My Follow Forever!

Since I reached 3K I want to make my follow forever. You guys are so wonderful to me, you all (in this) are my amazing, beautiful friends and faves and tumblr heros and what I wanted to wish you is meeting Taylor this year, so Tay, if you see this, here are the best people in my life and they should meet you. I love you guys so so much.

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Official C&Q Family Nickname Roster Has Arrived!

Your friendly neighborhood Stitch here!

So. This all started–I think, correct me if I’m wrong–because I called Meg “Meggles” and she liked it, and that we were calling beakaleak32 Beaks or Beaker. Meggles then suggested we should all have nicknames– 

–And the whole idea spiraled quickly (and predictably, considering our friends) out of control. Along the way, posts were made, shenanigans ensued, Krissa’s notifications broke (although hopefully not beyond repair), and several new people met and fell in fandom/friendship love.

It. was. GLORIOUS.

I’ve been curating posts since yesterday, 

and I think I’ve gotten everyone. 

I decided to call it the C&Q Family Roster, short for “ColtsandQuills Family”, because that’s been used by some of us as a tag to link our crazy-ass posts together. And I thought it seemed fitting, since so many of us know each other through Krissa, or are fans of Krissa’s ColtsandQuills blog, and we are kinda becoming a family–

–and as we all know

If anyone has another name they’d like to put forth though, feel free! :D

Now, some of us have been nominated for nicknames, and have not yet approved them. Some have been put up for nickname nomination, but no one’s come up with a good one yet. Don’t worry, you’re still on the list! I’ve put the nominations for your nicknames in Italics, pending your approval. 

When those of you who need to approve have made your decision, please either reblog the ORIGINAL POST or INBOX ME. That way I won’t miss anything. This also goes for anyone who wants to change a nickname they’ve already approved now that they’ve seen it in the light of day, anyone I’ve missed or just anyone who wants to join in the fun! :D

I will update this post with any new additions or approvals, so we can all check back in case we forget anyone’s nickname (which I would totally never do haha whaaat?)

Without further ado, may I present:

Also! Special shoutout to mah girl Beaks, without whose hilarious Ke$ha Post we might never have gotten this ball of crazy rolling. <3 

Now! Go forth and nickname, my friends! 

I care

I just want to say that if you ever feel like you’re alone in this world and you’re hanging onto your last breath, just know that you are cared for and that I’m here if you ever want to talk to someone. I may be a complete stranger, but I’m definitely someone. My ask box will be open 24/7 if you need me. And I promise you guys that I’ll be your shoulder to cry on, the person you can talk to (whether you’re on anon or not), I’ll be your someone. If you think that no one cares, then you’re wrong. I care. 

Don’t be afraid to stop by my ask box when you feel like you’re about to break. Just remember that I care and that I’ll welcome you with open arms. 


//read the tags please (^_^)

Friendly reminders

Many of you come to certain blogs for reassurance and to make you feel better every time something happens, we will do it gladly but sometimes it gets exhausting and we don’t have magic words that will make everything better - so I want to share some advices that might help you go through this on your own.

  • Big picture: Every time something that according to you might be labelled as “bad” happens, try to take a step back and look at the whole picture. Does it fit there? Does it change anything? Does it realistically affect it somehow? Do you think it’s enough to change the whole dynamic? Do you think it’s enough to stop the whole process? The big picture is the key, when you guys ask me about small details and how they affect the situation that’s how I get my answers: looking at the big picture, it show us an approximation of the reality going on behind the scenes (at least in a more accurate way than the small and random details).
  • Expectations: Careful with that, it’s your worst enemy in this fandom. When we talk about changes we don’t mean that things are going to be perfect and beautiful overnight, that is never going to happen. First of all, things will never be perfect and beautiful (new team or not) and you guys need to start accepting that. This is a music band and they’re going to push them and portray them in certain ways to make money, simple as that. It won’t be like the stuff Modest is doing, obviously, there are so many levels of shadiness and sketchiness between Modest and a good management but it’s always going to be there. They can treat them better, they can project a good image, they can listen to them and respect them, they can use better promo strategies, they can treat the fans much better, they can let their musical potential shine BUT there are other details that will never go away because this is the show business and that’s how things work. So my advice is to set a high bar because we sure deserve good stuff and they are perfectly capable of doing it but not too high that becomes unrealistic and will make you feel disappointed when inevitably it doesn’t reach your expectations.
  • Fear: When you start panicking try to calm yourself thinking clearly, I know it’s difficult as hell but is whatever that happened really worth all that stress? Because it’s so much stress, some of you worry about so much stuff all the time, it has to be exhausting. There are things that will get a strong emotional reaction out of you (the b.s. tweets, Zayn’s departure…) and honestly it’s understandable but there are other things that will make you suffer for no reason at all, just your own Pavlovian reaction and the general environment of fear.
  • Patterns: They are so important, they are extremely useful to read the situation and they can tell you so many things about the future. Careful with what do you consider a pattern, though. Forget about most of the previous patterns in this fandom, they don’t fit anymore so stop looking for stuff that will fit in your mental structure because things don’t work the same way they used to. Stop labelling random cases patterns too, an isolated thing doesn’t make a pattern - we go back to the big picture, look for similar cases in the big picture before deciding if something is a pattern or not.
  • Trust: I know it’s difficult to trust anybody in this fandom after everything we’ve been through but trust the boys and, specially, trust Harry and Louis (because I’m a Larrie and Larries will read this). Give them some credit, give their relationship some credit, it’s true that they could break up any time because they’re human like the rest of us and they wouldn’t be the first nor the last but they seem to have a very strong relationship - stop believing small things will be enough to break them apart. I know some of you have unrealistic expectations about love and how relationship works because you have never been in a relationship yourself or because you think their relationship is different. It’s not, it’s true that it’s a special case and the word soulmate dances around in your head when you think about them but they still work like any other relationship in the world: they work together, they spend 24/7 together for great part of the year - it’s okay if they spend a few weeks apart from each other, I can assure you that is not a reason to break up. Trust them to do whatever it’s best for them, trust them to know what they can and can’t do, trust them do decide what to do and where to go in their free time and trust them to decide how their relationship works. They’ve gotten a trillion tattoos, I’m pretty sure a bit of distance can’t break that.
  • Keep calm and wait: We can speculate, we can discuss patterns, we can try to predict stuff but in the end the only thing that can really show us how everything is going to end is time. I know it’s easier said than done but I’ve found it’s the best way to face this whole situation. In the end, none of us really knows what’s going on or the kind of things that would change everything, nobody knows what’s the real plan and how it’s laid out but worrying about the future based on our own analysis and speculations is a mistake. We don’t know if OT4 is going to stay together for a long time and smash it, we don’t know if Harry and Louis are going to make it and come out any time soon, we don’t know if we’re really getting a new management team but we will find out sooner or later - we just have to wait.

That’s it, I think using rational thinking is the only way to stay calm in this fandom. I know it’s difficult to do and that you will fall off the wagon every now and then but I truly believe it’s the only way you won’t lose it completely. These are the usual reasons behind my scared anons, I only want some of you to think about this a bit because the amount of suffering you go through on daily basis isn’t healthy - I honestly worry about you.


“And then we got a lot of money and we had some fun in the arcade! …I-is the crush really that obvious…?”

((i thought it would come out sso much better but it didnt D’: > i had an idea in my mind that didn’t come out half as good xD i’d love some feedback on the backgrounds lol this is the first time i’ve ever done an actual background… ;w;))

((azazel completely forgot of the tinted rock bc of maggy otp confirmed))

((cain is ddedded if something happens to maggy))((…AND 100 FOLLOWERS AAAAAAAAA WHAT THE FUUUCK I LOVE YOU GUUUUYSSSSSS ;______; !!! AAAAAA))