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My “Coming Out” Story

So I just subscribed to three lesbian/bisexual youtube channels during the last two days (ashley mardell, nowthisisliving, and kaelyn and lucy) and watching specifically their coming out videos and them just living and being with their girlfriends has been an interesting experience, as I dont entirely have a “coming out” story, as my mother has always been very loving and open minded and I even have a lesbian aunt (although I’ve never gotten the chance to meet her, at least that I remember) and growing up I went thru a lot and at the point that I had really claimed bisexuality, I was going thru two things that were much more integral to my life, which was that I no longer believed in the religion my family did, and I was/am realizing I have mental health issues.

And with this, I didn’t exactly have “confidence” but I’ve gone thru so much from bullies and bullying myself that I didnt really care if my immediate family disliked that i was bi. And I pretty much addressed it as already known, like saying things about attraction to women and “you know i like girls too right?”. However I haven’t exactly “come out” to my old high school/college friends (because depression is good at isolating me :/) or any relatives but I highly doubt any of these people I would be worried about accepting me, except perhaps my grandparents

The only person who I did think i would have a problem with it was my dad, and I had the bigger problem at the time of my beliefs becoming known to him, as he is a very outspoken conservative christian, but as it turned out he still loved me and wanted to work together so that we’d be on a talking basis and everything. And I’m very thankful that that’s how it happened as it saved us from having tension over the years and with my younger brothers who see him on day-to-day basis.

But I do wanna talk about “coming out” about my depression to my mom, as that was a very big thing that made me very nervous and not that I was scared that I would get shut out, but that she wouldn’t believe me and would be unwilling to help me get professional help. But she was very loving and it’s been a learning experience for both of us and I love her so much.

But I wanna mention one last thing and that is my older sister (because she follows me and there’s a chance she’ll see this) who has always loved and supported me and I love and support her in all the small ways I can and she is so so so important to my life.

So yeah, that’s the closest thing to my “coming out” story. whew. I’ve been having this conversation with myself for a while as I like to do, so here I’m finally letting out some thoughts.