i love how much he hated her

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also sorry I'm asking so many questions but why does the fandom love Sarah so much? idk it never seemed like any other bandom loved someone's wife so much. how did she help brendon?

sarah is just an amazing person. When Ryan and jon left she was there for him. She supports everything he does. She is always there for him and has guided him through some hard times.

And we need to support her. as you said so many fandoms dont support the spouses. It makes them feel uncomfortable. Some fans used to hate her based solely on the fact that she married him. And we try to now avoid anything like that. Fans forget that the spouse gets a lot of shit just because of who they are married to. And thats not cool.

She is also becoming more active with fans. Talking to us and its amazing. They are letting us into their life and that is amazing for them to do.

We love Sarah because of how much brendon loves her. And let me tell you, that damn boy LOVES her so damn much. He looks at her like she is the absolute meaning of life.

He fucking loves this woman. And as a fan, we better love her too. Because she is who Brendon listens to, who Brendon responds to, who makes Brendon’s life worth living in his eyes. She is who’s there for him when he is upset at 3 in the morning. She is who supports his crazy choices like going naked for a music video. She is who Brendon looks to for guidance and approval and comfort. She has been the root of so many songs now and so much of his creativity. 

Without her who knows where brendon would be. She saved his fucking life. Thats why we love her.

How can someone make Naruto bitch about Tsunade for “not doing her job properly”, she took this ruined ass village and rebuild it,was the head of the hospital and saved many people lives while she was training Sakura.

You remove a woman that did so much,from the hokage title and you put Kakashi? Why? Because Obito told so? And he does nothing? He’s just warming the seat that Naruto will sit on next?

Like how much do you hate women,Kishimoto?


So i did a thing and idk how well it’s written or if it makes any sense bc it’s 3am but yeah

#6 I hate you and #7 i love you


(Y/N) stepped out of the bar, her eyes darting up and down the street like she was looking for someone and Pietro had a feeling he knew whom. It made him nervous with anticipation but, at the same time, he found he didn’t care all that much. He’d been reckless that night and now she was aware of his presence in her life. She was never meant to find out, not this way. And yet, somehow, he was relieved because hiding from her was getting harder and harder to manage, especially when she was out on her own in the middle of the night oblivious to the wandering eyes of slimy men. His eyes darted around the dark street as he subconsciously clenched and unclenched his right fist, slinking deeper into his hidden alcove in the alley across the road.

He watched the wide eyed girl drop her head down in disappointment before she quickly rushed past the group of intoxicated men outside the bar. It was clear from her quick, precise steps that she was trying to avoid drawing any attention to herself. It was no use though, because as her heels quietly clacked against the pavement, all eyes were instantly drawn to her.

(Y/N) could feel their calculating gazes and wrapped her arms around herself. She lowered her head further to allow her hair to fall in front of her face like a curtain, creating a false sense of security from their prying eyes and quickened her pace silently; all the while praying to get home safe. She knew this had been a bad idea the moment she’d left the house so late and on her own…and yet she had to know. She had to know if he was real. She had to know if he was back.

“Hey hot stuff.” One of the men called out his eyes eagerly trailing up the (Y/N)’s stocking clad legs. She held back a shiver, glaring over at the man.

Pietro’s fingers tightened on the phone he was gripping in his right hand as his spine stiffened with the urge to blind the man – which suddenly seemed rather appealing.

“Where are you off to, baby? Come have a drink with us,” one of his friends grinned suggestively, and this time Pietro didn’t hold back the growl that slipped past his lips as the guy took an exaggerated step towards (Y/N), his (Y/N).

“Yeah we’ll keep you safe.” Another one spoke, the tone of his voice completely contradicting his words.

Pietro’s normally pretty blue eyes were now dilated with rage, seeming to be pitch back in colour and his vision became hazy over the tone these men were using. He knew that with one more disrespecting word out of their mouths, he would snap. He was almost hoping they’d say something so he could have the satisfaction of pummeling into their faces, the thought of the crunch of their bones snapping bringing a sadistic smile to his face.  

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My favorite lyrics of the remix

“This was my season for battle wounds, battle scars, body bumped, bruised, stabbed in the back, brimstone, fire jumping through. Still all my life I got money and power and you gotta live with the bad blood now.”

It’s like Kendrick understood how hard of a time Taylor was having especially during the time of tour. And even after al the hate from the media and the world turning on her and giving her hate, someone had the nerve to go after her and try to sabotage a show. He knew how much that hurt her and this part of this verse really capitalized on that. And I just love how he brings it all back with his lyric from Backstreet Freestyle and takes the whole thing full circle to right now in this era where Taylor has never been more powerful and that certain someone has to deal with the consequences of their actions.

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How you can hate Belle's characterization in season 4 so much?! She's just a human, she can make mistakes and like everyone else! And she just want to be good and like Emilie said: true to herself. And I love her now because she's much more complex character than before.

Why I hate her characterisation from the last season so much? 

God, Nonnie…. I could write you milion reasons but above all it’s because : I hate that she used the dagger on him - twice, that she didn’t realise how much Zelena fucked him up and that he just can’t be the same man like he was before and just a perfect, happy husband just after he lost his beloved son (and blames himself for that death), that she banished him from his home and the place where his son’s grave is without NOTHING, not even a cane…and she thought it’s forever,  that she couldn’t understand why the dagger is his biggest wakness and that it doesn’t mean that power is his true love, that she didn’t even give him a time to explain anything ( remember that even Bae - when Rumple found him in New York - gave him 3 minutes to talk… ), but then she started a friendship with Hook who tried to kill her so many times and it was all about ‘ we were both wronged by bad, evil Rumple! We should have been stronger ‘, that she jumped into another relationship only few weeks after she banished Rumple, that she gave Rumple’s dagger, his bigges weakness, only thing that can control and kill him to Hook ( Rumple’s biggest enemy ), that she didn’t understand why he needed that dagger back and was just angry that he ‘decieved her’ again,  that after he gave her back her heart and was honest with her and when she knew that something is wrong with him and his heart - she didn’t go to him to talk, that when she finally went to see him it was only to scream at him that he once again tried to hurt her heroes-new-perfect-friends-who-don’t-care-about-her-at-all, that even when he was dying in her arms she only blamed him and she couldn’t admit that she was wrong too, that she didn’t say “ we need to find a way to save you! I can’t lose you again, Rumple, I love you “ she just said “ I don’t let you die alone”, that she run to ‘heroes’ for help but didn’t even try to TLK him, that when she went to heroes there was that terrible lack of emotions - she wasn’t even crying, that she didn’t even ask them for help to save him first but only warned ‘heroes’ that they are in danger, that in the scene with appretience she wasn’t even at least holding Rumple’s hand to let him know that he’s not alone and that she didn’t stay by his side on the floor when that darkness wanted to get out of the hat even if she always wanted to be a brave hero like her mother…… 

“…She’s just a human, she can make mistakes and like everyone else…”

And here is probably my biggest problem with Belle this season… You know what I love so much about Rumple ? the fact that he NEVER blames other people for his own mistakes and he is always able to admit that he did something wrong.  And I wanted Belle at least admit that she made mistakes too, that she shouldn’t use the dagger on him and banish him… I wanted her to feel guilty because of what she did to him and wanted her to realize at some point that she was wrong about the gauntlet because she knows why dagger is his biggest weakness and that love isn’t a weakness but strenght. (But she didn’t have time for that becasue there was that pointless relationship with Will)… But she didn’t do any of that. Even when Rumple was dying in her arms she was talking only about his faults. She probably still thinks that the fact that she banished him to ‘protect people from storybrook’ was a heroic act. And that I can’t with that explenation that she’s a human and people can make mistakes…. because the biggest issue is the fact that she doesn’t think there were mistakes at her side.

“…And she just want to be good and like Emilie said: true to herself…”

If that Belle from season 4 is true to herself?! I’m just so fucking done… she is as far from being true to herself as possible.

And dear Nonnie, I don’t hate Belle, I LOVE her and that’s why it hurts me so much that she’s so ooc for me right now, that A&E riuned her for me somehow and that they don’t care about her character almost at all… It’s so sad :(

I’m so sorry that this answer is so long but you asked so I just had to get that all off my chest. 

Dear Future Wife...#523

i don’t know if you have this. I really hope you do. 

I hope you have a best friend who knows you top to bottom. Who tells you about how he or she is having trouble with work and hates a coworker and is generally annoyed…who tells you what she or he had for lunch in greater detail than necessary. 

She told me in too much detail how her week of pooping has been. He told me how he REALLY felt when he met his girlfriend of 6.25 years. I told him how crazy my “first time” was and she knows way too much about how emotional I get when I’m drunk or just soberly feeling nostalgic. We make jokes about disgusting topics that makes sense with us, but we’d totally be turned off by if it came from a stranger.

I hope you have that person in your life that just feels like plopping down into a bean bag chair made of high grade memory foam…so casual and comfortable, you can’t believe it exists. 

I really hope you know that feeling, because outside of “US,” outside of you and me, there should always be something else…something that existed before “you and me” became something. I hope that you’ll always have a memory foam beanbag chair to fall into if we ever have a fight. I hope that you know that I will have to go to hangouts without you because I was someone before we became a “we.” 

I will love you with all that I have…but I love other people, too. Not in the same exact way…but at least with the same intensity…and I hope that makes sense.

Did those pictures make you smile and feel all warm inside? if they did,great. If you are pissed off by these pictures and are thinking. “oh what a bitch.why does he put up with her?”  then… let me tell you something..YOU SUCK! why do you hate juliet so much? Because you wish you could have a most handsome man in the world to yourself? wel honey..I am sorry to say but Andy doesn’t want you. he wants her. He loves her.with all his heart. And yes maybe they fight, a lot. but that is nomal. They are young adults, of course they are going to argue now and again. that’s just how life works.. so PLEASE IF YOU ‘HATE JULIET”…PLEASE JUST KEEP YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND COMENTS ABOUT HER TO YOURSELF! stop acting like a12 year old! and if you are a 12 year old…. GET OFF THE INTERNET! okay. thank you very much…….. sorry for the rant. just had to get this out there. LOVE YOUS!

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I just looked through kaiinlosangeles and u no when u get so mad YOU CAN FEEL IT IN YOUR BALLS I need to calm my self down pls make it better with a happy picture of jongin love you xox

seriously don’t even waste your time on her awful disgusting blog, it’s just full of hatred for someone she doesn’t even know like how can you hate jongin he’s prob one of the most genuine idols i’ve ever seen, he’s always saying how much he loves us and how he wants us to be healthy and happy, i heard she wasn’t even there? how does she know the story, anyway have some happy jongin pics:

lol nini

with his teddy bear!


honestly though, it’s bugging me how everyone is following and repeating what Vriska is calling Jake

Tavros- I was happy he was attempting to make Jake happy about himself because he was complimenting him- but as soon as Vriska stuck her head into their conversation (when she should have minded her own business- again) he started calling Jake ‘Jape..’. By now, I’m pretty sure that we all know what Jape means


And Karkat, I guess I’m not surprised. I like him, but he is kind of (understatement of the century) an asshole. I was hoping he matured in the last three years, though 

And again,

Where’s Roxy? Where’s John? Dave? Rose&Rosesprite? Is everyone honestly just going to stand around and let Vriska mock him?

Sidenote: Not only is he being mocked by people who he possibly wanted to get along with, but now he’s being forced to fight a bunch of people when he doesn’t even understand how to use his powers fully yet? 

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hello sarisam, how are you? i want to say that why all IR are making a big deal out of orihime's jealousy? she's a teenage girl who loves a guy very much(she's not a Goddess ). i don't like this orihime hate :( i'm disappointed in my fellow IR. she's only human. what matters the most that ichigo doesn't give a fuck about her feelings. he doesn't know a thing. orihime love is one sided. i love orihime and i feel bad for her. she deserves love but she loves the wrong guy.

Hello there Anon,

I’m doing good thanks for asking. :) Let’s see what you have for me..

“i’m disappointed in my fellow IR’s”

Please Anon, if you got the amount of bullshit Ask’s in your inbox, like myself and others have; you may probably understand why when given such ammunition, it’s hard not to use it. Petty? Well maybe? But I sleep good at night. After all, nothing I’ve said has been mean, or untrue. Facing the truth often hurts.

But seriously, sit back because I want you to know where I, and most of us are coming from.

I’m going to speak for myself, on why Orihime’s behavior has put me off as of late.

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Well I loved that Flash episode. The only thing I didn’t like was Oliver showing up because I hate that guy, there’s a reason I quit Arrow sometime in S2.

I feelbad for Eddie and Iris. I do believe she does love him but once she accepts her feelings for Barry it wouldn’t last. Poor Eddie. :( I wish he had got how inevitable WestAllen are a while ago but the poor guy loves her so much he wanted to believe otherwise. Bless him!

Barry was kind of annoying this episode, I am glad that Joe ended up right I really don’t want a second Oliver Queen it’s enough to make me want to stab my eyes out before watching Arrow 2.0.

Leonard Snart and his sister are hilarious!: D

Cisco remains adorable/hilarious and Caitlin had some fun moments too.

Oh man I love Tom Cavanagh in this role so much, I really would miss him if he stopped being in this show regularly.

I actually hope Westallen doesn’t happen till like mid to end of S2, I want Iris to get over Eddie and then I want a ton of Single! Barry and Iris sexual tension. <3 One thing certain is WestAllen has to happen. :D

dear mama

i told my mum i was scared to have kids
cos i could never raise them as good as she did
i told her I don’t wanna take any risks and was scared a man who didn’t bail don’t exist
cos how could i ever get over the fact,
that i was raised in a home without no dad?
and how could i admit that that simple fact, still 19 years later made me so mad?
how he left without a second look back? and how i waited for ever to watch him come back
see i told my mum she was braver than me
cos she stayed strong and provided for her family
and even them days when i threw backlash
and blamed her for everything i should’ve blamed “dad”
she never once told me she hated me and never showed me how much she grieved
I genuinely don’t know how you remained so strong
how you could still believe in this thing called love
see i don’t know if i could do all that
could i face all that hardship and not be mad?
still believe in happiness and raise my kids right?
fall in love again and try it all out?
it all seems too much for me
don’t they say broken kids make broken families?
so i sat there amongst my tears
as my mum tried to convince me its gets better than this
i told my beautiful mum i would try for her
because if for nothing else, she deserves that first
i cried and said how sorry i was
because you’re my star mum, you always was

I used to listen to Shut up and dance 10 times in a row, so I mixed up a song I love with a tv show I love.

“Don’t you dare look back” said Eleanor.

Jasper had no idea how he was going to handle this night at the discotheque, he hated it, though the thought of the first time he went to one with Eleanor, and especially what happened after made him quite happy.

Dressed with a backless dress that didn’t cover much as usual and some beat up sneaks, her dark hair flowing like glimmering strings under the spotlights, she was pulling him in the middle of the dance floor. Arrived there she started dancing while Jasper was staring at her, half stunned by how beautiful she was, half terrorized of what he wanted to do to her when she was acting like that.

Feeling the desire coming at him he tried to take a few steps back, but Eleanor saw it coming and before he could do anything, she grabbed his hand and dragged him even closer.

“Don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me, after all that’s your job” she said.

She wanted to irritate him he knew that and yet it just made him want her even more.

“You’re holding back”, answered Jasper.

“Shut up and dance with me”, shouted Eleanor to cover the music.

She had this sparkle in her eyes whenever she would look at him, it made him turn upside down, how could he say no to her even if this wasn’t what a body guard was supposed to do? A pain raised in his chest, mostly located in his heart actually.

At this precise moment he knew he was lost, she was his destiny, she was pretty messed up but he liked that, it remind him of himself, he wanted her in all the ways possible. He wanted a future with her, “you’re so stupid” he thought, why in the world would she even like him?

Well actually he had an idea on that, he was pretty sure she knew that the video didn’t exist, she did a lot of drugs but she was still smart, and yet she didn’t say anything.

She was dancing like this was her last day on earth, Jasper standing still. He grabbed her arm and pulled her against him so she had no choice but to look in his eyes. Hesitating a bit, he put his second hand in her hair, pulling her even closer. Not appropriate for a body guard but he didn’t give a damn, he wanted to feel her body against him.

“I love you”, he whispered in her ear.

Before he even had the time to think about what he would do if she didn’t love him back, he closed their lips together pulling on her hair in the way it made her crazy.

Breaking the kiss after what felt forever Eleanor whispered to him:



Gravity Falls Challenge

  • Day 19: Favorite Episode

Sock Opera and could you really expect anything different from me? of course not. anyway, it’s the highest on the list and of course it’s mainly for bipper. man i tell you what if this wasn’t on disney channel this whole episode could’a been filled with gore and shit and that is my jam. but regardless, not only does this episode have bipper, but we see bill begin to plant that little seed of doubt into dipper’s head about his sister not ever helping him in return for all he does (hmm… not holding up her end of the deal i guess you would say? oh yes bill and dipper parallels galore), which of course is really important to future episodes like Not What He Seems in terms of character-relationship development. i could go on and on about how much i love this episode, but i won’t because that would make this post so long. one thing i hate about this episode, is after drawing that lyric comic, i have come to realize that this fucking episode is a color theory nightmare and it is nearly impossible to determine what colors to use in the scene because the whole rainbow is a possibility because they can’t fucking decide on a damn color scheme.

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A part of you

Freaking angsty little short from Sakura’s perspective. I really hate how much Sakura loves Sasuke after everything he’s done to her. It’s not a healthy relationship, and she deserves better. But I know what we want isn’t always what’s best for us. It just sucks to see her hurt so badly. Sasuke clearly doesn’t love her, at least not in the way she needs him too. And that’s not necessarily his fault either. You can’t make someone love you. I just wish he didn’t lead her on the way he did at the end. I’m tired of Sakura playing the naive little girl obeying Sasuke’s orders, there was literally nothing stopping her from following after him the way Sarada just freaking burst out of the village. 

I could go on but I won’t. Message me if you wanna rant with me. LOL Enjoy the angst :’D Unedited btw :P 

Song by Christina Perri - Jar of hearts 

“No I can’t take one more step towards you, because all that’s waiting is regret.”

Your lips twist to form words I never thought I’d hear from you and my heart clenches, completely curls into itself to keep the lie from setting in. Scars from previous wounds you’ve inflicted threaten to rip apart and break the dam I’ve built to keep all of my emotions from spilling. But I inhale deeply and pray that they continue to stay restricted.

“Quiet.” I whisper, in response to your apology. The tone of my voice falls flat, like my hands pressed to your body as they begin healing you. Who knew the day would come that you’d be too weak to refuse my help and would finally allow me to take away your pain. Except now I was broken too and there wasn’t enough glue to fix the both of us. Everything I was had burned up in the desire to bring you back, and now that you were here I felt empty.

“Don’t you know I’m not your ghost anymore…”

Is what I want to say, but then I’d be the one lying. I want to follow you, to the ends of the earth so you’ll never be alone. But mostly, I don’t want to be alone anymore either. I’ve been chasing after your back for so long that I’ve forgotten how to exist without you, because even when you aren’t around that’s all the world is made up of. You. And I’m tired of living in your shadow. Flowers can’t grow in the shade and I feel like I’m starting to wilt. The worst part is that it’s all my fault for giving you so much control over me.

“You lost the love I loved the most.”

I really loved you Sasuke. There was a bond between us that felt unbreakable, and I truly believed that a thread of red string connected us. But it was, and has always been, one sided. You don’t love me nor have you ever. Maybe there have been rare moments where you have really wanted to believe that you did, as there were moment where I hoped that you would, but maybe you just can’t. It hurts too much to accept that as the truth but there are no facts to prove me otherwise. You want to leave me again and I’m disgusted with myself to know that I’ll always pine after you; I want to be more than a love sick woman. I just don’t know if I can be.

And when I say love sick, it is in a literal sense. I loved you, yes. But now it’s nothing more than an illness that eats away at me, a spell that cannot be broken and an addiction I thrive off of.

“I learned to live, half alive. Now you want me one more time…

My heart has grown weak, Sasuke. No matter how strong I try to be, I always collapse when it becomes too much. I’m not the resilient little girl I used to be and my body is worn down from the burden I’ve carried within me for so long. I need to let you go. And every time you return to me, promising you’ll be back and then leaving again…breaks me a little more. It’s been so long since I’ve last seen you and yet I hold on to the day you come back to take away more of me. This is the only way I can be part of you.

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Oh alright, I'll ask again then xD Robin and Lissa?

Who takes longer showers?

  • Lissa tho. She hates smelling like ass tho.

How do they make up after a fight?

  • As Robin would apologize, Lissa is the one that goes outta her way and does that puppy dog eyes until he gives in to forgive her no matter how much he tried to resist XD

Who prefers rain and who prefers sun?

  • Lissa loves the sun so she can sneak out and play pranks on people. Robin would rather prefer the rain.

What’s their favorite place to go together?

  • Anything Lissa suggests.

Who’s more likely to be voted prom king/queen?

  • Oooh that’s easy: Lissa all the way.

Do they celebrate anniversaries, etc.?

  • They both do. A lot!

Who’d pressure the other into singing karaoke?

  • Lissa will make Robin sing, even if she threatens a frog in his collar if she has to.

What’s their nightly routine?

  • Robin: Reading that fat book again.

Who’s more likely to burn dinner?

  • Are ya’ kidding? That place will be in ashes before they attempt to fix things haha.
Scorpius & Lily

-Lily, Lily, Lily, Lily, Lily, Lily.- She turned to face the blonde boy.
-What do you want Scorpius?.- The redhead saw him with annoyance. She was studying for her transfiguration exam and that was definitely a distraction.
-I’m bored.
-And? Do I look like a clown to entertain you?
The sarcasm was pretty obvious. But he grinned and she knew what was coming.
In the end of his wand a bunch of sparkles appeared and the next thing she knew was that she looked like a buffoon. She stood.
-You’re a dead man, Malfoy!
But he was already running.
-Want to see that, Potter!
She pulled her wand. Oh, how much she hated/loved this idiot.
A light flew and suddenly the boy crashed with a wall. She laughed and walked where the blonde was lying. She pointed directly at him and a ferret appeared where the Malfoy was before. She picked up the little animal that was trying to bite her and smirked.
-I think you look lovely, Scor. I think I like you better this way.
She was going to ace that test.

-Harry Potter was revising some documents when the owl arrived.

~Draco Malfoy was signing some important documents when the owl arrived.

-Scorpius Malfoy had turned his daughter into a clown.
And his daughter had turned Scorpius Malfoy into a ferret.

~His son had turned Lily Potter into a clown.
And Lily Potter had turned his son into a ferret.

-A ferret.
He snickered.
After all this years.

~A ferret.
He sighed.
After all this years.

-Harry Potter had no idea.
What that behaving meant.

~Draco Malfoy knew from that moment.
What that behaving meant.

-Between all the people in the whole world.
His daughter had fallen for a Malfoy.

~Between all the people in the whole world.
His son had fallen for a Potter.

I hate social media so much on mother’s day because like father’s day there’s a ton of support from tumblr like “hey shout-out if you have a shitty dad or he left or whatever” but on mother’s day all i see is like passive aggressive shit about how you wouldn’t be alive without your mom so LOVE HER i get enough of that from the fucking woman herself i don’t need you people jumping on that train too