i laughed so much tho at


j e   s u i s   p r e s t.  i  a m   r e a d y.

c: “jesus h. roosevelt christ!”
j: “no, sassenech, just me.”

Ensemble Stars character relationship chart!!

Joint project with ladysaionji and kudakitsune <3

Staff (?) Comments:

Lai: It was so much fun to make! Now I feel as if I were their mother :_D

Kuda: I hope this will be useful for someone! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  We know them much better after doing this and we love them even more. <3 Maybe we will be called the Three Oddballs of this fandom after this. *laughs*

Me: Same as above! If you spot any mistake or you think we should add something please tell us~

Info taken from the Enstars Wikia

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HideHaise is the ship name for HideKane with Kaneki as Haise.

hmmm thanks for telling me but i m not so sure like i saw some ppl tagging it differently (like sasahide and other stuff i cant remember rn) so i guess ill just have to accept that its one of those ships that will never settle for one name and hope that no one minds me continuing to tag it with hidekane tbh :u:

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Hey Alison!! If it's not too much to ask for, can I have some head canons/scenarios of jikook? Preferably cute and fluffy ^^; no sweat tho! Thank you for keeping my dash wonderful <3

((mm for sake of having a thing to guide me i’ll just do it based on the boy in luv mv))

jikook stuck on cleaning duty together and having mop battles and ending up laughing so hard they have to hold onto their mops for support

jikook walking to school together and having races to see who gets to class first when they’re late

jikook in class where jimin falls asleep and jungkook props a book in front of him so the teacher won’t see and jimin can sleep in peace because jungkook knows jimin was up late last night studying for a test

jikook during lunch where jimin forgets his lunch and jungkook pulls out another sandwich out of nowhere bc “hyung u always forget”

jikook skipping school and hanging out on the rooftop and falling asleep together in the afternoon sun

jikook dealing with fuckboys where someone talked shit about jimin and jungkook’s about to whoop ass 

jikook after school and walking home together and only linking pinkies bc jungkook’s too shy for hands just yet

jikook after school and jungkook walks jimin to his house and just before jimin goes in, pulls him back for a goodnight kiss

jikook about to sleep and jungkook grinning at his phone where jimin’s sent him a goodnight text with a heart

i just went through a diary from when i was seven to read a page i wrote about hiei and oh my god i was so melodramatic i now have a 17 minute recording of the highlights from a Hello Kitty diary I had in 2001.

i can’t even post this, i will spare you all from the second hand embarrassment, jfc.

“DEAR DIARY, DEATH. I’M NOT AFRAID OF IT ANYMORE.” no wonder i had no friends, holy shit.

no but owasera is a pretty popular anime in my year level and every week throughout the entire week you’ll just be hearing “so did u watch owasera” “oh no i havent not yet” “i HEARD SOMEONE SAY OWASERA” “so who’s ur favouirte owari no seraph character” “i like shinoa” “oh me 2 my fave is ferid tho he’s hot” “omf but… ons is really yaoi.. like…”

and even boys that hate yaoi agree that mikayuu is gay as fuck i’m laughing s o fucking much but recently with the new episodes everybody is starting to agree that shinoa is gay as fuck even if they ship her with yuu (even shinoa/yuu shippers see mikayuu is gay as heckies) and idk i just find it so funny


like I don’t even care if the MV is going to be provocative and what not…. Chaejin baby got lines!!!! The lines were dispersed so much more evenly than compared to too very so much and stop the time bahahahhaa
AND THE ARM FLAILING! I REPEAT… ARMS FLAILING ….. Like it’s just so great like how does one watch that and not smile/laugh?!
Ugh, I’m so ready for this comeback…. Tho my bank isn’t…. I literally spent every penny xD
BUT WAH! They’re back!!! /dead

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TBH watching them interact for practically the whole trial I do believe they were emotionally attached to him. I noticed early on that Judy and Miriam (but really the whole team) seemed genuinely happy to see him every morning (Judy most of all) and that their interactions, laughing, back rubs, chatting, etc. seemed very genuine to me. IDK if it affected how well they defended him but I feel they genuinely liked him as a person and enjoyed his presence. Idk if that's normal, I doubt it is tho.

This is the first case I’ve paid this much attention to so I have no idea if it is normal or not.  Marc Fucarile recently said he was very aggravated by their interactions with him.  Did the jury have the same reaction?

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ZEN ASS ASHTON THO who has that like "bad ass" rep bc he frequently speaks his mind and on a lil date with angsty school boy luke they end up laying in lukes yard and he lets luke rant about how everything sucks and Ashton just "It only sucks if you let it suck. The world's not against you kiddo. It's with you." And luke is just like "Woah.... I am... In love with... This zen kid."


Ashton wearing those round sunglasses (yknow the ones) even after the sun sets and when they’re lying in Luke’s backyard, Luke suddenly takes the glasses off Ashton’s face & Ashton doesn’t stop him & then Luke puts them on and stares up at the starry night sky and says some fake deep shit that’s probably a quote from The Breakfast Club and Ashton laughs so loudly even tho Luke is teasing him and he ends up kissing Luke and it’s !!!!!!! so great and they make out in the backyard beneath the stars AWW and once Ashton finally goes home, Luke walks back up to his bedroom and he lies down and stares at the ceiling before finally remembering that he’s still wearing Ashton’s sunglasses on top of his head but hey that just means that Ashton has to come back over some time to retrieve them

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okay but modern long-distance relationship cj au tho

this au deserves so much more but

please take my bullet points because i couldn’t remember my story

  • joseph is that one friend who sends caesar random messages at every time of the day
  • they videocall every day and most of the time joseph rants to caesar about some event in his comics while caesar listens
  • joseph takes secret screenshots of caesar’s face when he looks especially pretty and he has a folder of all the instances where caesar was smiling or laughing
  • like you said to me before, the long distance = the breathing mask because it’s a frustrating kiss blocker and sometimes joseph just really wants to kiss his beautiful friend
  • they originally met because they always visited each other when joseph still lived in Britain but when he moved away to New York that’s when their relationship became more long distance
  • they probably don’t even say anything or declare themselves officially boyfriends, they just finally meet up after a long time of that long distance and end up kissing and it’s like ‘oh’
  • joseph’s a fucking memer and sends caesar the rarest pepes
Funny Story lol

Just explained to a guy that he’s going to fry the starter on his car if he keeps ignoring the noise it’s making and running the engine. I told him he more than likely needed a new starter and the mechanics across the street came over and verified the fault and the look on the guy’s face was priceless. He stared at me like “Do you have a boyfriend? I need to take you out.” And I like bust out laughing and was like “Sorry, not my twist. Thanks tho.” And he was like, “huh?” And I shook my head like, “I’m gay,” and he looked so upset like I just told him I was really a man or something 😂😂😂 I hate to fit the stereotype but yes, the female mechanic is gay, even with all my makeup and curls, I love women as much as the men do lol