i like him and i want him to be happy


here’s to being in love at the wrong place and the wrong time. god, i love him so much. and i’m going to miss him so much. and i just want him to be happy. and it hurts so much right now but we’ll both be okay. it doesn’t feel real that i got to be so close to such a beautiful person. that i got to fall asleep next to him and hold his hand and kiss his face. i’m a mess and today has been the longest day and it felt like needles in my eyes to see him cry and to see him see me cry but i know this is all for the best. there’s so much good ahead of both of us, just in different directions. this is such a gross post i’m sorry but this is my blog and i need to be gross for a second. he is my favorite person. i’ll never regret a thing.

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You're youkai AU is awesome! :DDDDDDD I'm super happy I've found it. Just wanted to ask if you have any ideas for Lev in your universe?

Thank you very much!!!!!!! I’m supper happy you found it, too!! hahaha

I do have ideas for Lev (I love him too much to leave him out of this).

Lev is a Byakko. The white tiger from “The Four Symbols” from Chinese mythology. Although he’s very powerful he lacks knowledge and is sent to Japan to be trained by Yaku. (Since Yaku is a nekomata, he’s very wise and widely respected).

At first, Lev is very stubborn and uncooperative. Always acting like a spoiled child. But after a while he grows completely found of Yaku and listens to everything he says. 

People always make fun of how it looks like a little cat has a huge white mythological tiger as a pet.

For the love of Chuck tumblr just doesn’t want me to properly respond to your comment. Anyway. Yibo’s confidence. Let’s talk about that shit.

Wang Yibo is an absolute bias ruiner. I was all happy and settled on Sungjoo but then this little cocky kid dances in and its like how do you not love him? His confidence gives me life and he’s gonna go far ❤❤❤

Hi anons!

People, this is MY blog, and I will post what I would like to post. I don’t deserve the hate. Everything C alvin gets put in the tagged areas, so calling him “cow” makes it easier. I don’t want to get the children over at camp Talvin all riled up and focused on me, and the second I start to call him by his given name and not cow, that’s what’s gonna happen! My phone app doesn’t let me tag my anon replies, and I’m happy with it being like that, because it keeps them out of my lane. The only hate I have been really getting seems to be about calling him cow, and some drunk person that can’t spell and I think is insisting that the models are just Tays friends. So I am justifying why I use cow as a name for him. Now, please use the comment button here and tell me if you think I should refer to him as Adam, or something human sounding.

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I don't know what to do anymore, I'm crying everyday. And I just don't want to cry about him anymore. I'm moving too, and it just seems like he doesn't care that I am. He always finds excuses to not see me or stay the night..I don't want to cry

Forget about him babe. He’s not putting in any effort to see you or make you happy or comfort you. Just forget him. Look forward to your move! You’ll meet new people, you might find someone way better! :)

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I was wondering if I could get a letter from Dean? I normally don't send requests and stuff, but it was my brother'a birthday yesterday and my dad didn't call. I know it might not seem like much but when my brother was crying and I had to comfort him I felt like I couldn't do anything, because I haven't seem my dad in years. I wanted to cry too but I had to be strong for my little brother. But I don't want to be the grown up all the time. I just thought Dean would know how I felt.


I meant to call yesterday and wish your brother a happy birthday, but things went a little sideways over here. I’m sorry, sweetheart, but I promise to make it up to him next time I see you. 

I’m also sorry your dad didn’t call. I know how much that had to hurt him. There was more than one birthday of Sam’s that my dad missed. Used to kill me, watching my kid brother cry himself to sleep because “Daddy isn’t here,” and there was nothing I could do about it. Eventually, Sam got older and either quit crying or got better about hiding it, but I know he never really stopped wanting Dad around. 

It’s really hard, trying to be a parent to your sibling, but there’s something really rewarding about it. Because even though Sam cried himself to sleep, I always knew how happy he was that I was there. Always made sure to make his birthday special, and I know you did the same for your brother yesterday. When he gets older, he’ll remember that, and while the sting of your father’s lack of attention won’t ever be forgotten, it won’t matter as much. 

Your brother is really lucky to have you, sweetheart. So am I. 

I love you.


Pri says: If I may ask, how old is your little brother? I’m sorry your dad didn’t call; that’s really sucky. Give your brother a hug from me. I wish I could do more. I love you both. xoxo;;

I think it's going to be a good day

I just had a nice phone call with my dad which is the complete opposite as to how it normally goes. He called me to say he saw my photos in wigs on Facebook and told me I’m beautiful. He was proud I do what I like so that I’m happy. Told me which one he wants me to put as my profile pic on Feb (sort of weird dad). He asked me to go to an event with my family tomorrow but when I told him I was doing a costumed charity event he was really happy which has come a long way from him screaming at me about how I live in a fantasy world and do nothing because I like dress up. He asked who I was going with and got all my best friends pronouns right (on purpose, you could tell he was trying) and knowing him that means a lot.

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Ask the Writer.

✔: A plot you would love to play out with your character

I have a few. One is Steve and Bucky going to the modern day together, where Bucky never fell of the train but the serum given to him by Zola lets him survive freezing alongside Steve and just HAPPY FUTURE ADVENTURES YEAH.

★: A blog you’d love to roleplay with

I have a few of those too. Not gonna name names because I don’t want them to feel obliged to interact with me. Sorry.

♔: A character (in general) that you’d like to interact with 

Thor, Rhodey, Sam, Maria, pretty much anyone from AOS, just more avengers people yes come to me.

✿: Three of your favourite followers

notacyclonefan butchonthestreetsfeminthesheets halfthechessboard scienceandstardust tremoriisms mechanicstark notacircusmonkey brokentoofar  wanderlustxmrsxclaus Can’t choose three. Sorry. I’m trash.

❂: Three of your favourite blogs that you follow

See above.

☎: A picture of yourself

Here’s me looking modern!witch. I love this outfit. asjkdlaks

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a youth boy from church came to me for advice on how to treat his girlfriend well and make him like her. but being so young, the relation did not work (idk why though) and he is having a hard time accepting that and accepting that even though he has been trying to respect her, he kind of wasnt. He wanted her so he could be happy and that kind of mattered more for him than anything... what do i tell him? how do i tell him it's honestly important to stay single now for God and for his future wife?

I think this is something that plagues many of us (youth or otherwise) today.

Both in this world and in the Church, we see young people striving for relationships without realistic expectations and for gushy romances without the duty and responsibility that building a relationship truly brings.

I myself haven’t completely figured all of this out yet- and that’s why I’ve only made mistake after mistake with flings and infatuation and flirtationships. It’s hard to remember that the person you seek to be in a relationship with is not going to be the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend that you have imagine in your head for so many years.

It’s important to realize that he or she won’t live up to every expectation that you have for them and it’s necessary remember that your significant other doesn’t exist for the sole purpose of making you happy of fulfilling the sometimes desired Christian dream of being “young, married, and ready to travel the world together and seek Jesus!”

While the aforementioned dream is fine to have, life sometimes doesn’t work out in ways that we plan- even in Christian circles. I think it’s important that your friend  realizes this and that he doesn’t try to force the hand of God in trying to make this relationship work.

If you’re still advising him about this relationship, tell your friend that it’s best if he starts with the basic guidelines of respect in pursuing his next relationship. The future person he will be with doesn’t owe him anything and it is important to remember that.

Also tell your friend that it’s very okay to keep people prayerfully in mind when thinking about dating. It’s probably more okay to do that, in keeping options open for a while and seeing how he acts with the women around him and after awhile, when God places it upon his heart, seeing which one draws him in the most (spiritually, intellectually, physically, etc.)

I’ve mentioned before on here that I’ve never been in a real, solidified relationship before- only a few “almost” relationships. One pretty serious “almost” relationship (if you can call such a thing almost) ended up in heartbreak because we thought that since we intended to court and do God’s way of dating, nothing could go wrong!!!!!!!!! (smh…. sweet, naive Akua)

After like a month of head over heals infatuation in talking and deciding that this was it, this was the person that God has for each other to marry, I think that the both of us lost sight of who we were as individuals and how God’s timing works. I don’t think God’s timing can fully be made manifest if we pick an individual and say “God, this is the person for me!! Please bless this relationship ok thx bye!!!”

It’s easy to want to take things in our own hands and try to rationalize these things with our God- but Lord, He’s Christian!!!- and not be willing to receive when we are ready or not ready to be thinking about these things.

I’m currently in a season of my life where I’m halfway between being a teenager and a full-fledged adult. I think this season requires that I have and make purposeful “friends”- men who God have placed in my life and in whom I am studying their character and seeing what they are all about before being ready to even consider moving into a full-fledged relationship with any of them. 

“Friends” are good. “Friends” allow you to keep your options open without pigeonholing yourself into a relationship or position you don’t know how to get out of when/if it’s time to consider marriage.

With that, I say tell your friend to remember that the girls he dates are daughters of God first, and his girlfriend much later. Encourage him to keep fighting the good fight and encourage him go be wise with his future relationships and not rush into anything too quickly.

I also wanted to commend you for having the courage to talk to your friend honestly. It’s great to have people in your best interest advising you and helping you and from what I can see, you’ve been a great friend in reaching out to him. 

Thanks again for this question and God bless you,

- 31Women (Akua)

Chanyeol’s POV of you moving away and may not return

Well this is going to be a long one.

//None of these gifs belong to us//

Chanyeol was in  the bathroom messing with his soft hair like always. You were pacing in your room. “How am I going to tell him goodbye? What to do?” You say out loud. You knew he wouldn’t show his true emotion because he was the happy virus, and he never was unhappy. Chanyeol walks into the bedroom you guys shared. “Yeobo, qwenchana?” He asks you. You look at him, “Ne ne. I am going to go start dinner.” you tell him.

Chanyeol’s POV:

Chanyeol already knew you were hiding something from him, because the last month you’ve been distant. “I want to know whats going on. I need to investigate.” He tells him self. He began going through the nightstand, he felt naughty for doing this but he knew if he asked you what was going on you wouldn’t tell him. He tore the whole room apart looking for something, and then he found something. At the back of the closet he found an envelope with his name on it dated for tomorrow. He opens the envelope. Enclosed was a letter and pictures of you and him from three years ago when you first started dating. He knew you were downstairs making dinner and wouldn’t come upstairs for awhile. He sat on the bed and opened the note.

“To my loving baby. There is so much I need to say, by the time you read this I will already be gone. These last three years have been the best years of my life, I never thought I would be with someone like you. It’s not you my darling, it is me. I know you’ve heard this before but its the truth. What I am about to tell you will shock you. You know when I told you I was pregnant? Well I was. When you were on tour something didn’t feel right, so I called the doctor. He came over to the house and said I needed to go to the hospital for proper medical care. I spent two long painful hours at the hospital, only to find out that I lost our baby. I’ve spent the last 4 months hiding it from you. I am sorry. I think if I were to return to the states you could live your life and try to have children properly. Not with someone who is a hit or miss when it comes to having children. I will always love you baby.

From your loving fiance, Y/N.”

Chanyeol couldn’t believe what he just read. For the first time ever he wasn’t happy or amused. He knew he had to tell you that he found the note, and he was going to bring it up at dinner.

twenty minutes pass..

Chanyeol is sitting across from you and says to you “This dinner deserves a thumbs up in my book.” But quickly he says “I found your note.” You just drop your spoon and chop sticks, and knew he already read it because he was upset. “Chanyeol I..” you began to say and he interrupted you “Babe, I love you. I wouldn’t think of you any different. But if you must go, then it’s what you have to do.” You look at him with sadness in your eyes. “Y/N, don’t cry. I love you and I always have. If you return to me one day then its meant to be. If not, just know you were and always be apart of my heart.” He tells you, but you couldn’t do anything but cry. He came over to you and kisses you on the head hugging you.

It finally came to the day of you leaving korea, and there was nothing that could make you stay really. You loved him but you just didn’t want to be in his way anymore. You and Chanyeol arrive at the airport.

“I love you. Remember I’ll always be here, you can always drop a messaji to me and I will reply.” He tells you holding you close. “I love you too Chan.” you tell him kissing him. 

A year passes by and you still feel the same as you did on that awful day. In the past year Chanyeol has tried everything to get you to contact him. (which includes all social media). You decide on a limb to return to korea and just show up at the house, but you get scared. You knock on the door, leaving a note, and run off into the distance. Chanyeol comes to the door and looks down to see your letter.

“…” he just looks in shock. He really doesn’t know what to do. He opens it and it reads:

To my dear Yeollie,

Its been 1 year, I miss you. Its like my heart has been ripped out of my body and has gone missing. I wanted to let you know I have never stopped thinking of you and one day very soon you will see me in front of you again. I love you.

“…” Chanyeol didn’t know how to take that, but suddenly he sees a pair of feet in front of him. Still looking down he says “Y/N…is that you?”

That’s it! I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write this.

nowforruin answered your post: i need cat help again

I adopted a shy cat years ago, and she is the cutest, most precious thing in the world now that she’s adjusted. As someone with anxiety as well, I say go for the cuddles. They help.

right! i grew up with a shy cat (he hid for 2 weeks under my bed when we first got him) (he still doesn’t really like new people) and the reward of putting in the time with him was so great—he’s so cuddly with me and it was something i really needed. but he lives with my parents and i don’t want to disrupt the lifestyle he’s happy with (being an an active outdoor kitty), so he’s not really an option.

i personally don’t mind putting in the time for a shy cat—my roommate is more hesitant because she’s never had cats before our current. she thinks we should pick the playful cat. and i agree with her reasoning, but i still feel strongly about mine!! aachhgghh!!! 

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Loving Zayn these days is so hard. Everyone's trying to put me down. Saying harsh things like he ain't coming back, he's selfish, he's unemployed, he's gonna ruin himself and so much hatred. But I can't stop loving him coz he made me smile on my dark days. Can't forget that. I dunno why I'm msg u but I thought you'll understand coz u love him too. And its nice to know someone's with me. And him. Thank You.

Just ignore them all theyre so bitter lmao i stg people dont want to see him genuinely happy. Just keep loving him and supporting him like you always do :) Give him a couple years and who knows he’ll probably drop a fire album and all of these fakes will go running back to him. But he’s aware of all the true fans that are always there to support him and thats just what he needs :)) Andd its no problem u can msg me i love talking about ZAYN I LOVE HIM :’)


mrspotatoqueen: He is so tall and when I was unlocking my phone I he said “Ready??” In his deep voice and I am just so happy. Even though I had to wait for him to come out (lol) it was worth waiting for him. I saw him when I was on the bus. I saw him enter a restaurant, I left my friend behind which upsets me but yeah. I met Harry Edward Style. He is so tall even when I was wearing heels. My feet feel like pain but that’s okay. Bruh thank you for making me feel so happy. Sorry I got my lipstick stain on your coat btw @harrystyles hope you noticed I was wearing your shirt and boots lol. And can I just say your hair is fabulous don’t ever cut it. Unless you want to innit💖 i saw you go inside the restaurant but I didn’t want to mob you and shit you know bc I respect privacy. So I waited outside for more than two hours and I’m so happy bc it was worth it.I still can’t stop shaking lmao. His hugs are so warm and tight and I feel so dead and so alive at the same time.Some of you thought I was joking about meeting him.But I can never joke about something so important to me. Bruh don’t ask me how he smells bc brUH I WAS BARELY BREATHING AND DO YOU THINK MY BRAIN WAS WORKING PROPERLY FOR ME TO STOP AN SNIFF ONE OF THE GRATEST MEN TO WALK ON EARTH? I CANT BELIVE I TOOK A PICTURE BC MY ARMS WERE SHAKING SO MUCH AND MY PHONE WAS ALMOST DEAD Also my flower crown was touched by your hair lol so thanks for that. And to all of you who haven’t met Mr Harry Styles. Don’t lose hope. Ever.

how I feel about ashton having a girlfriend tbh
  • literally he is smiling so big and is so happy so it is a good thing
  • I knew it would be a blonde model lol
  • I am actually laughing my ass off at how clingy he is who knew
  • literally did you not see his smile????
  • it makes him happy so why are u tryna put him down
  • his girlfriend is not my favorite but it is his favorite so I will respect her like a decent human being
  • all the boys don’t date bc of their hectic schedules so he is trying to make this work bc some people actually do want relationships
  • no but really it is funny how handsy he is lmao
  • I still have a chance with the other 3 so it is okay
  • why are people getting mad that he doesn’t devout 24 hours of his time to the fans like honestly he wants to be with his gf bc he has limited time with her he’ll see u l8r  

“So silky and smooth”-Zedd on Troye’s voice.

(But seriously, I would have given anything to see Troye’s reaction when Zedd called him up and asked him to feature.)

Taekwang, is like a puppy. Always waiting, always wanting to be with her, always thinking of her rather than himself. He finally found someone that he wants to be there for, someone he wants to do everything and anything for to make sure they’re okay or just give them a shoulder to cry on. It’s so sad because you see the puppy qualities. Liking someone so much and just wanting to be there, all the while being afraid of abandonment so waiting in silence regardless of rejection. 

“i dont like ashton anymore because ever since he started dating that blonde girl hes changed”

ok maybe?? because hes a human with feelings and he wants to spend time with her??? he cant go on a walk without yall hoppin down his neck for a picture. i get he means a lot to you but sending hate towards bryana wont help anyone, its only going to make him feel bad and he’s going to be distant. grow up and realize she makes him happy

nothing breaks my heart more than seeing naruto as a child

how dare they isolate this little kid and make him feel alone

he just wants a family

sure, he’s sometimes dumb

and immature

but he’s so determined to make the world recognize him

because he just doesn’t wanna be alone

which is why these guys mean so much to him

seeing him smile like that just makes me so happy