When Harry dies, John inherits a daughter. As if this isn’t shock enough, his best friend returns from the dead nine weeks later.

Chapter: 2/?5

im sorry this took literally nine months tbh i’m kind of shocked that it happened at all

He had a bruise painted
along one cheekbone, and scabbed knuckles,
raised and gritty, and he kissed
you like it was a religious experience.

She had too much lipstick and not enough
confidence, and she kissed
you like you were made of smoke.

Nowadays, you don’t kiss
anyone, and you don’t miss the boy with the
split lip and enough anger to
splinter glass, or the girl with hollow
eyes and scars in the crooks of her elbows

but you almost miss
the person you were when you were
with them

—  JR, ‘aged eighteen, nineteen, twenty’

Alex adds yet another victim to his child collection.


DID YOU KNOW BATTLEFIELD TERRA UPDATED.  My fav. character is an asshole wtf Gamzee no you are misrepresenting the quadrant on purpose to fuck with the aliens and that’s douchey

Bonus thing because it hasn’t happened in the story yet but reading BT always makes me mysteriously ship Johnkat


I always go into these things with the intention of drawing shirts on people. :T


Chap.247, part 1, [ 2 ]

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Taking it upon myself to study further into the physiology of the Time Lord body, I thought I’d begin with the most obvious of differences between Time Lords and humans. The biggest being that we all know a Time Lord possesses two hearts, not just one. So, in an attempt to get on a more realistic level with that idea of a bicardial system, I’ve attempted to recreate what the rhythm of a Time Lord’s heart beats create. Based on what little research I’ve had the chance to do (and what was even available), I feel this has given me the closest result I could come up with for the time being. I may produce more versions in the future, hopefully more accurate, that will give us a better look at just how a Time Lord’s hearts function. Until then, I am happy enough with this version.


A screencap picspam to show what it would be like if Sherlock and Molly lived in the universe of Disney. Also because Roger/Anita are basically Sherlolly in animated form.

Inspired by artbylexie’s genius Disney!Lock artwork.


Roger —> Sherlock Holmes
Anita —> Molly Hooper
Nanny —> Mrs Hudson
Pongo —> John Watson
Perdita —> Mary Morstan

(- x)

This is a photo of me going to the doctor! A doctor is a good person, who wants to help you.

Dear my lovely wonderful friend who is sad. (You will know who you are)

I want you to know I received your message. And that is you are sad all the time, if you are depressed, if you are having trouble just coping with life, if you are always scared, you need to go to the doctor.

If it was any other illness or problem you had (chest infection, broken leg, almost choked on a plastic bag that time), I would say the exact same thing. Just because it is an illness in your head, that does not make it any less real.

It is hard, because that darkness leaks into your life and makes you feel like there is no light anywhere. You might think you don’t deserve help, that only someone else can pull you out of this darkness, that you are not strong, that you are not worth having a real life.

But please remember that this illness is not you. It does not deserve to control your life. You deserve to control your life. You deserve to be happy.

And if you are saying “But I am so sad and I am so helpless and therapy will be hard and I don’t deserve to be happy and I just want someone to rescue me already,” then don’t go for you. Go for me. Say “I don’t want to go to therapy, but I will go because it will make Manatee stop nagging me.”

And for those of you this letter is not specifically aimed at, if you identify with any of this post, I want you to give it a go too.

You are strong, and you can fight this. You just need someone to throw you a rope.

And the doctor has that rope. You just need to let them know you need it.

xox Manatee 

Doctor Who TV Released the results of their episode face off (all first episodes against each other, all second episodes against each other and so on) [x][x]

  1. The Eleventh Hour (Series 5 — Steven Moffat)
  2. Day of the Moon (Series 6 — Steven Moffat)
  3. School Reunion (Series 2 — Toby Whithouse)
  4. The Doctor’s Wife (Series 6 — Neil Gaiman)
  5. The Angels Take Manhattan (Series 7 — Steven Moffat)
  6. Dalek (Series 1 — Rob Shearman )
  7. A Good Man Goes to War (Series 6 — Steven Moffat)
  8. Silence in the Library (Series 4 — Steven Moffat)
  9. The Empty Child (Series 1 — Steven Moffat)
  10. Blink (Series 3 — Steven Moffat)
  11. Turn Left (Series 4 — Russel T. Davies)
  12. The Pandorica Opens (series 5 — Steven Moffat)
  13. The Name of the Doctor (series 7 — Steven Moffat)

Best RTD Era Special: The Waters of Mars (David Tennant Specials — Phil Ford)

Best Moffat Era Special: The Day of the Doctor (50th Anniversary special — Steven Moffat)

Interesting poll. The only thing that is kind of disappointing is how they split the polls up like that for the specials. I would have liked to see what would have won for the best Christmas special — all series combined like with the other episodes. No Christmas special got a place because of how they split them.

Why is it that when you’re insecure, people tell you to get self-confidence

But when you’re perfectly happy with yourself, you’re told you’re arrogant?