i love this scene he's so dumb


Mino was trying to feed the pigeons, but they were ignoring him…

He tried talking them over in Korean, saying things like “bird treat!" and "eat!”, but that didn’t work. So then he tried talking in pigeon by saying “coo~ coo~ treat!" but that didn’t work either.

Then, I guess since he’s Japan and thought maybe the pigeons would listen to him if he were to speak in Japanese, he started saying “nice to meet you!" in Japanese. 


I was hoping maybe you could help me narrow my search.
We only have two data points.
Well, do the best you can…

The Lyons...

Andre. He needs three things. Love and acceptance, Jesus, and a good hug. I felt so bad for him, he made me tear up even though he can be very wretched. 

Jamal. That’s my baby right there. So proud of him doing what was best for him, for mending his relationship with Hakeem, and for being a great father to Lola. He’s just great. 

Hakeem. I get Hakeem even though he knows how to work a nerve with his foolishness. But tonight, I didn’t just get him. I liked him. I love that he is giving Cookie a chance and that scene between him and Jamal *tear droplets* was so sweet. It was beautiful. 

Now for everyone else. Vernon is a mess, Anika is a dumb, Lucious is scum, and Cookie is a queen. That about sums up tonight’s episode. Toodles. 

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I was watching the scene where Oliver tells Malcolm that Thea and he are going to keep the loft and this popped into my head: 'The mansion's gone away, but the loft is here to stay!' Dumb, I know. Sorry to waste your time but I felt the need to share with someone. I saw your mom was resting, I'm so glad that you had a good experience at the hospital! Love to you as always!

LMFAO I miss the mansion so much tho!! I LOVED seeing it in 3x14. It brought back so many memories<333

and thank you babe!

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top 5 Steve being a goof scenes

heeeeeeee :D

  • the couch/horror movie scene because duh. such a goof. and his arm around cath, totally not smooth. “i don’t know what you’re talking about” :P so many good quotes. oh steve *pat pat*
  • in the car in 3.11, trying to convince cath it’s super romantic and cath is most indulgent. she loves her goof so much :D
  • "i’m gonna miss seeing you in those cammies" and his faaaaaaaace because what a dumb, seriously. he loves cath’s cammies a lot.
  • when cath comes to him for a favor and he’s playing her so hard and she falls for it and his stupid face when she steps towards him and that smile after, when he’s going to log her in and you know she totally punched his arm after because he’s an idiot
  • (i know these are all cath related but i love when he’s goofy around cath ackkkkk) but srsly though i love when he makes goofy faces too, so cute :D there are too many to name. but if i have to pick a 5th one it’s steve with joan because ADORABLE. but also steve and mary <333

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Yess but as we all know hachi wont go back to nobu chan so he might as well do whatever he wants with yuri lol hachi didn't seem to care :/. and as for hachi i dont know what the deal was lol i mean did she ever loved nobu? Is she really in love with asshole takumi? I have a love/hate feeling with her... I just wanna slap her for being so dumb believing everything takumi says...

but but but HACHI WILL GO BACK TO NOBUO she has to !!! :O 

I guess you’re referring to the future scenes, where hachi and nobuo are not together (yet)… But maybe, in the next chapters, they will rejoice! 

I think hachi loved them both, but whenever she was with nobuo she couldn’t replace the images of takumi she had in her mind because… she loved takumi more? Or maybe she just wanted to love nobuo, she really wanted it but couldn’t make it? I don’t know! 

I also have a love/hate feeling with her (more hate than love but there is still a little love left)

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1. Why did I pick my URL?
Well at first my url was terrible and it reminded me of like a blog scene phase and no one needs to be reminded of those horrors so I changed i and when I did I really loved Loki and he’s the god of mischief and such and well cravingmischief or lookingformischief sound extremely dumb to me so i chose “hungryformischief” and It worked out and even though I’m not as in love with that character I’m still deeply in love with this url so yea that’s that lol 

2. What’s my middle name?
atrocious. jk but seriously 

Marguerite Dymphna 

*pukes everywhere* I seriously don’t like one or the other 

3. If I could own one fictional pet what would it be?
hmmm I don’t know….. maybe a dragon maybe a digimon 

4. Favorite color?

5. Favorite song?
atm I really like EXO M’s “Black Pearl” but I don’t know about favorite song honestly I can’t choose but right now that song is my most played song these past few days

6. Favorite Fandoms?
K-pop, creepypasta and anything creepy tbh, marvel, spn, & sherlock maybe

7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
Because here I can find people who have the same interests as me and I know that whatever catches my interest at any moment that there is already a community here for people who love the same thing and I can fill my life with whatever makes me happy at that moment in abundance here. It’s a place where I can escape and see things that make me happy and even though I don’t really speak to people here is it strange to say that I feel loved and accepted here? I truly do feel that way. It might sound stupid bc this is just a website but I feel at  home here. People on this website know me more than my own family does. 

8. Tag 9 of my favorite blogs

willowforever taek-won-for-taekwoon baby-pink-monsoon zikwonkitty

blizzzardwizard andrearominac king-of-the-party-elves 

In Sirens, Billy is generally pretty dumb, but he means no harm. I love this scene though when Brian, Johnny and Hank walk outside and Billy and Theresa come up and they say they got passes to the big fancy gym. Brian says he doesn’t need the pass anymore so Theresa can have it now that he’s “transendual.” Billy says “That’s dope I didn’t know that about you! You going to change your name?” Hank says no he didn’t say transsexual. Billy says in response “I don’t know what that’s but that’s cool too man. I got mad respect for self-identification.” and “T don’t ask too many questions, you might say something offensive or stupid” to her when she asks what it means. And then says “I support you” and when Brian says that means everything he says “you’re everything.” I mean he says stuff about women that isn’t great but that scene at least was nice.

I mean who knows much about what was behind it all but it would be nice if people truly supported others like that (maybe not exactly like he does) but didn’t judge when it “came out of nowhere” and when someone told them for the first time. It would be nice to feel supported.


• Jake’s kind of… I’m not really sure what you would call it. He’s ace, yes, that’s decided, but romantic (not sexual) attraction takes a while too. Is that demi-romantic? I guess?

• Jake isn’t into the community at all so he just doesn’t talk about his sexuality ever. It is one of the few things that makes him genuinely uncomfortable.

• Jake doesn’t get particularly angry often. When he does, it takes two forms. If it’s over something kind of dumb, like being frustrated, he’s prone to a violent eruption of curses and leaving the scene. If it’s over something more serious, like hurting any of his loved ones or a woman, he’s going to meticulously tear you apart and probably gush to you about how pretty your blood is while doing so.

• Jake grew up fairly poor. He still is, come to think of it. Most of his clothes are second hand. He never got his license because his family couldn’t afford for him to drive. He’s used to stretching a dollar to eat, and he’s incredibly not picky about what he’s eating.

• Jake is close to his brother and sisters, but not codependent. They all love each other very much, though they don’t see each other very often.

• Jake’s hobbies include surfing (when he can), listening to and obsessing over the kind of music he likes, urban and not so urban exploring, and studying his own history.

• Kate and Jake met when he was 18 and she was 12. He was working for her father as a new recruit and met her. He called her a good little thing, and she tok offense. He then offered her some candy he had stupidly stored in his pocket as a peace offering, she got even more offended, and he cried. She took pity and told him it was okay and to “take a nap.” They’ve been friends ever since.

• Kate is the one who helped him make his typical jean jacket with all the patches.

• He has “semper fortis”- “always strong” and “non sibi sed patriae” - “Not for Self but Country” tattooed across his shoulders in nice script. Both are Navy mottos.

I love the french revolution, but just as much i love the movie Marie antionette because the scene at the end where they’re riding off into the sunset away from versail i laugh every time because louis was so dumb he stopped at a border town just outside Austria and flashed his royal papers! They were 30 fucking kilometers from the border and he got them caught because he was like ‘people this far from Paris must trust im innocent!’ Like nope Louis you fucked up and now you’re family will be killed for it!!!!
And the movie makes out they got away safe, like i want those scenes, i want that moment when they stop the carriage so close to freedom!!!!

i love watching disney channel’s older stuff i love going “hey look me/my friends” and distracting anyone who may be trying to watch it by going “hey [this person’s name] is a cool dude, fun fact he hated this scene” or “yeah we laughed at this scene, not due to it being funny but because we thought it was so dumb” and estranging all of my non former disney friends

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awww THANK YOU nonnie! lemme tell you a secret. tiger was actually my fave character to write shhhh! ;) i had so much fun with that damn cat, i only wish i’d written more tiger/harry haha ;) 

that scene with niall describing liam has been floating around my head for almost a year and i couldn’t find a good fic to work it into but it just fell naturally into this one. i’m so glad you liked it, yay! :D

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tvd :)

The character I first fell in love with : DAMON
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now : idk caroline ? tyler ? 
The character everyone else loves that I don’t : kai ? like don’t get me wrong I reblogged him but he’s annoying and in some of his scenes it felt like they were trying to recreate s1!damon which is dumb
The character I love that everyone else hates : I follow the right people so I don’t see the hate but I know she gets a lot in the fandom : elena
The character I used to love but don’t any longer : katherine tbh
The character I would totally smooch : damon
The character I’d want to be like : idk elena maybe ?
The character I’d slap : right now ? idk kai ?
A pairing that I love :  DELENA
A pairing that I don’t : i’m gonna go with klaroline this time xD (but I still don’t like stelena too)


send me a fandom and I’ll tell you…