i like him and i want him to be happy

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"My love, For years now, I have considered myself a dead man walking. After what happened in Amaranthine and in Kirkwall, there are still some days that I'm surprised that I'm alive. On the worst days, I feel like I don't deserve to be. In those dark times, when I need some sort of hope, you are always there. I can't put into words how much it means to me each time you are, and to know that you always will be. I promise that the six kittens are only temporary, Anders


like little boys  


"In this place…Forever…"


What if Makoto was actually really afraid of swimming?

I can imagine him being the big scaredy cat of the group and only feels the most safe swimming when Haru’s around.

I don’t know, just a thought. I want that cheesy tragic backstory.


I’am no longer the crybaby little sister you used to know

I’am no longer the weakling little sister that stared at your back as you left…


4/100 (favorite) luhan moments: i long to see you smile like this always.


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six fanfictions i am currently craving: 

  • the steve rogers and bucky barnes are really mad about these newfangled bananas show, starring steve rogers and bucky barnes, who are really mad about these newfangled bananas
  • this same fic, five more times

y’all, I am actually going TO DIE