No one could ever understand the comfort of hearing your voice. It will always be my favourite sound. No one will ever know how badly I just want to feel your skin underneath my fingertips. Home for me is in your arms. No one will ever get how much I miss you. I’d give anything just to be able to look into your eyes. You are my home, my world, my everything and all i want is to be beside you.
—  4am

You know when you have a truly great love. There’s just an indescribable feeling you get, and I’ve had that feeling for quite awhile now with this little shit :) She doesn’t love this picture because she thinks her face looks dumb(it doesn’t, she’s always adorable) but I love it because it just captures how happy she makes it on a daily basis. 



Florence + the Machine - Which Witch

And it’s my whole heart
Weighed and measured inside
And it’s an old scar
Trying to bleach it out
And it’s my whole heart
Deemed and delivered a crime
I’m on trial, waiting ‘til the beat comes out
I’m on trial, waiting 'til the beat comes out

Who’s a heretic now?
Am I making sense?
How can you make it stick?
Waiting 'til the beat comes out
Who’s a heretic, child?
Can you make it stick, now?
And I’m on trial
Waiting 'til the beat comes out




It is hard for me to describe how beautiful she is in her sleep.. She has fallen asleep again and she looks so at peace it is impossible for me to use words to describe the perfection that she is in this peaceful and innocent state. I am playing relaxing classical music for her this time, seeing if that can help her have some good dreams maybe, I heard it works for infants and even babies in the womb. Earlier I sang love story by Taylor swift and photograph by ed sheeran to her as she slept, good thing she was sleeping because I’m pretty awful. She seems to be enjoying this piano/violin music because her eyebrows just relaxed a little more. Some may consider this creepy that I am watching her sleep but I am also making sure I am there when she wakes up. Watching her sleep is the most soothing thing to me, it brings me peace and calm. This is something I will never stop doing, looking over her as she sleeps, talking to her and playing music or singing for her as she sleeps. Guys and girls if you’ve not done this with your significant other, try it. It is the most hauntingly beautiful sight to me, it is the state where we are most vulnerable and to allow someone to watch over us is giving them a tremendous amount of trust. I am honored to have earned her trust and I will always love these moments and cherish them because it’s moments like these that remind me why I’m so madly in love with her. She has given her soul to me and I’ve done the same for her, it is the best thing in life. This is turning into rambling, but what can I say.. I love this girl with every fibre of my being and I could spend whole days writing about her. In fact there are days where it is all I do, write and write. She has inspired me to become the man I was meant to be, she’s helped me understand what kind of man I am. She has made me see the good in me when I thought there was nothing left to me.

Sweetheart, when you read this.. I love you, thank you for making me the luckiest man alive.


See this girl, with the cute shaved side and the perfectly crooked smirk? That girl is my beautiful, amazing, hilarious, caring, fantastic girlfriend. She makes me the happiest girl in the universe. She doesnt give up when I’m falling apart. She’s always there to hold me and remind me that the world isnt such a dark and terrible place. I can always count on her to make me smile after I’ve cried. The distance is hard and sometimes it takes a toll on us, but no matter what, she loves me. I love her, with every single piece and particle of my existence, and I wouldnt change a thing about her. We were created together in the beginning of the universe, pulled apart by the chaos of the stars and the formation of the planets. Yet we found each other again, and we are back together where we belong. Back together as one soul, one shining moon and sun, and together I know that everything is possible. With her, the world is endless, and in those sunset eyes of hers, I know I am safe. I love her, so fucking much, happily-gay-and-awkward ❤️💜 forever and always.