of her stomach. She was reaching the 5 month milestone and she was really beginning to feel the effects of being pregnant.

Don’t get her wrong, she enjoyed the glow that many people said she carried, the constant glance of attention whenever she walked in public and the attention she received from her wife in private. Also, how she could feel her babies kick ever so slightly made her heart warm.

However the constant reshuffling in bed to find an actual comfortable position was starting to grate on her and Ursula, though her partner would never admit that. And then finally there was the weight gain.

 Now she knew it was inevitable, she was having twins for heavens sake. This did nothing to sooth Cruellas constant internal dilemma of thinking she was becoming fat. 

Just then, Ursula passed the bedroom door on her way to drop off some parts for the cribs in the nursery. When she noticed her wife staring heavily into their bedroom mirror with a unsettled look. She sighed, this was the third time this week that Cruella had criticised herself because of her shape.

“Dear, you’re doing it again.” Ursula groaned as she wandered over to the pregnant woman. Wrapping her arms around her stomach from behind, she kissed Cruellas head and rubbed the swell.

“I’m know darling. I’ll love these two no matter what, but well. Just look at me. I’m huge!” Cried Cruella, finally turning herself away from the mirror and rested her head against the sea dwellers chest.

Ursula continued to hug her wife. “Listen to me Cru, you could be 30 stone and I’d still care for woman. Your personality is what I love about you. Not your figure and besides as soon as the little ones are born, you’ll be able to get back to the size you want!” When she finished her speech, Cruella looked up at her.

“I suppose you’re right darling.” She sniffed. Wiping her watery eyes, she straightened up and smiled slightly. She kissed her wife on the cheek as a silent thank you.

“And who knows, maybe after they’re born, you’ll gain some extra curves!” The sea witch smirked as Cruella playfully hit her arm. After all, it wasn’t just her personality she loved.

Hope you liked it anon!

today I was cruelly ripped from the beautiful land of chrissy and eva and their beautiful cats, and then I had a terrible time at the airport and cried at all kinds of people in a desperate, PMSy attempt to get my suitcase back, and didn’t get my suitcase back and cried some more, and now I am expected to do all the papers and project I refused to do over break?? and go back to school?? and be a productive adult human who does things?? seems fucked up, I’m not buying it

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Okay, without giving too much away: Harry and Louis aren't subtle at all when not in public. Regarding dressing rooms, hotel rooms or PDA. They don't snog or full on cuddle with an audience (f.x. at award shows), but at after parties/parties when cameras are not allowed/are extremely frowned upon, they absolutely don't care. If you're in a room with them, you know they belong together. No questions asked. People know and accept and respect that. It's an open secret that's kept well. For now.

“If you’re in a room with them, you know they belong together.”

I, for one, think Shameless has incredible homosexual-representation. I thought everybody knew that homosexuals only kiss their boyfriends/girlfriends once a year and refrain from touching too much in between so they do not seem too homosexual, even when alone. It is also a commonly known fact that homosexuals cannot be intimate while having to deal with serious problems in their lives. This sort of capability to multi-task is a purely heterosexual attribute.