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Bit of a philosophical question for you, tumblr

You know the phrase “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”? Well to me, it doesn’t make any sense because if the person speaking was the other person, they’d do exactly the same thing as that person, right? 

I guess this is a little hypocritical coming from somebody with a popular text post complaining about the romanticizing of something but people need to stop, take like 10 steps back, and re-examine what “romanticize” actually means because people trying to make jokes about negative aspects of their lives isn’t romanticizing those things but that’s 90% of how people seem to use that word

anyone who says trans people don’t need hormones/hormones won’t make any difference = absolutely full of shit. the only thing testosterone has done so far is give me hella acne and a fuckload of sweat but emotionally this is the most stable and happy I’ve been in mooooonths so fuck anyone who thinks it’s not gonna help, everyone deserves the hormones they need to feel like themselves

I made the decision to convert to Islam but I haven’t really made anything official because I don’t feel I’m in the right place to do that yet but I kind of see all of this ignorance I had before about religion because of my family and just growing up. The way I saw religion because of how some of my family enforced it on me. I was never against religion I just kind of viewed quite negatively and with so much ignorance. For the last like 7 years I have either been agnostic or atheist and it made me feel like I was more intellectual but that was such a terribly negative way of thinking. I am so glad with the choice I am making to convert but it’s just really eye opening to this way of thinking I built up. It was really disgusting and toxic (lol?) It’s kind of what has kept me happier for a couple weeks now and it’s a little hard trying to convert but yeah that’s all.

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anonymous asked:

My sibling? is in the hospital, with some really bad injuries from binding... my friend refereed me here for some advice on how to help myself and our parents understand, would someone be willing to email me? I really don't know how to work tumblr.

Ren says:

Yes, I am willing to email you. You can reach me at ttsgmodren@gmail.com and I’ll answer any questions you or your parents may have. <3