orange and blue. not a good combination.
← […] sometimes there’s other things you think wouldn’t be a good combination, and they turn out to be a perfection combination. you know, like two people together, who nobody ever thought would be together. ever.

→ no, i can see that.


I have been suffering with clinical depression and suicidal ideation for 6 years now, and it has always been a huge obstacle in my life. It has always been there to ruin things for me and make me isolate myself from my friends and harm myself and drag me down.
But recently, markiplier’s videos have been able to make me genuinely laugh and zone out and enjoy myself whenever I’m having a depressive episode, and has been a huge coping method for me as of late. So, to my surprise, seeing him say this at the end of one of his videos literally made me cry right where I was (which was in public).

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w ut

Headcanon that Bea and Ben’s first child is born on the 10-year anniversary of the Love Gods filming and posting the Makeup Bloopers video.

i feel sometimes like i’m not allowed to talk about/vent about having to look after my grandmother here

i’m serious when i say i don’t. think charles was actually coded to be sexy

cause like

he’s not. this hypermasculine ~*male fantasy*~ type of guy like chris evans or sebastian stan or chris hemsworth like man he’s short and scruffy with long hair and like


like even in first class when he was getting laid like all the time it was mostly out of charm and not looks alone

like i honestly do not think we’re supposed to see him as hot and yet alas

The Lion and The Witch (Chapter 7 of ??)

AN: OKAY woooo chapter 7 is done! There is a LOT OF PLOT STUFF in this one, but now that it’s done I can focus more on Nano and Lalna’s journey so it’ll be more of them instead of going back and forth and all over the place Ffff. So I’m sorry about the word count and how long this chapter is (I thought about splitting it but it just doesn’t feel like it’d make sense if I did?). I didn’t mean to make it this long but it just sort of happened and I hope you all can make it through it lol. I promise it’ll go back to my average word length after this one. (Also a part of this I feel isn’t quite clear? so if you notice it and have a question please let me know! Anyway I hope whoever reads this enjoys and again not beta-d so if you notice anything please let me know and I’ll fix it asap! ALSO! To my new followers if you do not like slash of any kind please block the tag ‘luna writes slash’. Please enjoy!

Previous Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6.

Pairing: nanocoffee

Word Count: 10,486 (I am so sorry)

Rating: SFW  Possible trigger warnings though for body horror so please be careful!


While the land slept, people dreamed in the warm safety of their beds of things long since past, or of stories that inspired their imagination of dwarven fights and mountains of gold; a meeting was taking place. Beyond Khaz Modan, past the twilight forest, nestled just beside the great sea far from any other kingdom for miles in all directions, stood the kingdom ruled by the Great Lord Parvis. The castle was composed of dark red and charcoal colored bricks, with tall towers on each corner. A more central building was nestled beyond the tall gated walls that surrounded it. During this night a man stood outside it for a moment. Looking over the gates before he approached upon his horse. Lord Strife didn’t know why Parvis had sent him a rather short notice message to come to his castle as soon as he could. The urgency in the message was the only thing that had caught Will’s attention. Parvis wasn’t one to be urgent about anything. Will couldn’t think of any important ceremonies that they would’ve needed to do, which certainly wouldn’t take place here at the castle.

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Dorian being a smooth as fk cheeseball and singing a "Can't help falling in love with you"-esque song (yanno Elvis Pressly old times sexy kinda thing) to Rorie when they're both a little tipsy and happy and sappy for some reason.