i love all the companions

Donna Noble vs. all the other companions and the Doctor
  • Doctor:We're safe in the Tardis, nothing can get in here.
  • Donna:*materialises inside*
  • Rose, Martha, Jack and Amy:Doctor I love you
  • Donna:Nah, not my type
  • Jack:I had to wait a couple hundred years to find the Doctor again and then I had to leap onto the Tardis which tried to shake me off by going to the end of the universe.
  • Donna:Lol really? I just made some investigations and then basically stumbled over him.
  • Rose:The Doctor said we can't be together because he can't grow old with me
  • Donna:*makes Metacrisis-Doctor* There you go.

Confession:  I played inquisition before origins, and now that I am playing origins, the companion interaction in inquisition is way better. Its constantly new and with every main quest there is a new cut scene and opportunities to gain approval and bond. In origins, you basically have to shower them in gifts in order to make them friendly if they are not in your main party. Even though the interface is inconvenient, I still love all my companions.

siiiigh my Watson and I are talking about doctor who and she told me she doesn’t like either Martha or Donna.

For once can I have a irl whovian friend who has the same favorite companions as me so we don’t have to do the whole “i respect your opinion even if I think you are flipping crazy” thing? I mean I have no problem doing that, but it’s just much easier to communally flail when you like the same stuff.



I know, right? Honestly she’s not my all time favorite, but I love all of the new Who companions to death. Originally I didn’t like Martha that much but then I grew up a little and started watching Doctor Who again and came to really love her too.
Like I said, I can see why people may not like Rose but I can see the reasons behind it and I really like her. I love all the companions in their own ways, flaws and all.
I don’t hard feelings toward him, I just like to pick on him ;)
But I am dissapoint.

Ok, that was a good one. But still….

edmundforpresident asked:

How can you even be this perfect? You play Dragon Age too? You are absolutely amazing, and to honor it: Top 5 Dragon age companions. (this is getting out of hand, why do you like all the right stuff)

yay yay yay, god do i love these games and their characters and just urgh :D

  1. alistair theirin
  2. fenris
  3. isabela
  4. varric tethras
  5. dorian pavus
  6. blackwall

(okay six but that’s as narrow as i could get it omg)

ask me my ‘top 5′ anything

atlaswakes asked:

Hopefully no one's beat me to it: Dragon Age!

lol someone was faster than you! but it’s okay because I always want to talk about DA anyway :D

the character I first fell in love with: besides Alistair, I really liked all the Wardens’ friends/temporary companions from the various origins, especially Shianni and Soris and Leske

the character I never expected to love as much as I do now: I actually didn’t think I’d like Blackwall quite that much, he seemed like an okay guy but I had almost zero interest in him before Inquisition came out 

the character everyone else loves that I don’t: I just don’t care about Leliana one bit

the character I love that everyone else hates: Carver I guess? I mean many people write him off as jealous and whiny etc and while it’s all kind of true I still happen to like him a lot

the character I used to love but don’t any longer: Iron Bull was kind of a let down

the character I would totally smooch: Dalish, who has the grand total of like three lines of dialogue 

the character I’d want to be like: Cassandra 

the character I’d slap: I’ll slap Isabela this time!

a pairing that I love: Aveline/Donnic

a pairing that I don’t: Varric/Bianca. Bianca was actually one of the biggest disappointments of Inquisition for me   

cuttlefishculler replied to your post:ok but proactive female traveling companions in…

i loved dawn….everyone shat all over her so i didnt say anything but i honestly liked her a lot she stands up for her interests more often

dawn is an excellent goddamn traveling companion and anyone who felt otherwise either didnt pay much attention (like me) or was a total buttface whose opinions were invalid, she took charge and knew exactly what she wanted and was generally an excellent role model for young girls

like i see these other female traveling companions hanging back and being all scared and dawn is like “NUTS TO THAT!!” and kicks the door down and saves the day