scrolling through the Dashcon tag is waaay more satisfying than having to go tbh.

 if any of y’all aren’t up to date on the Dashcon fiasco, I shall try my best to do a summary or at least what i know of (here’s a clearer, more detailed one!!)

• Dashcon is a tumblr based convention (for tumblr users, by tumblr users!!¡¡!) 
• Held in Illinois over this weekend
• Staff have no relation to Tumblr or whatsoever, none of them even having a smidgen of experience with working on cons 
• Staff made a “verbal agreement” w/ hotel to pay after the con but the contract stipulated that the payment to be made before the con
• So they went on a crazy donation drive 
• raised $17,000, which the staff said its for next year’s con (among other things) like hold up (probably spent it on replacement ball pits tbh; to be explained)
• WTNV crew was invited for a panel but the staff ain’t gonna pay em so the poor darlings went all the way and wasted their time and money like everyone else at DashCon probably did (they left)
• The staff were pushing more expensive tickets that included tickets for a show that ain’t never gonna happen
• They let minors into a freaking BDSM panel (and other 18+ panels)
• Hotel mints were given out as panel prizes?????

• Compensation offered was an extra hour in the ball pit (there were other stuff to be fair but the ball pit was the ultimate)

• oh and also I think the ball pit deflated

• Official staff tumblr (here)

and that’s what’s you missed on….


New strategy: Whenever we nail down plans with somebody, I plan to try to include EVERYONE WE KNOW in those plans so we can get all of our friend time taken care of at once instead of having 18 different appointments for coffee, beer, cooking or the dog park throughout the week.

We’ll see this goes.