i seriously can't with these two

i’m screamlaughing i just saw a post from a larrie that like ‘as an intersectional feminist, i understand a thing or two about misogyny, trust me’ WHY IS THAT THE FUNNIEST FUCKING SENTENCE I’VE READ IN WEEKS I’M LITERALLY LAUGHING SO HARD

*edit* GOD GOD GOD then it said that harry experienced misandry during the haroline shit OOOOOOH MY GOD

konata-okami replied to your post: “Oh hi there I’m just falling in…”

What about Natsu? (he’s my favorite b/c the high-energy, optimistic ones always are)

Well Natsu’s great and all, but











I mean really,

What can I say?

Jacob:  I think there’s going to be a Lego … like a … Doof Wagon. 

Tom:    [appreciative noises] Seriously?

Jacob:   I saw it the other day, yeah.

Tom:     I’ve got to get one of those. I love a bit of Lego.

Jacob:  Me, too.


ref: we-talked-to-the-doof-warrior

Am I the only one cannot get over the fact that this week in Gintama not only did Ono Kensho (seiyuu for Kuroko Tetsuya) voice ‘Kurokono Tasuke,’ but they also used Kuroko no Basket’s first OP ‘Can Do’ as the backtrack for next week’s episode pv? Like Gintama is all about references, but it feels like they pulled out all of the stops for these chapters, and I’m so happy *^*

Types of Characters in Ships
  • Character #1:You ship them with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE.
  • Character #2:You ship them with everyone EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE PERSON. Like, all of these other ships "awwww" but with that person? Ewwwwwww! You will unfollow someone if they ship these two together...just no...okay? Just no. Ugh, you need Buddha, Jesus and Allah.
  • Character #3:You ship them with one person and person only. This is most likely to be your OTP and you have and WILL unfollow someone if they ship the characters with someone else.

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[Text]: I am going to MURDER whoever gave him my phone number but it was probably drunk me so I’m conflicted.

[ text ;; enchantress ] : Are you talking about the old spindly man that looked like Patricius?

[ text ;; enchantress ] : That was me, actually. You’re welcome. c;

[ text ;; enchantress ] : Maybe next time you’ll refrain from telling Jehovah’s Witness I’m in fear for my mortal soul?

It's not just that I love Delena.

I feel like I need Delena. I’ve watched a lot of TV shows, and I’ve shipped a lot of characters together, but never the way I ship Delena. It’s honestly just the most beautiful pairing ever. They have amazing chemistry, Nina plays Elena so well I feel like I’m in her place most of the time, and Ian plays Damon so well, that when he is hurting I feel that too. I don’t know what I’m going to do if they aren’t end game. To me Damon just loves her more, it’s not that it’s a different kind of love, it is, but it’s so much more intense. I can’t even find words. I just love them so much.

“Unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life—love should not be one of them. ” 

//fff I might have just accidentally sent out a ‘hail hydra’ meme thing as Sam. SAM NO. MISSION ABORT!!

Seriously. I can’t stop drawing them. They’re too cute, and a nice warm up to start my long day of drawing! I really am enamored by the two of them, especially because of the song “Origin of Love.” Origin of Love is a song from my FAVORITE musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and it fits the two of them completely. I could go on and on about the song but I think it’d be easier to just go listen to it on youtube (I recommend the original cast version!!)

ALSO they put the first 35 episodes of Steven Universe on hulu so you know what I’ll be watching.