Heart Attack

My heart beats like crazy
My view gets slowly hazy
Only you’re in my head
I wish you could be in my bed

Thinking about my lover
Makes me want you to discover
Me, I just want you so much
Why do we lost touch?

Please come back
Without you I’m a wreck
I thought I need someone new
But I only love you

—  CBK

When we ran through the town in nothing but a old motel bathrobe, we stole smelling like two dollar soap, you loved me.

When I got too drunk trying to forget the past and spent half the night with my head in a toilet, you said I was the most beautiful girl you have ever seen.

Now we’re at your cousins wedding reception and you say maybe I should have put more makeup on and why do I always say um when I talk and, have you always walked like that it makes you look .. funny.

But I remember how you were before, before society got to you.

—  I remember you by (KJ)