i love this question so much

There are times when I question myself why I’m so loyal to this series, but at the end of the day, I still love it so so much.

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This isn't a question, but awesome work on DaveKat! I love DaveKat I just never though it would get canon, it's been my otp for 3 years and reading it got canon made me so happy, so I want to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" d(=*w*=)d

eheh glad you’re happy ;v;

anyway A REMINDER (since I’m still getting some messages about that)

I didn’t make davekat canon, Hussie did, I just drew the pictures I was asked to, just clearing that up again

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Hey what's ur opinion on architects and their career?

IT is such a wild coincidence that you would ask this and I love and treasure this question, because lately I have been very into interior design and home decorating, they are both of the most beautiful of the arts and we used 2 have a close family friend and specialist who was an interior decorator and maybe another one who is currently, although she may be a realtor!!! There was a giant mural painted on the living room wall and those were the days. I was so inspired by her work many years ago and it has always been a hobby of mine! Anyways yes I have been reading various books of the most important guidelines for decorating and I love homes so much I mean how come you not?? Nothin quite like a well crafted house, or even a building! I think architects are very important as without them, there would be no homes. They are the interior designers of the construction world. I hope everyone follows their dreams and most outlandish career goals because it is important to have fun and not feel like u are spending a day at the office! Its good to hhave some passion ! God bless everyone in the world 

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does that mean that there'll be no AmeriKate story at all? Or just not one from you?


So, I can’t really answer that the way I want to.  Let me try subtle emphasis.

There will be no Amerikate story IN “SECRET LOVE”.

I know that doesn’t actually answer your question, but there is only so much I can say about this thing that doesn’t exist.

My friend asked me “how can you do it? Like how can you deal with being long distance?” I was taken back by that question. Because time no longer gets the privileged of existing when I’m with you. And she asked me how long I would wait. But I’m not waiting, when the love of your life is on the other side of a screen, you don’t wait. You don’t put a time limit. You just love and that’s what I promise to do with you.
—  Snippet of a video I made for her. ( on 2.15.15)

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Could you ever imagine being famous like the Kardashian's? Lol... How would you feel? Sometimes I try to imagine how they feel & all the opportunities they get and how fun they much have!! Lol if you could get the chance to be a Kardashian for a day would you be one? How old would you be? What would you want your band to be? ( it has to began with a "k@) lol.... Who do you think you would be the closest to? Lol it's just a question. I love your blog so much tho. Lol

In all honestly, I would not want to be a Kardahsian/Jenner. Yes, they have more money than my entire family will ever make in our lifetime, but I have something they don’t have: a sense of privacy.

I cannot even deal with people I do not personally know following me on Instagram, hence I don’t know how the hell I’d deal with the whole freaking world following my every single footstep, and judging/critiquing every single thing I do/say/wear. I would not be able to handle groups of grown men taking pictures of me and recording me every time I leave my house. I have respect for celebrities that go trough this on a daily basis, I don’t know how they do it.

I am sooooo happy and blessed to be born in the family I’m born with. Yes, the Kardashians/Jenners might have more opportunities and more fun. Yes, it would be nice to have more an ample amount of money, but I know if I work hard I’ll have my own. Who said spending a Saturday night with close friends and family playing board games and catching up on life isn’t fun? :)

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do you have any stucky fic recs??

i do!!!! so many omg and you’ve reminded me that my fic rec page is still “”””under construction”””” (aka it doesn’t exist yet oops)

you’ll find p much every fic i’ve ever loved ever (including pairings other than stucky/fandoms other than marvel) in my ao3 bookmarks here but some of my absolute absolute faves:

Steve looks for Bucky, Bucky finds Steve, Steve tries desperately to put Bucky back together. Bucky tries desperately to let him. (Spoilers for Winter Soldier.) 

On Monday morning Thor parades bare-ass naked around the Tower; it all goes downhill from there. Or, the one where New York gets infected with alien sex pollen, Steve appears to be the only sane man, and the things that ensue include hilarity, fake zombies, pining and surprise makeouts. And a bear trap.

“JARVIS,” Tony called thoughtfully.
“Yes, sir?”
“Those young people are in love,” he said.

Five times Bucky dances with Steve.
(In which there are Lindy Hops, waltzes, drunken nights, fake boyfriends, a 21st century gay club, a pair of ridiculously expensive suits, and eventually it all works out.)

The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood.

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I need massive amounts if help for AQA AS Biology - I feel like there's so much to remember with 3 weeks till exams! I really want to do some mind maps which link with the past paper questions but I have no idea how to do it in a creative way. I also get stuck on the 'how science works' questions. PLEASE HELP! P.S. I love your blog - it's helped me so much with English ☺️

Hey! Thanks so much lovely! :)

I’ve got 7 tips on how to revise science in general (which were originally on my old blog, but I’ve transferred them over and changed them a bit), which I hope will help you!

  1. The biggest tip I give to any of you when attempting to do science revision is to make it funny. Well, at least, attempt to make it funny. Don’t go overboard, but just add in little funny diagrams and things that you read and actually make you laugh. If you’re struggling to think of anything comical, just write how you would write on twitter. I do it all the time, and if you were to sit and read my notes for hours, I’m sure that it would be pretty similar to my twitter (basically a flurry of ‘omg’s ‘lol’s and ‘obsessed’s)
  2. Try and summarise double spreads of textbooks, in one page. Don’t just copy out of the textbook, condense things down again and again and again until you have everything you need, just without the added jargon that will never ever get you any extra marks.
  3. Be colourful. With science revision the worst thing you can do is write our 10 pages of notes with only your trusty BIC biro.
  4. Draw diagrams! Always draw diagrams. It’s so surprising how much you remember in an exam from this. And don’t forget to label them!
  5. Make a table. Table’s are so underrated these days on the revision scene. You do them all the time in class experiments, but when it comes to going back through your confused scribbles that are class notes, the table is your friend. If you know the main topics and the subheadings, you can make one to organise pretty much any information.
  6. Don’t be scared to rotate the page. A page doesn’t have a right way up, or a right shape come to think of it! I’ve made many a revision poster in the shape of a circle/heart/triangle/rhino. Sometimes changing things up a bit does the world of good, and helps you remember stuff in an unusual way (usual is good).
  7. Be chronological. This is so important. You’re never going to cover everything you need to if you’re jumping about from each subject, and each topic leads onto the next for a reason, so when you’re doing your mindmaps, make sure they hold some kind of logical sense. This will again help you remember them really well!

After you’ve revised what you need to, tackle the past papers, go back over them with the mark scheme and make corrections in a different colour.

Most importantly, don’t panic! You can do this! I promise! Best of luck :) 

It always bothers me that when people say they hate Kim Kardashian it’s because of the sex tape or the fact that she photographed nude like thanks but I’m not going to slut shame her and hate her for that in fact I’m not going to hate her at all I can’t find any reason why people hate her besides that. Like has she killed someone? Is she a bad mother ? Is she rude to people? Like why do people hate her so much?

I’m not gonna be online for the next day or so, or even if I do get online somehow, I won’t be able the answer longer question or post that much, since I’m going on a pretty long trip. However, you can still send me messages and I’ll see to it that I eventually reply. God bless you and stay strong. See you soon, if the good Lord allows it. Much love<3 

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What's it like being a male veela?

       ‘What was it like being a male veela’?
        Fun? Interesting? Odd? LonelyC r a p p y ?
        Honestly, the only opinion that Louis had towards being a male veela was

He regularly had mood swings, and when he was really angry he got nasty, and he regularly got this weird twisting sensation in his gut when he simply looked at certain people. It was as though he was constantly anxious and isolated, feeling as though he was constantly being stared at because he was different, and there was no one to turn to to discuss his feelings. 

Of course, he sisters were in similar positions as they all shared the same blood, but it was different. They were girls, and their mother could talk them through weird hormonal urges they might feel as she had veela blood too. It also helped that Dominique’s and Victoire’s veela blood was more diluted than their mothers, so any affect they felt from the mythical creature, Fleur would have felt ten fold.

But no one knew what to do with Louis.

No one knew what to tell him when he had described what he felt to his family, only exchanging confused glances because he was the only known male veela. Everything they knew about veela’s involved women, and if Louis experienced any side affects of his veela heritage, such as wicked mood swings and an odd charm that he had had since he was a small child, they didn’t know what effect this could have on the boy.

Louis had started researching his hormonal imbalance when he was nine, became desperate when he was twelve, and became isolated when he was thirteen.

If there was more information written about what male veela’s may experience during their lives, Louis thinks that he would be much more comfortable in his skin. But there’s not, and whenever he tries to discuss it, he only receives blank looks in return.

                            Louis Weasley   H A T E S   being a male veela.

                   “ It, um, has its up and down days..
                                                         I suppose. “


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For the decision meme - HTTYD 2 scene: Battle of the Bewilderbeast or Two New Alphas.

Decision meme

AHHH this is a cool question! And honestly I find this one incredibly difficult to answer.

I am going to answer “Battle of the Bewilderbeast” but will explain what I love about both.

Battle of the Bewilderbeast

The reason I vote for Battle of the Bewilderbeast is because it is nine minutes of awesome - nine minutes that feel so short because so much occurs. It gave me a greater thrill overall in terms of action with greater impact the first time I watched it in theatres, and it still does a stellar job of keeping me in top attention with subsequent rewatchings. It feels almost more like a climax and higher action point than Two New Alphas because it is so monumental.

Yet action alone does not sustain me. Beyond the greater action of “Battle of the Bewilderbeast,” there are some amazing character moments. For many characters. These moments show how the characters think, show the characters changing, show the characters at their strengths and weaknesses.

Like basically everyone.

Ruffnut, Snotlout, and Fishlegs with the fall and rescue.

Valka entering the battle with the alpha. Man that is awesome and memorable. Then she goes and fights Drago, showing amazing boldness. And then she goes off to an even more dangerous situation, trying to stop two mountain-sized dragons from brawling. This shows so much about the bravery and capabilities of her character as a bold dragon vigilante.

Stoick showing his tender love for Valka by watching her back. Stoick standing up, whirling his axe, and fighting Drago. Even though Stoick wanted to avoid Drago the entire film, he knows when he needs to stand and fight. This is the part of the movie where Stoick’s great love for Valka and Hiccup mesh perfectly with his bold warlike, chiefly capabilities.

Hiccup and his characterization. Showing him at his weakest. His ideals are great… but his actions are almost naive, certainly not pragmatic, as he tries to talk to Drago. Hiccup the dragon master is not even able to handle his own dragon; he backs away in fear, eyes widened, because Drago is so much in control.

And Drago. This is the biggest scene for Drago. His full power, his might, his capabilities, they are all revealed at last. After hearing about Drago and seeing glimpses of him… here is the moment this man is revealed. He is even more horrible and dangerous than Stoick warned Hiccup he was. Gah. I could talk about this moment with Drago forever.

Then there’s Toothless.

And him turning against Hiccup.

And Stoick saving Hiccup.

And Stoick dying.

This is the scene that makes the movie so incredible. It reveals the full love of Stoick’s sacrificial love. It freaks characters and audiences out. It throws Hiccup into the worst personal Hel of his life, a lowpoint that is essential for reforming him into the hero and chief he must be.

The movie could simply not function without Battle of the Bewilderbeast. 

You could argue this is the most important plot point in the entire film.

So yes. Battle of the Bewilderbeast all the way.

And have I talked about how the cinematography, animation, and music are out of this world?

Two New Alphas

I think Two New Alphas falls a bit under the shadow of the massive action I described above, but one should not degrade the importance of this scene. So many critical character moments happen here too, as well as pure awesomeness. Hiccup says one of my single favorite HTTYD lines of all times here - “This is what is to earn a dragon’s loyalty! Let this end now!”

Hiccup and Toothless come to their potential this point. This is their top moment, their moment of heroicism and leadership. Toothless is dramatic, blue, glowing, and formidable - the exact type of dangerous dragon that I adore seeing. And then Hiccup, too, is stronger, bolder, and more intimidating here than at any other point in all of the DreamWorks universe. Hiccup is imposing here as he sits on Toothless’ back and shouts belligerently at Drago that he will tolerate no more.

Hiccup applies “a chief protects his own” here, Toothless “the alpha protects them all”. This is an amazing, glorious moment of actualization for both of them.

Oh yeah and then there’s the whole Toothless Found moment and Hiccup almost dying in ice moment coming right before it. Those are key points I love for eternity, too. I’m trying not to write a book about it right now.

“Two New Alphas” is great in its own right for sure. 

I’m just going to vote “Battle of the Bewilderbeast” as favorite over it because that moment is stellar, too. 

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What do you think Olicity's relationship will be like in season 4?

This all completely depends on how S3 ends, anon. In typical Arrow fashion, they’re ending out the season with a huge, giant, brilliant bang, and I have so many more questions than I do answers. Is the wedding Olicity’s? Is it their choice, or part of a ruse? If it’s not Olicity, who will it be and how will that affect Olicity? What about Oliver, what if there is permanent damage from what Ra’s does to him? What does Felicity have to go through for Oliver to dig himself out of Al Sah-him? What about their friends, what about Diggle and his choices coming up? Felicity and Oliver are so full of love, but that also includes love for everyone around them, and sometimes that much love is super self-sabotaging.

And this doesn’t include the speculation for next season, such as who the big bad will be and how Felicity’s father will be playing into everything, as well as Oliver’s son - the theory about the theme being about family next season feels right on the nose, and just because Oliver realizes he can’t live by two names, that he’s Oliver Queen and the Arrow, that doesn’t mean all of his issues are solved. It doesn’t mean Felicity won’t be bringing her own issues to the table, especially regarding her past and her father (aka exploring potential abandonment issues, which I HOPE HAPPENS).

And then none of this touches on the fact that while Oliver and Felicity love each other, they came together under extreme duress. Being in love does not a relationship make, and these are two people who aren’t exactly undamaged. There’s a reason they are mirrored with Dyla - they came together, fell hard for each other and got married quick and dirty, but they couldn’t make it work the first time, because they didn’t get married during those calm life moments when you have to just exist with each other. Dyla had to take a break and come back together, when they realized they can love each other without extreme circumstances (which will be put to the test next season).

I think that will be Olicity, we won’t be getting the sunshine and roses that they damn well deserve. For some reason I’m operating under a weird assumption that they will be happy in Season 6 (hahaha, why, I don’t know).

Can I answer this with what I hope happens?

I hope they drive off into the sunset at the end of this season.

I hope they give THEM a go.

I hope we get some domestic Olicity, with arguments about reading the newspaper, who hogs the blankets, why Oliver needs so many stupid pillows, Oliver getting a piece of Felicity’s hair wrapped around his toe in his socks, Felicity wanting to workout with Oliver, doing five crunches and watching him the rest of the time, going to dinner, a stupidly romantic walk on the beach, someone getting food poisoning and the other taking care of them, Oliver picking out the colors Felicity paints her nails with, family dinners with Diggle, Lyla, Thea, Laurel and Sara.

I hope that Oliver lets Felicity be there for Oliver when they find out about his son, and I hope Felicity lets him be there when it comes to her dad. I hope they get into stupid arguments where they don’t talk for five days and then they makeup, and I hope we get sappy mornings where Felicity’s hair is always sticking to Oliver’s beard.


Because Olicity has a long road ahead of them, and there is still an entire ocean of issues to work through between them and outside of them, that they will let come between them. Oliver finally knows what he wants out of life, but this is Oliver Queen, ya’ll. His love life is a fucking wreck. And Felicity’s last relationship was a literal by-product of her feelings for another man.

So, in short, my response is this: THESE TWO STRESS ME OUT.

(And, on a random note, I’m super intrigued to see how Bratva flashbacks will play into the current-day timeline.)


Zuko was, and forever would be, more than grateful that he found his mother. He not only got his mother back, but gained a stepfather and another little sister, who he already loved with all his heart.

But, sometimes, Kiyi didn’t know how to keep her questions to herself, not caring who heard.

“Zuko! Why is your face so scratchy? I don’t like it.”

“Uncle Iroh, why is your belly so big? Are you storing tea in there?”

“Gross!! Toph, why are you so smelly? I think its bath time for you.”

“Sokka, why is your face so goofy?”

“Suki, you have too much makeup on. Do you want me to teach you how to do it better?”

“Avatar Aang, why do you have those funny looking arrows everywhere?”

“Miss Katara, when are you gonna marry Zuko?”

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The thing I really like about Drumknott is that he’s so obviously Vetinari’s Watson - not in the ‘extremely close relationship’ kind of way (although you can see it that way if you want, it’s even very much implied in Raising Steam, however much you choose to see that as canon) - but in the ‘narrative device who asks the questions the audience is asking’ kind of way. I can’t quite say why, but the fact that he is a necessity of the story that is written in the way that he is makes him fascinating to me.

It’s obvious in several stories where Pratchett needed a quick Watson to explain a character’s thoughts or plans, like how Stibbons is to Ridcully (or vice versa sometimes), but an example I’d especially like to point out is in The Truth. One of Harry King’s clerks asks him a question, which the story notes is not something Harry King normally tolerates, and in this case, the clerk is very obviously nothing more than a cheap narrative device, so that we know what Harry King is thinking. Now, Pratchett could have easily done the same thing for Vetinari: just make him reveal bits of his plans to random people who flit in and out of the Oblong Office. Except he can’t, because Vetinari is even less that sort of person than Harry King is.

So a character who is constantly by Vetinari’s side, a seemingly normal person of average intelligence, who Vetinari trusts, is needed to become the Watson the audience needs to understand everything that is going on. In short: we need someone to explain Vetinari’s thoughts, and for that, Vetinari needs no less than a person close to him. Drumknott isn’t a character created to have a relationship with Vetinari to define a part of Drumknott as a character, nor is he a character to define Vetinari as human (see: Vetinari’s relationship with Lady Margolotta and even Lady Meserole). He’s nothing more than a story-telling tool. Yet it’s from this very fact, this baseline of his personality, that he is his own interesting character: the only person who appears to understand Lord Vetinari, or speaks freely with him, or predict his actions.

And this leads me to the realisation: isn’t that what a secretary is supposed to be? Someone who does all the background work, but really quite necessary, and he does his job all the better for the fact that he and his employer get along so well. That’s the sort of character I really love, and Drumknott, you are my favourite of all such supporting characters.

I love how like half the reviewers for Persephone are like “PLEASE tell me that Astrid gets pregnant, I so want her to have a baby!” and then half are like “PLEASE tell me that Astrid DOESN’T get pregnant, I so DON’T want her to have a baby!” So here I am like

Welp. So I’m gonna be disappointing people one way or another, then.

Out of curiosity, (because I’ve already decided what happens in the story), who is #teambaby and #teamnobaby for Persephone?

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Have you ever wondered about Celestial Spirit magic? I mean, Lucy is obviously a very kind and loving master, but what reason does a Spirit really have to form a contract? They don't get a kind of reward or benefit for fighting, which is pretty much the only thing they seem to be used for. Again, Lucy treats her Spirits more like friends than tools, but isn't the magic in general kind of questionable?

You bring up a good point. I don’t question Lucy, or even Yukino. But I can definitely question other celestial mages like Angel or Karen. They weren’t nearly as kind to their spirits as Lucy is to hers.

So yeah. Is a spirit required to form a contract with someone who gains ownership of their key? And why are contracts not nullified immediately when a spirit gets abused by their owner, like Aries was by Karen? And what benefits do Spirits gain from contracting with a Mage? Getting to see the Human world? Yeah that doesn’t sound like much of a prize to be honest.

Wowowowow you’re gonna send me into a crisis with this question, anon!

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If you had to kill off/write one character off the show, with the condition that the remaining one would get loads of screentime and all the happiness he deserves, who would that be? Ian or Mickey?

After season 5, I’m gonna go with Ian. I just don’t care for him as much as I used to. Mickey on the other hand is still my favorite, and did not deserve to go down like that.

Important News

Hi, guys! I have two really important things that I need to say! The first thing is that I recently hit 400 followers! I think that’s insane and I truly appreciate all the love I’ve been receiving from you guys! <33333333 The second thing is that I have soooooo many asks!!! It’s great because I love answering questions. However, most of the questions are for descriptions which take quite a long time for me to do. I also like to answer asks in the order that I receive them. So yeah, I haven’t forgotten anyone, I just have so much to do and those description asks can get very draining. Please don’t lose patience and I promise I will get to all of your questions!