You should ask me to do my impression of every Babysitters Club book Chapter #2 sometime.

It’s pretty solid.

Do you ever see someone with the most perfect beard and theyre tall and perfect looking and youre just like damn

not many people know that i secretly cry over songs like ‘love story’ by taylor swift


last night banquet selfies and me actually wearing a dress????? woah crazy stuff right there haha

wrapping the camp days up was tough and i was filled with tears but it was all because i had the time of my life and seriously like this experience changed my life as well as helped me get to know myself better as a person…..these guys will always be in my heart!!

I hadn’t been that interested in the Bucky/Sebastian Stan spam I got after Cap 2 until I rewatched OUAT and now every time I see gifsets with his hair like Jefferson’s I’m just like *drool*

anonymous said:

Hey in your opinion what's some of the best red carpet looks you've seen? I'm looking for pretty dresses haha :)

I really liked Kylie jenners all white thin dress she wore to the teen choice awards I think?? I’m not sure. Anything kristen Stewart wears, and beyonces outfits