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And what is the best about the whole thing with Annie Award?

Gravity Falls just beated Adventure Time. Legend Of Korra. Wander Over Yonder. OVER THE FREAKING GARDEN WALL(!!!!)

You see, the show itself is just the biggest treasure. And other show are treasures too. But almost in 3 years, GF climbing and climbing to the top of glory and love. That is so pleasant to see Alex Hirsch genuinely happy on stage. Well, happy-drunk, heehue, but whatevs.
This man and his team are working their asses off to make an incredible story not only for young kids, but for grown ups too. Just their attempts to fight with Disney censorship are so inspiring.

Soon, Gravity Falls will come back with new episodes, and, I’m not gonna lie, will end soon too. But I know one thing for sure. Gravity Falls is just a classic right now. This cartoon will never be forgotten! Sorry, I just.. I can’t.. I’m tearing up. Cherry, stop crying. 

No. Cries a lot. 

And what a shame it is, to wish upon a shooting star to be someone new, after it has just fallen for you.
—  Even the stars leave their sky to be with you.