Sometimes I think the tendency of Christian girls is to treat men as checklists. “Is he a good man?” Check. “Is he financially stable?” Check. “Oh, and is he a Christian?” Check! Great! Let’s get married!

When in fact the last item ought to be so much more than a single check off of a grocery list of expectations. “Does the love of and for God infuse his character and actions?” “Does he know how to glorify God with what he is given in life?” “Is he most attractive when serving the Church Body?”

Hold your heart to more lasting standards than “Is he a Christian?”

—  vitamere

"No way, you’re a fantastic flute player! Because you’re my little brother!"

"What kind of reasoning is that?!"

So, it’s already common knowledge that Teen Wolf reaches a new level of horrible with each passing week. As the new episodes air, the audience only sees how truly terrible the show has gotten. 

One of the most devastating things about the way Jeff and his team have thrown away this show, is how they’ve completely ruined the last standing original characters of the show in the process. 


Let’s be honest. Derek Hale isn’t Derek Hale anymore. 

What happened to the man that absolutely cherished being a werewolf? The man who thought that the bite was a gift? The man who believed his status as a werewolf by birth was a part of his being?

Where did that man go, because right now, he’s turning human and he doesn’t even care. He hasn’t even contacted Deaton as to how and why he’s turning human. He’s not worried. He’s not upset. He doesn’t care.

He hired Braeden to find Kate, the woman who has abused him and tortured him relentlessly and continuously, and he doesn’t even fucking care that Braeden isn’t doing her fucking job. 

Derek is horrendously OOC now. His personality has been scrapped. His mannerisms are gone. Right now, Derek just lounges around. He’s creepily chilled and zen, despite everything that’s happening. He doesn’t have a care in the world about anything.

Despite being assaulted, tortured, and raped in the past by women he didn’t know, he’s over there playing high school romance with a murderous mercenary that’s supposed to be finding Kate. 

Now, I would say that his personality has changed due to being a PTSD sufferer, but that’s not the reason. It has already been confirmed that Jeff hasn’t written Derek as a character who’s suffering from PTSD, and Hoechlin even said he doesn’t play Derek as being a PTSD sufferer because he knows it wouldn’t be written respectfully within the show. 

So, there’s no actual explaination for Derek’s fucked up character. It’s just horrendous writing (like all the other writing), and now Derek Hale has been ruined.

He’s not the same character, and it’s not because he has gone through any actual character development or anything logical like that….the writers have just stopped writing for Derek.


Stiles is another character that has been completely ruined. I mean, Jeff and his team of idiots have tried their best to start selling Stiles as this total stud heartbreaker heart-throb, that all the girls want to jump on.

This is part of the reason why all possibility of Stiles being bisexual has been tossed out the window. Because, hey, guys being attracted to guys doesn’t sell and all of the little tween girls that adore Stiles would lose their appetite if Stiles also liked boys too. (ugh).

Stiles has been completely destroyed in order of him to be sold as a heart-throb. 

Remember Stiles back in 3a, the boy that stopped things from progressing any further with Heather because he didn’t have a condom with him? Yeah, Stiles isn’t that boy anymore. 

Apparently, Stiles is now the kind of guy that’ll fuck you with no condom, in the basement of an insane asylum after knowing you for about an hour. So hot. So romantic. What a lover boy. 

Okay, and what happened to the boy that was fearless? What happened to the boy that stood up to people that were being assholes to his friends? What happened to the boy that didn’t care how “weak” he was, he still went toe-to-toe with supernatural beings if they were being shitty?

Remember when Stiles jumped in a cop car with Derek, who at the time was a known werewolf and suspected murderer?

And what about:

  • the boy who punched Jackson in the face for being an asshole
  • the boy who straight up told the alpha (Peter) who was trying to murder him that he wasn’t afraid of him
  • the boy who yelled in Chris Argent’s face for what the Argents did to Derek’s family
  • the boy who stood up to Gerard Argent
  • the boy who straight up said he’d shove a branch of mountain ash up Ethan’s (murderous alpha werewolf’s) ass, after being indirectly threatened by him

Yeah, what happened to that Stiles, because he’s not in the show anymore. Now, we have a Stiles that legit let’s Malia (his abusive piece of shit girlfriend) walk all over him.

He cowers when she growls at him. He allows her to threaten him. He allows himself to be made uncomfortable by her. He allows her to be a total asshole to his friends, and doesn’t even think of defending them or telling her to either shut the fuck up or get out of his life. 


Let’s talk about Lydia, a character that I actually enjoyed back in seasons 1-2, but she began to get extremely annoying as the show progressed. And honestly, it’s not her fault. Like, 99% of the problems with Teen Wolf and the characters is because of Jeff and the writers.

Back when 3a started up, they decided to heavily hint at romantic Stydia, despite Dylan saying that Stiles had moved on. Because of this, Jeff turned Lydia into Stiles’ little pet and prize.

Over the course of 3a-3b, Lydia quickly became the character that clung to Stiles and followed him around. 

Lydia became a weak, watered down character that only seemed to cry and scream when danger was lurking around. She also became the damsel in distress that constantly needed to be saved, or clued in on what was happening. Not only that, but she just seemed to walk around and take barked orders from Stiles. 

Now, as s4 has rolled around, it’s apparent that the writers don’t even bother writing for Lydia anymore. She’s getting less and less screen-time and her importance to the show is dwindling.

Why? Because she’s not a love interest for Stiles anymore.

Stiles doesn’t want her anymore. He’s not interested in being with her. His crush on her has ended. So where does Jeff think that leaves Lydia?

Well, he’s decided that since Stiles has moved onto Malia (ew), Lydia isn’t worth having an actual story-line and purpose any longer. He’s stopped writing for her, and has chosen to focus on Malia more than on Lydia because Malia is Stiles’ latest squeeze. 


Now, a lot of you probably already know my feelings towards Scott. I think he’s a boring character, and has been since the start of the show. Mostly because he’s a cookie-cutter character. He never does wrong, always succeeds, and is always looked at as the hero no matter what he does. 

So, in a way, I supposed he’s not ruined. Mostly because there wasn’t anything to really ruin from the beginning. 

Nevertheless, it’s not like Jeff is actually writing for Scott. Scott gets the same treatment which every passing season. It’s the same tired story of: “Something bad is out to get us. I have to save everybody. I don’t want to turn into a monster. I want to live a normal life.”

Not only that, but Jeff had Scott continuously bash and mock Derek’s alpha skills and the way he carried himself as an alpha, yet, now Scott’s over here asking Derek for guidance and help with how to be an alpha?

Okay, whatever

Unfortunately, I guess we had to say goodbye to these characters eventually. I still can’t manage to understand why Jeff chose to ruin them, though. 

I’m literally getting emotional right now because I’m thinking about Koujaku on his hands and knees playing with Ren and getting him all riled up and doing the cute little doggy play stance I’m a mess

when will interviewers and the media understand that there is more to zayn than a fianceé and that he isn’t some drug user he’s an intelligent, talented, artistic person who’s very loving and caring of others why won’t people talk about that? but every time something bad happens to him like when he gets called a terrorist the media is quick to say shit like “why is he so quiet?” MAYBE HE DOESN’T LIKE TO TALK ABOUT THAT KIND OF SHIT AND IS SICK OF EVERYONE LABELING HIM