i don’t even know what to do with myself anymore

Are you afraid of the big bad wolf?

Sketchy thing to help deal with my 50th Anniversary feels


There are expectations in how you play your character as a black woman, to be sassy and the same kind of feel, as if there are no quirky black women. I struggle with those things constantly, trying to add dimension to my work, and that’s the goal, too.


I buried the jar deep within the roots of the nemeton. It was their sacrifice that brought its power back.


Margaery Tyrell ± true emotions

(Requested by timeladywithhertardis.)


Faking It - 1x06 - Rehearsal | Actual

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life


Focus on the dream, focus on the details, picture them, feel them. The TARDIS will track on your subconscious and extract the relevant information. It should be able to home in on the moment in your timeline when you first had that dream.


The Morgenstern legacy


   meg in every episode [5x01 sympathy for the devil]

These are the days of miracle and wonder, Dean. Our father’s among us. You know we’re all dreaming again for the first time since we were human? It’s heaven on earth. Or hell. We really owe your brother a fruit basket.

One does not fuck with Daenerys Targaryen. It is known.

(Warm-up sketch for today… might do more on it later. How awesome was Game of Thrones yesterday?)


Come and meet the girl who can.

fangirl challenge: [3/5] cartoons/animes - Death Note.

"The real evil is the power to kill people. Someone who finds himself with that power is cursed. No matter how you use it, anything obtained by killing people can never bring true happiness."


"I’m gonna tell you something crazy. I never told anyone this before. but, honestly, I’m not sure I can remember what my mother looked like. it really seems like my whole life, Katara’s been the one looking out for me. she’s always been the one that’s… there."