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Seeing as I have reached 2K thought I’d give a shoutout to all the blogs which I love and ones that I support and have supported me 

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get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite movies » the perks of being a wallflower

“i know these will all be stories someday. and our pictures will become old photographs. we’ll all become somebody’s mom or dad. but right now these moments are not stories. this is happening. i am here and i am looking at her. and she is so beautiful. i can see it. this one moment when you know you’re not a sad story. you are alive, and you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. and you’re listening to that song and that drive with the people you love most in this world. and in this moment i swear, we are infinite.”

There’s a post that says there’s only one time in the whole movie that Harry touches Eggsy and as deep as I may be in this trash heap I’ve only seen the thing twice so I can neither confirm nor deny it’s veracity. But what if it’s because Harry is actually an extremely tactile person? Hear me out….

He loves to touch and be touched. He knows that when he cares for someone that there will be no end to how much he wants to simply feel them beneath his fingers, the warmth of their skin, the pace of their heartbeat. But he is a gentleman and that intimacy is reserved for those closest to him. So he does everything he can to keep his hands to himself in public.

Once they acknowledge their feelings for each other Eggsy becomes addicted to it. To the way Harry’s hands will rest on his hip while they cook together, how he will hook their fingers together at dinner, the caring way he idly runs his fingers through Eggsy’s hair while they are curled up on the couch reading on the rare quiet evening they manage to find time to themselves.

Of course he still very much keeps his hands to himself in public, self aware enough that if he gives in to a simple touch he will likely want more despite the inaoropriate nature of what he desires. That is simply not a part of their relationship that is available for public consumption. At first Eggsy is very confused, and a little hurt, because he thinks that maybe Harry doesn’t want to acknowledge “them” in public.

But because he’s madly in love and very much a capable adult Eggsy brings it up as soon as he realizes that it bothers him. And Harry feels terrible that he has hurt him so and they make a compromise that whenever Eggsy want to reach out for Harry’s contact he will gladly accept it, and make up for every time he had wanted to reach out himself the moment they’re alone.

Eggsy, flushed and breathless after the first time Harry keeps his promise, figures he got the better end of the deal.

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From the AoU hate I have seen I believe the only reason people hate this movie is bc Nat shows real feelings for once and that she chose to give them to Bruce. She feels more human to me now

Exactly! She’s so much more real and relate-able now, because we’ve seen her in every movie so far as some untouchable badass agent who doesn’t go down to anyone, even the Winter Soldier who went head to head with Captain America. And as much as I love Natasha as a hero, I love her even more as a person, who just wants to end the continuing loneliness she’s experienced since her childhood and have someone she can truly relate to and cherish.

And Bruce… sweet, darling Bruce. He’s been rejected completely by almost all of humanity; by this point, his girlfriend Betty has probably moved on with her life and he hasn’t contacted her since the Incredible Hulk, so it’s safe to assume things didn’t work out for them. He’s just so alone, all the time, because he’s so afraid to hurt people… and then, this amazing woman just sort of sweeps into his life and drags him back into the world, helps him save it, reassures him that he isn’t a monster… He’s needed someone like that for so long, and now that he finally has her, he’s so afraid of hurting her just like he hurts everyone else…


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What are the things you like the most about Orphan Black? Like, the show in general (?). For example, I like the fact that there is a lot of diversity in it :). Sorry if I say something wrong because I'm not an English speaker so ?? I love your blog very much by the way c:

Oh man what do I like most…[sweats nervously]

Well I love the accurate depiction of science and scientists. As someone who has been immersed in the world of biological research for the pasat 8 years, I am often frustrated by the way scientists are depicted on screen, as well as the inaccuracies these shows and movies can just get away with in regards to science. But on Orphan Black, scientists are seen as real people and not just token nerds (I mean they’re nerdy but they’re more than that), and the science is super real, even though it’s a sci-fi show. (My one criticism of the science world on OB is the complete lack of Asian people because let’s be real here Asian people, especially Chinese people, make up the vast majority of like 95% of labs I’ve ever been in).

I also love love love the women on the show. So often women in media aren’t given the opportunity to be three-dimensional, and if one is then no other female on the show would dare be given that respect. But on OB basically every female character right down to Kira is show as multi-faceted, flawed, with no distinct all-good or all-bad in them. That’s just super realistic and I love it! It also makes watching any other TV show painful because I am so aware of the lack of awesome ladies.

And in connection with that I love how Orphan Black shows that there are many different types of women, and no one type of woman is better than the other. We see Alison who is a typical suburban housewife and we see Sarah who is a con artist and punk rock hoe, yet they are both given equal respect as mothers. We see Cosima who is the typical type of booksmart and we see Mrs. S. who is the most street smart woman ever, and they are both treated with respect in regards to their intelligence, showing us that there are many different types of intelligence and women can exhibit any of those types and be equally respectable.

I just love this show!!!!

What scares me the most is that, at first I wondered if I wasn’t attractive enough. That thought played on my mind in heart beats.

Then I began to wonder why none of the guys in my life ever looked at me like they do in all the boy falling in love with his friend movies. It hurt even more to think that my personality wasn’t even worth loving. That thought played in my mind on repeat.

Then I felt that I just wasn’t good enough for any attention, and that made me feel pathetic for placing so much on the affections of boys. I just wasn’t worth it at all. That thought was permanently in my mind.


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Having seen the movie I am even less on board the Bruce/Nat ship than I was going in and I completely agree with your assessment of them in your review. But I figure I should at least try to like them now and I imagine there are a number of writers who have done the ship much more justice than Whedon has. So, not your ship of expertise I know, but any chance you (or your followers) have some good Bruce/Nat fanfiction recs?

Can anyone here help this lovely person out?

They are looking for Bruce/Nat fanfic recs :) Anyone? <3

Just taking a quick look on the Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov tag on AO3, I see that there are 504 works that include this pairing. Since that is a lot to want to peruse, I will list the top ten fics for KUDOS that I see, and the top ten for HITS - in terms of fics that look Bruce/Natasha SPECIFIC. However, this obviously does not always mean there aren’t stories just as good as these for this pairing, too, so ANY that anything has to add, please do. And I’d suggest browsing through that tag on AO3 and taking a look yourself, since you might find a bunch in there that pique your interest! ^_^

Ten Fics At Random on AO3 That Have Bruce/Natasha (by searching through MOST KUDOS)

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Happy Birthday to my favorite meme clarantino!!!! I love you so much and I’m so glad to have met you on here. We’d better meet each other for real in the next month because I want to give you a big hug and have a tim roth movie marathon with you. Have an awesome day my love; you deserve the world and more <3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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(markedasinfernal) *dragon-kicks my way into your inbox* AHHHH THAT ART. IT IS DIVINE <3 <3 <3. I love the way you did Annatar's aura, and the necklace is so gorgeous, and just overall they're both so lovely! I'm so glad and amazed that my fic makes you want to draw so much, and I simply adore your art of them (and just your art anyway!) But ehehehe I think running away is a little out of the question now for poor Tyelpë *ominous cackling in the distance* SOON BOY. SOON @____@ xxx

I’m so glad you like it! :D :D :D I keep picturing Celebrimbor as that guy who needs to go ~*investigate that mysterious sound*~ in every horror movie.

Perfect Fit

Title: Perfect Fit
Pairing: MCxHunt
Genre: Romance
Rating: Mature
Prompt: “MC and Hunt doing a little something-something during class? ;-)”

Thomas groaned internally as the class arrived at the damn movie set. He knew he’d eventually have to bring the class back here and show the changes in scenery and costume. He felt a pang of pain in his chest as he stepped through the door. God, how he hated this place. His face contorted into a full-on scowl as he heard her say “Hunt and I had our first slumber party here.” The class laughed in response, everyone knew about the little mishap with the door lock of course. No one knew of the events that took place that night except for the two of them, however.

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i feel really bad bcs my fandom friends really hated age of ultron (╯︵╰,) and ik they're making some really good points but watching it for me was about the characters and I don't think they get that. sorryneededtosharemyexperience


You can enjoy whatever the fuck you want and you shouldn’t have to feel bad for it! For me, it was about the characters as well. I thought it was a fantastic movie and I fucking loved it and you like totally have my permission to politely tell them that they are welcome to suck my ass.

uwu go on loving what you want, you lovely. If you wanna talk to someone about how amazing that movie was and actually probably get some responses to their points about why they didn’t like the movie, feel free to message me. I will defend that movie to my G R A V E.

also im sOOOOOOOOOO excited for civil war like the trailer will probably killlll me ill be freaking out so much


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well i think that’s about it.. ehehe.
i probably forgot some things but that doesn’t matter.
also sorry if my blog is shitty


The ONLY thing that kept this movie from being a perfect 10 was the NONSENSICAL pairing of Bruce and Natasha. It’s weird and uncomfortable and no chemistry and I wanted it to stop.

But the movie over all was everything I hoped it would be and more. I loved the Maximoff twins so much. They are my new faves.

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i see what you're saying...i think that's the reason i wasn't very upset by his death because it just seems like they're going to bring him back? especially with bringing coulson back and that whole thing being "in case of the death of an avenger" but idk what that means for the rest of the mcu if they never permanently kill people off????? ya feel

yeah i mean i was super upset bc i got attached to him and i love his character so so much and he was such fun part of the movie and then suddenly he was just gone and i didn’t know what to do with it

why couldn’t they pull off loki in thor 2 like we cry pietro’s dead end of the movie post credit scene bAM he’s alive and we’re relieved