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Sterek prompt/AU (if u wanna write this go right ahead idc)
Stiles and derek were dating during season 3b (you know, before stiles got turned into a psychotic fox that killed people) and then suddenly one day they had a massive fight and broke up. Then malia and stiles started happening and derek and braeden started happening. right before their final trip to Mexico (so far) Stiles and Malia broke up. Then derek was dying and Stiles remembered how much he loves him. He took a step forward to try to help and then he saw braeden rush to help derek instead. He took a step back but couldn’t bear to leave. Then derek called out to him and told him to save them. He turned away but kept on looking back. He was walking towards the temple and whispered “I still love you”

Shieldshock drabble

Steve looked at his sketch and smiled. He looked across the room at his subject and smiled. Darcy had her long hair in a messy bun, and was wearing nothing but a pair of his sweatpants and a tank top. She was walking around the room, holding the giggling baby above her, making funny faces and noises to it. Steve put his pencil down and closed his sketchbook and walked over to her. Darcy laughed and kissed the baby as it began to calm down and yawn.

"I can’t believe she’s ours." Steve mutters wrapping his arms around her waist. Darcy smiles and says,

"I know. I never thought that I’d enjoy being a Mom-sure I could do with more sleep. But I love it. It’s like you look at them and you get proud because you’re like, ‘I made that, and it’s something nobody’s every going to take away from me’ and even if they tried you, Tony, Clint, Thor and Natasha would be racing to beat the bastard’s ass. And Banner would stay away trying to keep the baby from getting hurt by the Hulk but something would piss him off and that idea wouldn’t work." Steve smiles and kisses the baby over her shoulder.

"I still feel horrible I wasn’t there for the birth." He says to her as Darcy begins to walk her to the crib.

"Steve, for the last time it’s fine! You were on a jet back from Washington D.C. Banner said that you would’ve gotten there on time if she hadn’t been in such a rush to get out." Darcy says placing the baby in the crib and turning to him.

"It’s not fine. Darcy the doctor said we might never get another chance because of what serum did to her and the damage keeping her caused your body." Steve says. Darcy lets out a frustrated huff and says,

"Steve-for the last fucking time. Stop obsessing over the whole serum incident. I would’ve kept her anyway, even if she wasn’t yours or she would be different because of the serum, because once I found out about her-I fell in love with her before I even met her and there was no way in hell I was letting any motherfucker touch her." Steve smiles and then says,

"Your language is coming back."

"Just at the time it shouldn’t be-she’s been trying to talk lately-it’s adorable. I think she’s going to say Mama soon." Darcy says. Steve chuckles and then says

"I love you Darcy-thank you for not killing me like Thor almost did when she came." Darcy smiles and kisses him,

"I love you too." She says