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Sherlock series 3 quotes:
J: "I don’t mind."
S: "Any time."


Miles + Rachel | 2.14

"You need to stop worrying about me."

Note about Vegascon

Okay, so I know that a lot of us worry about what some fan might ask Jensen and Jared at the panels that might make them feel uncomfortable or people that might be mean or hateful during cons. But I just need to say that everyone I met was so nice. Everyone I met was genuine and sweet. So despite what you might hear about the fandom, a majority of us are part of the family and treat each other with respect. It’s weird how you often don’t hear about all of the incredible things fans do, mostly you just hear about the bad stuff, at least I did. I guess just remember that the good things are out there, even if you aren’t hearing about it. The whole cast got lots of love this weekend, and all the fans were incredible in my eyes.

bebeverage asked:

Hey, I'm a fan who's been following Work in Progress for some time now, have you and the other people working on the project come to a completion date? An estimate for the next demo? Thanks!

i’m surprised to hear from a wip fan here. i know i’ve posted some stuff, but i didn’t think people were aware of this blog in connection to my work on wip. the truth is, we don’t have any dates yet.  but we’re all working hard to get it done as soon as we can. thanks for your continued interest!

im trying to be happy about hanging around with people my age because i know its better for me but man. i swear no offence but they are so boring i dont want to hear about your fucking blog i dont want to read horoscopes i dont want to hear about that fucking gem show and how much you love it like i know im a terrible person for thinking this but jeez. stop being so fucking loud stop trying to make inside jokes and use them around other people on purpose to feel some kind of connection to me just stop. sometimes i think stuff like “god just grow up and shut up” but thats Bad because they are probably acting their age its just i was acting this age years ago its over and cringy. i cant hang out with the people i want to tho bc thats how relapses happen. i just pray to god that the day goes quick to tomorrow

(sits in chair backwards & folds arms on the back) hey kids wats up, idk how many people have seen my links page its sorta buried in other pages rn

i have numerous other blogs listed there including a personal (or more personal anyway). just lettin ya know incase anyone loves hearing mundane thoughts abt my life

hiya friends, new kin sideblog here so i figured i’d introduce myself. i can’t say much bc i dont really know what exact kin i id with in su? i’m thinking either sadie or rose quartz, and i’m definitely a crystal gem in some aspect (maybe not like a character we’ve seen) but i’m not sure on specifics just yet. but ye if anybody wants to chat or anything feel free to message me, and if u wanna talk about kin stuff my ears are always open :0 i love hearing about other people’s kin stuff! 

If I seem harsh or tough on you

I care. I truly really care, I honestly do. I use to be very sensitive and let people get over on me and no this isn’t a sob story about trust issues but I think it’s good to be tough on your loved ones. They deserve to hear how it is other than from another they thought wouldn’t hurt them. I’m not the type to say I told you so because no one likes hearing that shit. Some people can’t handle that so don’t rub it their faces. I don’t know, that stuff really gets to me but I think they will never learn unless they go through it and take away what they need from the situation that will help them in the future.

Qué sera, sera. you know?

One direction or any band or music artist

It’s really annoying hearing someone say shit about some of the people I love the most. They never did anything to that person and I hate the way everyone talks about them! They don’t know who they are they don’t understand them they can’t judge someone they never met its rude and very disrespectful. Who cares if they are a boy band. Who cares if they are alternative. Who cares if they are punk or metal or heavy metal or POp or any other type don’t judge the person and say mean stuff about them when you never even met them. Their music doesn’t always reflect who they are it can or it can’t. And I hate people like this bc they don’t even know anything about them!

“Yeah I’ve been giving them to mum ever since she told me but now that I know more people and made special bonds with some of them I feel its time to maybe branch out and teach more our race traditions with others”howlblack

She cringed at the idea, “well I understand giving
the feather to the person you trust, but lets not go
that far…. I don’t know… maybe we should talk
with your ma for a bit about that.”

She sighed and stretched her point hair. One could
hear the sound of flickering from how sharp and tough
it was. “Memories aren’t the only thing we hold. We got
a lot of traditional secrets that are intentionally kept. Shit
that a lot of spirits don’t even know about. I am not even
joking. There are even things that only certain Sisters of
Flight were suppose to know about.”

Their race was pretty chill in the beginning with other
races, but really downgraded to the point of isolating
themselves and becoming bitter towards those other
races; especially mortals. Got better after her sister
married a mortal man. Ha, he must have been something.

anonymous asked:

What do you get jealous of?

Lots of things it’s an awful thing sometimes because I KNOW that I’m overreacting and I’m just ridiculous with my thinking sometimes lmao. But for the most part I know it’s just a little jealousy when I hear some people talk a lot about other people (don’t get me wrong I love talking about other people in general conversation but like if it keeps happening and talking about the same one or few people then yeah it happens) or if I want to hang with someone but they’re with someone else that sparks it if they talk a lot about the person or like even silly little things like talking about how pretty some random girl is or if I feel like someone else could replace me or just stuff like that. 

Honestly I get jealous A LOT (possessive? I’m not really sure how possessive I am of people considering I know that you can’t really OWN a person y’know? But I guess that happens to, it comes with jealousy, like a little bit but not too much. Yeah I know you didn’t ask about me bein possessive but that was just a thought that popped up) but I’m fully aware that it’s over things that make no sense to get jealous over, and that I really shouldn’t be jealous. 

I think I’ve always been like this (with friends and crushes and stuff), never acted on it though, and it’s usually 100% more intense (is intense the right word to use? idk) if it’s a crush. Like in primary school I had this massive crush on this guy for four years and with that came my jealousy and ooh my god it was so bad when he would talk about other girls. And also god no I would never ever act on the jealousy in a way that would be spiteful or anything, never, never ever. Although I will get sulky for like half a minute and look around and try to talk about other things lol 

Thanks for the question!

(like psychically it’s a bad feeling too because I get all hot and my cheeks get really warm and I clench my teeth and my heart races and I don’t even know why it gets like that lol but yeah)

this blog

Hi. :) This is just a thing I started. If you have any input I will gladly accept it and put it in a post for sure! Definitely let me know what you think about stuff that relates. AND IF YOU NEED ADVICE FOR ANYTHING this is not the place to ask. Just kidding :) I will happily answer anything or talk back and forth with you about something. (doesn’t have to be about relationships) I’m a girl I love to talk. 

Also if I am wrong about anything please tell me. I would love to hear what other people think. That’s the whole point of this. And that maybe these thoughts will help someone along the way. I don’t mean to offend anyone, sorry if I have. 

Also again, some of the stuff might seem more M/F relationship based well because that’s what I pretend to understand. Not going to act like I know everything. I respect men and women of all genders. 

Hope you have a nice day :) Happy blogging/tumbling