i love life with you

My head throbs with memories of you & I, like when we were happy and everything was okay. My fingertips crave your skin again, like when I’d brush your forearms ever so lightly and it’d send shivers down your spine. My cheeks yearn to be caressed by your hands again, like when you’d hold my face and kiss me with such perfection. My waist longs to be wrapped in your arms again, like after we went a day without seeing each other your hand would never leave my side. My whole body aches for the chance to be close to yours again, like after a while of laying down together, our heartbeats would be in sync, or when you’d tell me how perfectly I fit into you and how you believed I was made for you.
—  my heart desires to be apart of yours again. ( 9:43 )
I needed you, you know I truly did, I tore out my heart and threw it out over the sea. Only to land somewhere it was meant to be. I don’t regret you my friend, for our love was real, but I thank you to not thank you for the pain that burns and leaves scars behind my drowning eyes, but hey it’s okay….

5.5. 1978

Santiago is a dream to work with. He’s kind, he’s soulful, his spirit shines out of his eyes and he’s a really good guy. He’s respectful, he’s considerate, such a good human being. His work ethic is incredible and he’s fun to do scenes with.  And he has no ego. He checks his ego at the door every day he comes into work. [Brittany Murphy]

There are endless opportunities in life, you just have to be proactive enough to find them. I’m trying to change my life man. I’ve been so happy lately, but I’ve definitely been coasting. I’ve had excuses for so many things I haven’t done, and that’s not what I’ve ever been about. My life is so beautiful. Everyone’s life is beautiful. Value it!

wake up - check tumblr

I’m at 896 followers 

Ever since the tumblr update I haven’t looked.

I. Shit. Should I do a contest or something?


Just so you guys know, I never expected to get past one follower [that person being my twin fabulous amazing ladylunessa. So, I don’t really know how to communicate how much I appreciate 


Like. seriously. you guys ever need something, a shoulder to cry on, like someone to joke around with, games to play, gossip [like talking about how that one girl in your class is a little biiiiiiiiiscut. ] not sharing secrets here - kinda like that doctor patient confidentiality haha.

anyhow. I dunno. I love you all, I appreciate you all. thanks for putting up with my silly wacky bullshite and dumb doodle things.

dunno why you find me entertaining, but my goal is to make at least someone smile!

a little giggle, or a little laugh, something to make someone have that little dose of chemicals that make the human brain say ‘mhhm yeah happyness!’

Yeah, went on a small tangent. I hope everyone has an amazing day and stays fabulous! <33