THIS is how I want Derek to look when we see him for the first time in 3B.  No hair gel, no leather jacket, face a little more open, clearly vulnerable, just enough for Stiles to have his breath catch in his throat.  This is not the same werewolf who left Beacon Hills.

This is the Derek I want Stiles to fall in love with

punkluek said:

how r u today beeb B) btw ur so cute i luv ur hair omg

Thank you so much ahh (: Fun fact: My hair was soo long, like under boob length, until February and then i cut it all of without telling anyone and i walked into school the next day like a boss bc everyone was staring at me and it felt so amazing haha :D My day was really good except for the fact that i had a little stomach ache but it went away so i’m good :) and i understood math today which is a thing that’s not common for me haha ♥

Ship:  Michael ✿ Ashton ✿ Calum ✿ Luke

Best friend: Michael ✿ Ashton ✿ Calum ✿ Luke

Ship Name: Lukory (i suck so much i apologise)

Url: 10/10

Icon: 10/10

Theme: 10/10

Overall: 10/10

Following: no but ily ✿ yes ✿ i am now ✿ you know it’s forever darling

Compliment: Oh mY GOD you’re so pretty like I wow tell me your ways? And you have a nose piercing which is great (i want one too but my parents say no so i’ll have to wait /: ) but srsly you’re so hot like 10/10 

anonymous said:

ur so pretty I luv ur lips eyes and hair tbb I have a crush on u

hi you should tell me who you are js

yungcoconut2003 said:

a sweet msg: i get rly happy every time u post a selfie cause i think ur one of the prettiest girls ever also i luv ur hair so much it's glorious

thank u so very very much so sweet and cute yes.im happy 💜