do you ever have a day where literally everything goes wrong until after a certain point you stop being surprised or hurt by it you just kind of accept that today the universe is spitting on you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it

i think? i had another visitation dream 

Aww man, I really don’t wanna be that fan that’s negative about the trailer while still at teaser stage, just based on the tone of the piece, or expectations being (or not being) met. That’s boring fandom behaviour.

But damn. That Batman/Superman spot is ..underwhelming.

Talking about how much I miss re-watching ‘Still’ tonight has only reinforced how much I miss seeing Bethyl on my screen in general. 

I wish I had video editing skills, because I would make a compilation of every single one of Beth and Daryl’s scenes from s2-s4, even the ones they did not actually share together. Some of the scenes I’d keep as they are (like most of s4), but others I’d totally enhance and make even more Bethyl-y (such as making it look like he’s eye-fucking her even in s2-3….cause you know he was, it just wasn’t shown on-screen, right??? lol). 

Of course, I’d give it the most ridiculously happy ending…like, after the ‘Oh scene,’ I’d just put the bridal carry scene in reverse, so that he’s carrying her up the stairs for some serious sexy times. ;)

Seeing as I have zero respect left for the show as a whole, nothing would give me greater satisfaction at this point than to chop it into tiny pieces and reassemble it into the way it’s supposed to be something that at least somewhat approaches the awesomeness they deserve. 

Argh. I have the ideas….if only I had the skills. I just need my own Bethyl movie, damnit. :P

fieldofclover replied to your photo “¦ Okay.  Okay this looks promising.  I mean, it’s a child right? But…”


koichama replied to your post “I just checked the table of contents and there’s still like 15 pages…”

And your hate was a thing of beauty.

shining-rainbow-cherryblossoms answered to your photo “¦ Okay.  Okay this looks promising.  I mean, it’s a child right? But…”

This is beautiful I have been awaiting this moment. Bless. 

 I have been snickering about this ever since you first encountered Kyle and professed your undying (and at that stage unfounded) hatred for him. You are a legend (and an incredible master of intuition I swear).

valerianwizard answered to your photo “¦ Okay.  Okay this looks promising.  I mean, it’s a child right? But…”

I love that from the very first moment he was introduced you were like “I hate this guy” and slowly you hated and distrusted him more and more, and now you know why, but like you have the best instincts about characters. WAREWOLF HAS BEEN DISCOVERED

valkyriephantomhive answered to your photo “¦ Okay.  Okay this looks promising.  I mean, it’s a child right? But…”

I’m laughing so hard your reaction is the absolute best ever

taintedbyhate replied to your photo “¦ Okay.  Okay this looks promising.  I mean, it’s a child right? But…”

i’ve been waiting and waiting for to get here <333


HOW DID YOU EVEN. How did you manage to ALL just collectively say nothing at all about this and keep me entirely in the dark. You guys are a gift. 

uselessjunk1982 I’m thinking that I should wait to start season 2 until I really have time to write up reactions- not full liveblogs, but something meta focused and speculative while being a bit more coherent/substantially less alcohol-induced than my NGE posts. Because I can tell CCS is going in some directions that I’m going to find very, very interesting and exciting!

i just finished watching other space, and im deeply in love with this cast *u*

anonymous asked:

i ship you and ted tbh

i dunno if you meant our mayors or like, actually us but uh.. ok..t h an k?

lmao i think the relationship between our mayors now is more platonic than anything though. cute dorky babs uwu

Technically I need 12-15 pages done as a draft for tomorrow’s class and I have 5, but I’m going to write three tonight and two tomorrow and strut in there like a confident piece of shit because that’s how I roll

Why do allistic people always talk and write about us as if they are studying animal behaviour?

current mood

sitting at my desk with the window open, the temperature outside almost exactly what it is in my room, feeling very good about the group presentation that happened this morning and actually looking forward to the final one tomorrow, working on it right now and feeling all giddy about how surprisingly natural it’s going to be.

okay im gonna change my theme…. should i make my sidebar douglas booth or max irons???


i don’t understand how or why my mood keeps fluctuating but it’s really wild tbh

actually Suspicious Lizard is me when my dad is behind me though

bc my mom is the kind of person who is not reading your screen even by accident

and my dad is the kind of person who is definitely deliberately reading your screen

the only bright side of this shitty mood is that I thought of a really good idea to break one of my characters and you bet I’m going to write it tomorrow to make myself feel better (I am a vengeful god)

I am also going to bed now. I will be in a better mood tomorrow morning. What’s that line from Les Mis? (I literally just googled it it works very well for how my shit moods actually go)

‘Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise’