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First day of shooting on Oliver Stone’s “SNOWDEN”

I was surprised when I first learned this about Snowden—that he enlisted in the US Army in 2004. He wanted to go fight in Iraq, but during basic training at Fort Benning, he broke both of his legs and received an administrative discharge. After that, he was still determined to serve his country (love him or hate him, you gotta admit the guy’s strong-willed) and so he ended up getting a job at the CIA, which is where his career in Intelligence began.

Today’s scenes felt like a really good way to start this shoot. It was hard, but of course, nowhere near as hard as real basic training. And me, I’m just honored and excited to be doing a soldier sequence with Oliver. I keep saying to myself: “fuck, this guy directed Platoon!”

Oliver Stone’s first selfie.

This is gonna be Oliver’s twentieth film, and I feel so sincerely privileged that he asked me to play this part.

I can’t believe this. I’ve reached my goal at 1000 followers!! Now I’m gonna go for 1.5k! First of all I want to thank my computer, my phone and my ps4 for not exploding of all pictures I have saved. And second of all I want to thank you guys! Without you I’ve still been at 2 followers. Or maybe none. I LOVE you!! really! Thank you!!

Okey, let’s do this! :D

First. My friends, those I’ve spoken too and I feel like I want to hug all of you!!

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helpmefallasleepplease asked:

25. "I can't believe you talked me into this" ^-^ (coliver obviously lol)

from this meme

As they pull up to the restaurant, the sinking feeling in Oliver’s stomach that he’s been trying to ignore all day, returns tenfold.

"I can’t believe you talked me into this."

Connor puts the car in park and turns off the engine. “It’s not a big deal. It’s just a double date.”

Oliver snorts out a bitter laugh. Yeah, because being the wingman to the guy you’re actually in love with sounds like such a great time.

Connor turns his head so that his side-eye glance turns into full on staring. “What?”

"I can’t do it," Oliver says. "I’m sorry. I thought I could. I really did. And I tried because I value our friendship. But I just… can’t. It’s too weird."

Connor’s mouth opens a little, but he doesn’t say anything. He blinks and though he’s still looking in Oliver’s face, his focus is anywhere but.

"I want to go home," Oliver says. He always gives Connor whatever he wants. He can’t help it. He likes Connor happy. But this…? He has to protect himself. It’d be too cruel.

For a moment, Connor doesn’t move. His expression holds somewhere between surprised and uncertain. But then he nods, and his face falls. Oliver only sees the hurt for a moment before Connor turns away.

"Okay," he says and restarts the car.

Oliver bites his lip. “We can still be friends, right?”

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The Anatomy of Naruto Uzumaki

Pairing: NaruHina
Words: 2,974
Naruhina college au in which Art major Hinata Hyuga goes to class and is surprised to find that a certain blonde someone is the nude model for the anatomy study. 
Author’s note: I really love this and I hope you guys do as well! I got the idea from a random prompt that I had seen and immediately knew I had to write a short fic based on it. Part 2 will be out within the next couple of days, so be sure to watch out for it. This is also my first fic on Tumblr so if this is horrible I apologize in advance. (シ_ _)シ

"I-I don’t think I can do this," the indigo-haired girl looked pleadingly towards her roommates as she reluctantly packed the items she would need into her bag.

"We’ve talked about this Hinata," Sakura placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and looked her full in the eyes with determination. "You can do this."

"Yeah, it’s not like you’ve never seen a naked body before," Ino winked at her from across the room and Hinata hid her face with her hands as she felt heat rise to her cheeks.

"T-That’s different!"

"Don’t forget that this is worth 30% of your grade," Sakura closed Hinata’s bag for her and held it out for the blushing girl to take. Hinata sighed in resignation, taking the strap and sliding it over her shoulder. She’d been dreading this day for the past 2 weeks, since her professor first announced to the class that they would begin the anatomy section of the course with a 2 hour long figure drawing session.

Complete with an actual nude model.

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You guys are literally the best thing in the world to come home to after a late night shift. I was so worried that nobody would like Advice because I struggled so much with it. 

#THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT THIS POST I DON’T LIKE  #THIS IS ACTUALLY PERFECT #I REALLY ENJOY THE CHARACTERIZATION #VARRIC’S IS SPOT ON #if this isn’t the most perfect thing i don’t know what is #and all the characters are on point #PERFECTION  #fatally is a genius #can’t stop laughing #i’m commander shepard and this is one of my favorite bits of writing on the citadel  #these are PERFECT #fatally does it again #THIS #IS #PERFECTION #PER #FEC #TION #YES MORE #*FLAILS#can i just…#*claps like crazy*#brings audience for standing ovation#because this fic is gold again#so much gold

And that’s in addition to some very lovely messages <3


Sadly, I don’t have time to open up to drabbles right now. (But I will some time this week ;D) But I would like to give you all a little something. Here’s my current to-do list (not including collaborations): 

  • Follow up to Welcome Home: King Alistair and his wife get caught in an awkward situation (fluff… and maybe smut)
  • Follow up to Remorse: Warden Alistair returns to what little remains of the Inquisition. (a bit angsty - I’ll make a summary for Remorse for those who want to read the follow-up but not the original)
  • Follow up to To Live Without Regret: Cullen decides to take King Alistair’s advice on having a proper date with the Inquisitor but the royal couple keeps getting in the way. (fluff)
  • Cassandra advises the Inquisitor about Cullen - the kind of advice where she’ll break the Inquisitor’s jaw if Cullen gets hurt.
  • Alistair tries to be dominant for the first time. (NSFW)
  • Cullen gets caught up in his thoughts of the Inquisitor while taking a bath. (NSFW) 

I leave it up to you, beloved followers: which would you like to read next? 

Honestly I think the basic reasons I like ATLA more than LoK can be summed up pretty easily:

•I didn’t feel as strong a connection between the Krew characters as I did between the Gaang characters… I’m not sure exactly why but probably because they were separated half the time like what was the deal there?
•In fact Asami disappeared so often that I’d literally forget she even existed. Which is saying something because I like Asami. And now that she’s also the main protagonist’s love interest that’s a HUGE oversight.
•I’VE SAID THIS MANY TIMES BUT REALLY where was the Fire Nation? Like not just because it’s my favorite or anything but also because they spent so much time as the bad guys on the first show that it would’ve been great to see what Zuko and Izumi did with the place.
•No turtle ducks. Honestly Bryke how could you do this. The turtle ducks, Bryke. The turtle ducks.
•Yeah plot holes like that in general

anonymous asked:

So im a guy, and i really like wearing dresses and makeup and i just really like being stereo typically girly. But like trans people always talk about how they felt like they were born in the wrong body and stuff, but i've never felt like that, i have no issues with my body, but i just have these strong desires to be girly and i love it. And i dunno why i'm even sending this but i guess im just confused and does that mean its just a silly feeling that wont last or does it not matter?

I know a guy at school who wears the cutest girly outfits everyday and has really pretty long hair and ugh hes so cute, but hes a guy, no doubt, there’s totally nothing to be worried about, you keep doing what makes you happy 

I just…I’m seeing all these amazing people going through some shit in their life that they really don’t deserve and they’re all going on hiatuses and leaving and I just..

I wish I could say something or do something to help…But I can’t. I just have no words and I just don’t know how I can help…I want to though. I want to help any way I can, I just don’t know how.

I just really want all of you to be safe and happy and I want you to smile and laugh and feel good about yourselves because you really are all such amazing people. I don’t even know if most of them follow me back, so I don’t know if those certain people will see this, but I want to just say that I’m here for you.


I go through shit too, so I know what it’s like to feel like you’re worth nothing and like you have no future…BUT that’s wrong. You do have a future. We all do. We all have a future and something to offer. We’re all strong people who can do amazing things in this world, no matter how small they may seem. Sometimes we need a little help and that ok! 

Please, guys. I love you. I really do. You’ve been like a family to me, even if we don’t talk, and I have only ever had support from you guys and I just love you and I just want to return that love and support.

If you need to, please please please come talk to me or someone you trust. I’m more than willing to listen and be here for you. If you must leave, as in going on hiatus or something to get better, than by all means, but please…please don’t leave this world. Don’t do that to yourself or your friends and loved ones.

I love you and I am so proud of you for making it this far. Take a little rest if you have to. Get better so you can see what a wonderful, beautiful world you live in and how much brighter you make it just by being here.

MY inbox is always open and you can message me on my personal blog as well. 

Please stay safe and healthy. I love you.

To all my friends, followers or mutuals:

I love you guys. I really do. And these days have been hard for me. With my mom being at the hospital and everything it was all exhausting. But my mom is finally back home with me and my grandma, so that’s a good thing.

I am trying to not let bad feelings get over me. I am missing so many hours of sleep and I am so tired that my body is hurting.

But I will be okay.

Thank you so much everyone for being so kind and nice.

I love you all.

the-fortune-arcana asked:

Hey love! Y'know, there's something i really like in fandoms for series focused on a criminal and the guys who want to arrest him (like in Psycho Pass, Persona 4, and of course DN), and that when the fan imagine the criminal in the investigator role and vice-versa. So i was curious, how do you think L would have reacted if he was the one who found the Death Note? And what if Light was the righteous detective in charge? Did you already think of this kind of AU? If yes, what it's like?

Hello !

Pffffffffffffffffffiouh this one is a hard one. Some elements to consider (I’m thinking at the same time, it’s a bit messy sorry!)

1) L and Light : similarites

Light and L are similar in the sense they’re arrogant but lack self esteem and desperately want to be good persons… even if they know they cannot be. That’s the very reason Light became Kira : not to be seen as “evil” by other people and himself.

—> On Light, arrogance and self esteem
—> On L, self esteem and his relation to himself
—> On Light’s need to fit in and be seen as good (x) (x)
—> L’s admiration of Souchirou, which alluded to the fact he wishes he could be as honest and good as he is.

But it would be really hasty to conclude that L would have taken the same poisonous road Light took because they’re two sides of the same coin.

2) L and Light’s mindsets : differences which explains why L wouldn’t have made the same choice 

(At least, not the L we’re introduced too. I can’t tell about 17 yo L)

a) The difference between Light as he is before picking up the Death Note and L is POWER.

Light feels morbidly bored. He sees life as a fatality. Like many teenagers, he’s depressed and feels like there is nothing he can do to change his life and makes it better (otherwise… he would do it). He has a perfect facade to keep up, he has expectations to live up to. He doesn’t want to disappoint.
His relationship towards is father is quite enlightening on this point. He’s the model not to disappoint even if there IS frustration on Light’s side because despite his love and admiration for his father I am not sure he agreed 100% or felt like he could be the same man. Well, you’ll read it if you have the time ^^.

Light feels smothered but he’s too weak to fight and challenge society and his family’s standards. 

Conversely, L is all powerful. He takes the cases he wants to investigate, he travels where he wants to, he can do what he wants. He’s an eccentric and the only person he obeys to is himself. He has no one to please but himself.
(but even though he’s terribly self centered, it is ALSO a facade. The Monster speech and L change the World make it clear that he CARES a lot for the victims he couldn’t save).

If Light succumbed to the temptation of using the Death Note, it’s not ONLY out of boredom. Light craved - and then again like many teenagers- control.

Reading the Death Note rules, the first thing that strikes him is not only that you can kill someone. It’s that you can CHOOSE how you want them to die. You have the power to make them die peacefully or to be merciless. It’s this inhumane power behind the weapon that attracted Light and made him fall.
Then he try to mend the pieces of his broken facade together  and donned the mask of Kira - a fake Justice deity which got the validation of a bunch of people.

Why L would use the DN ? He has no need for more power ! I bet you that if L wants someone dead, he needs no death note to see his wish granted !

b) Lucidity

L wouldn’t use the DN because he couldn’t lie to himself.

L first describes himself as someone childish who hates losing -which also hints that he’s pretty lucid and honest about himself too.  Light wouldn’t describe himself using such derogatory terms - but in the end he has a drastic change of heart.

In the end, he realizes that his fanaticism led him to lose because he let Light on the front-line to have his so precious hard evidence which was a mistake since he complied to Light!Kira’s plan.

But there is more to it. He also realizes that even if he had won…. it would have been a dirty victory. Winning, in Li’s mind, was getting Light!Kira to confess which necessarily implies Kira…. possessing Light again. Winning, in L’s mind is tantamount to destroying Light.

L may have affection for Light but he will realize it way too late. (here) (and here last paragraph). That’s what makes L complex : he’s capable of wrapping himself into darkness, destroying everything to make the truth emerge.
Well, no wonder Ohba made him a Scorpio, he perfectly fit the Archetype.

That’s why, I believe, he tells NUMEROUS times that he’s “sorry” in his last appearances in the manga. It’s a double entendre. 

He’s sorry for accusing Light to be Kira at this point because it’s useless. He IS but L knows he lost nonetheless. And he’s obviously not in his usual state of mind : he’s always huddled in on himself, making his tower of sugars, barely talking to Light when they…. used to be VERY CLOSE. The contrast is very, very telling about how L feels.

He’s more distressed that he lost Light than he thought he would. I have to check that but I think he even reverts back to call him “Yagami kun” instead of “Light kun”.

He knows he had lost at this point, but even if he hadn’t…. His methods reveals what kind of man he is. And L fears being a monster. Would someone who doubt their own humanity use something like the Death Note ? I don’t think so.

In the anime he goes even further, claiming he has to “to atone for his sins”. L acknowledges that somewhere along the way he, just like Light, took the easy road and succumbed to evil…. to get rid of evil. But the “evil” L resorts to is not the “same evil” as the Death Note is. L’s ways are more devious than Light’s, in a sense. L doesn’t kill but he’s no angel.
Just…what he did seems less final. If L is against murder, he is not averse to using torture. But he only uses  ”light torture” to quote his words. What is light torture and in which way light torture is less worse than “harsh torture” ?
What’s the limit between light torture and torture ? L’s shady and ambiguous side of his personality is revealed in the worst way possible.

Just like Light, L is hypocritical. I think he wouldn’t have used the Death note because he would have known there is no excuses he could make for killing.
The difference between them lies in their honesty towards how they perceive themselves.

L is too lucid to delude himself the way Light did. He’s even very harsh with himself, claiming he’s a “monster”.
That’s exactly why he doesn’t go as far, as ironic as this is. He couldn’t lie to himself.

Both want to be seen as good so in theory both are averse to using the DN (see Light!Yotsuba’s stance on Kira!) HOWEVER Light is too weak to -at this point of his life- resist the power of the DN. He DOES consider that using the DN would make him a murderer but Light brushes the thought off and create an alternative reality in which he isn’t.
L couldn’t.

L questions himself. The Monster speech makes it crystal clear that self perception is a torment for L while….

Light lies to himself and though he still questions himself. “No no need to tell L I met Misora. Why for I am not Kira despite ALL THE EVIDENCES ahaha”.
Light protects himself behind his numerous facades to avoid thinking about self perception issues. 

—> I am my own stranger by mellodear (on Light and his Ego)

> In short, I’m pretty sure L wouldn’t have used it. Maybe he would have been VERY curious, but he couldn’t have forgiven himself if he had done it.
However a criminal!L AU could happen. It would be a bit like a Arsène Lupin, maybe ? Not a killer, rather someone who steals and intrudes in people’s private life “for the greater good”.

Xx :)


           Hello hello! So I hope this isn’t a lost effort, but as some of you know, my lovely doll here is going through some really hard times. And so, I’m going to open commissions and such! I’ll be doing a wide range of items, so there will be plenty to choose from! All of the funds will be going to Erica in order to help her stay warm and fed.

Drawing commissions ;;

           Alrighty, so yes; I am a traditional artist - this means just pen and paper! However, if you’d like I can kinda draw digitally. But since I don’t have a working tablet at the moment, this will take a bit longer to complete! I do full body sketches, waist, bust, and chibis! I will draw almost anything, however porn is not my strongest area. So please, let’s keep it clean!

Full Body - $3
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Roleplay Stater Pack ;;

           New to the Tumblr roleplay community or want a new theme? Well, this is something you may be interested in! I do icons, themes, promos, and banners! However, I am doing a special little something for this. The complete starter pack comes with a theme, promo banner, blog preview, and anywhere from 50 - 100 icons! The themes are edited codes.

Full Starter Pack - $10
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Contact Information ;;

           If you happen to be interested, I really urge you to contact me. You can message either carnivorxus or you can go ahead and message me via Skype. Either way, I’m really asking for your guy’s help. Erica’s not going to hav a warm bed to sleep in in a few hours, and I really worry baout her. So please help her out. Any kind of donation is appreciated as well. If you have any questions, I urge you to please contact me or Erica. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a wonderful day!

No one is telling you you're wrong for defending your ship

Keep in mind you are allowed to defend your ship but when you start being rude and devaluing the people themselves over fictional characters, that’s when it gets problematic. 

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HUGE shoutout to yall!!!!

thank yall for always putting up with me whether im acting like a stupid bitch or whining about my life, yall are always here trying to understand and support me and messaging me cute shit and just being very kind, lovely and supportive in general. i really appreciate all you guys do for me because eventho i often dont answer your messages (which im really sorry abt but i like to keep the cute msgs so i can look at them when im not feeling so well) or complain a lot etc you guys are always here, always messaging me, always trying to cheer me up!!! yall do so much for me u dont even know and i just hope u guys know that i appreciate every single one of u and every single message you guys send me!!!!!!!! yall are awesome

Why you gotta be so rude… Paps… Shes a person to, this makes me sad, I know maybe I mite sound over dramatic, and shes been dealing with this for years. but Im sure you guys feel this way too. I live near la and think their the rudest photogs:/ i really think needs to be more laws passed. They’ve caused car accidents and many other incidents . There needs to be a law. Really does. And I know she loves what she does and were all glad shes taylorswift but sometimes it does make me a lil sad. That maybe she cant do what normal people can do. like i saw today, without being bothered or photographed all the time, or even step out of the car for 2 seconds, without flashes, and without being photographed. and i know that comes with the territory. But I just wonder if she misses things like that sometimes, im sure she does. Without having to take a bunch of security everywhere she goes , i know if she wants to have fun she usually just stays inside with her gf’s . But still kinda makes me sad she gets bothered so much. and i know all of her fans love her, like i do. but it kinda bothers me people leave stuff , and wait around her apartment. Thats her space. Everyone deserves privacy, and thats probably the only area she ever has fully to her self. Where she shouldn’t have to worry. i would never , even thow I’d love to meet her , and want to talk to her , but id never go and wait by her house! like that is just stalkerish to me. Even if i saw her out randomly i wouldn’t bug her as much as id be happy and excited ! id just smile and walk by, and not bother her. I would have respect and maybe mail something, like i have in past, not even leave it on the door. she just does so much already guys! she needs her privacy and space. thats like the only place thats just hers and hers alone, where she shouldn’t have to worry about being bothered all the time. even if she dosent seem to mind, i think shes too polite and would never say if it happened to bother her. so please give her her space. And i don’t like it either, that i feel like people always expecting her to give presents or doing things, thats amazing all she does !!!! Im so happy for those lucky fans. haha i would never expect anything from her but for her to continue making amazing music, and be happy thats all i want ❤️

My Top 10 Breaking Bad episodes

After much soul searching I’ve come up with a list of my personal favourite Breaking Bad episodes, to follow up from yesterday’s post. They could be in here because I find them a technically brilliant episode, because of their role in the overall story, because they had a favourite scene, or because I just clicked with them emotionally for some intangible reason. But either way, here are the 10 Breaking Bad episodes I’d take to a desert island with me:

10. Bullet Points

This episode has some personal bias for me because it has one of my favourite Breaking Bad scenes of all time: the script within a script of Skyler giving Walt his new story, stage directions and all. I’ll be laughing at “You might look down at the floor with remorse. What? You don’t have to mean it, you just stare down at your feet, Walt, okay?” for the rest of my natural life. But this phenomenal scene aside, it really is a great episode. Jesse’s PTSD is achingly realistic, and few scenes are more heartbreaking than Walt giving him the third-degree while Jesse fends off a panic attack. The all-consuming selfishness of Walter White knows no bounds and we want him to go away more than ever in this episode. But despite that, look me in the eye and tell me you still didn’t hold your breath at: “You got me.”

9. Better Call Saul

In some ways this is the most purely humorous episode BrBa has every done with its with almost constant wise-cracking, courtesy of the newest introduction to the cast, Saul Goodman. This is one of the show’s lightest episodes but hell if it isn’t one of the most memorable. Saul is of course incomparably scene-stealing, as one of the best characters this show ever introduced. And the desert scene between him and Walt and Jesse perfectly showcased both his character’s flamboyance and competence. But as funny as he is, the ultimate comedy kudos have to go to Cranston as he rolls up to the DEA car with a panicked and delighted “HAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNKKK!!”, and proceeds to distract them from the ludicrous sideshow happening in the background. But as hilarious as this episode is, it’s not without a thoughtful interlude. And it’s Walt of all people who gives the introspective and selfless advice about fear when he reminds us to “Get out in the real world. And you kick that bastard as hard as you can right in the teeth.” Usually if Walter White says to do something we should do the opposite. But this moment deserves an exception.

8. Mandala

At first glance there’s nothing immediately showy about this episode. Although it’s bookended by a drug deal/murder-by-kid, and a frantic attempt at a different drug deal with another kid on the way, the rest of the episode is relatively low-key. But the plot moves forward in this episode in ways that become hugely significant. This episode sees Jesse get onto heroin for one thing. And Skyler begins her own foray into the money-laundering grey. But the most significant introduction is none other than that of Gus Fring. And with the slightest of physical shifts with his “I don’t think we’re alike at all, Mr. White”, his veneer drops and we get our first real look at one of the greatest TV villains of all time.

7. 4 Days Out

This episode is such a fan-favourite and for very good reason. For such a staggeringly rich ensemble cast, at its heart Breaking Bad will always be the ‘Walt and Jesse show’. And their endlessly fascinating relationship is on note-perfect display here. The two spend the episode sniping and griping, and sometimes it’s brutal, sometimes it’s poignant, and sometimes it’s hilarious, but eventually their volatility hits a stride. This episode with its feverish, sunny, funny, madcap, meth-cooking daze is absolutely delicious and I don’t think there’s a top 10 list without it.

6. Fly


5. Half Measures

Oh Half Measures, you brilliant episode you. There’s the spell-binding speech that not only gave the episode its theme, but its title as well. Cowardice and guts lace this episode that asks what courage really is. Whether it’s the simple bravery of Jesse’s “No” or the loaded weakness of Walt’s silence, this episode is head-spinning in its contrasts. For all of Walt’s boldness, this episode shows that boldness does not always equal bravery, and that between Walt and Jesse? Jesse was always the one with the real courage. Although for all the beautiful subtlety of Jesse’s bravery, the scene that still sticks with the viewer is nonetheless the one with a Pontiac Aztek, a gunshot, and the simple word: “Run.” Walter White always has to have the last word, but man does he ever make them count.

4. Cat’s in the Bag

This is another one of those ‘personal bias’ episodes for me. It’s great in every technical aspect possible. But any show that can make me literally cry with laughter over a body dissolving in acid gets a spot on here regardless of whatever else happened in the episode. This episode was when I sold my soul to this show, and the scenes in Jesse’s house were twisted whimsy at its absolute best.

3. …And the Bag’s in the River

If Cat’s in the Bag was when I sold my soul, this is when I burned the receipt and watched my life as I knew it go up in smoke. I’m not sure the show has managed to top the simple, elegant richness of this one game-changing episode. Everything from the low-key basement face-off, the literal ‘pros and cons’ of taking another life, to the Hitchcockian symbolism behind a broken plate are irresistible. And Walt’s struggle for his soul, beautifully highlighted against days when our antihero was more alive are no more poignantly summed up when he asks the hair-raising question: “The soul? There’s nothing but chemistry here.”

2. Face Off

This episode is absolutely relentless in how gripping it is. There’s the great contrast of Walt sprinting around town at the demands of certain opportunistic legal secretaries (a perfect example of how brilliantly this show works humour into tense situations) while Jesse’s locked in an interrogation cell. There’s the destruction of the superlab which was both pulse-pounding and immensely satisfying. And then of course…the titular scene. How could a character like Gus go out in anything but a blast. This whole episode is done in such a frenzied glee that watching it is like being pummelled. And the concluding shot of the Lily of the Valley and everything it represents? The final knockout punch.

1. Hazard Pay

This is just a perfect jewel box of an episode. It’s not the biggest or most explosive of episodes. But it’s infused with so much of the life that makes this show so dynamic. One of BrBa’s strongest aspects is its ensemble cast, and almost all of them are put to full use here. You’ve got the group scenes of Walt, Jesse, Mike and Saul while they set up the pest control ruse. And of course the Vamonos plan is so perfectly satisfying and memorable in its buildup and simplicity. There’s Skyler’s “Shut up” scene which could be an Emmy award winning show by itself. There’s the couch conversation that’s so tentatively civil and beautifully hesitant but so loaded with ulterior motive that it feels like you’re watching it in a daze. There’s the money-distribution scene that’s packed with dread, the more that Mike takes from Walt’s pile. Not to mention the absolutely chilling last lines, set to a rolling garage door. Add in one of the best music sequences this show has ever done and this episode is a solid lock for my top pick, and is such a perfect example of everything that makes this show great.

 BONUS FAVOURITES: Pilot, Granite State, Grilled, Kafkaesque, Felina, Salud, Ozymandias, Green Light, Full Measure, Crazy Handful of Nothin’, I.F.T, Dead Freight, and I’m going to stop before this really does turn into a top 62 list haha

That was. Horrifically hard haha. And I’m sure there are parts I’d change or shuffle around a week from now. And I did mean it when I said I could include just about every episode from the whole damn show haha. But there’s a gist of the episodes that resonated with me. I’m not saying these are necessarily the best this show has to offer (case in point, Ozymandias not being on here despite it being not only the most brilliant episode of BrBa, but maybe the most brilliant television episode of all time). These are just the ones I could go back to over and over as personal favourite episodes. And since I like to see other people suffer over this show I’m tagging whoever wants to do or try doing this haha, so I can see your top 10 lists. But seriously, you all should, it would be really cool to see what everyone’s top 10 picks are!

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It never fails that if Jensen does something and Jared does it right after Jensen is treated like crap, Jared is raised up as some font of wonderful. It never fails. Jensen is this quiet, genuine guy, who just seems like the best and every day people just knock him down. I don't even get it, it makes me sad, and it's even worse when it comes from people that say they love Jensen :(

Amen, anon, amen. You won’t hear Jared hate from me because I love the guy but I agree with you. I know Jared would never do anything to “outshine” Jensen but it is true that “fans” always seem to rally to Jared and hold him up to let him have his moment in the sun while almost disregarding Jensen entirely. The worst thing is that J2 support each other more than any fan of either of them could. It makes me so sad to know there are really people out there who think either J would be proud to hear of a “fan” putting their best friend, practically brother, down like that. Like people honestly think Jared would appreciate his “fans” calling Jensen a liar? Or the other way around? It’s mind boggling that anyone thinks that way because it simply is NOT true.

"When I was a cashier at 17 I was cashing a guy out and his was mumbling under his breath. I said excuse me and what I hear was so disgusting, " Mmm semen I love it. You like semen mmmm. I’ll swallow some for you." He continued saying this more than on one occasion. I’ve never been so scared at work I was really afraid of being raped by him. I started going over all my defensive stuff I learned. And he didn’t do this with the male cashier I asked to watch out for."

Submission from thesadmilk

”But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street harassment really looks like. Submit your own to stopthecatcall@gmail.com or via tumblr.

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HI this might sound like a really stupid question but I was wondering if you could tell me how to make a masterlist/masterpost? Im pretty new to tumblr and I am behind on how to do everything haha thanks x.

Hi, love! It’s no problem - I’m more than happy to help out. And don’t worry, it’s not a stupid question at all! I’ll have the steps underneath the cut so it doesn’t clog your dash ~ And welcome to tumblr prepare to have your soul crushed with feels and to spend your nights staring at pictures enjoy your stay

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I just wanted to tell you all that its okay to message me anytime about anything. I may reply a bit late, because Im busy buut I really love getting messages from you guys and getting to know you. So PLEASE do not be scared of approaching me. I am a human, you are a human, we can do this, nothing to be scared of. 

Also I really love you all so much and I miss you all. You guys are important.

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I sorta need help. Im bisexual and i dated a girl last year and she was literally the perfect girl. she was everything to me. but she was a compulsive liar... and she told people things about me that she wasn't supposed to. but she truly did love me, and I loved her. that much was obvious. but now I'm in a relationship with a guy who I would probably spend the rest of my life with. but I sometimes still really miss her. and she's told me she misses me too. I don't know what to do??

you love this guy right? So that is all what matters, it is okay to miss someone, but you need to know what you want, you can always miss her but you know that you two wont get back right because you love the guy, so just miss her and think about her, but know what you want.