Ever since I read this post I’ve never stopped wondering what major role Connie is going to play in the story, but I’ve always had a strong feeling that she’ll be very important or heavily involved with the story later on, with her name meanings and often mentioning about a magical destiny. 

So I’m pretty convinced that Connie would be the one to wield Rose’s sword I mean

When Steven got the sword he had no idea what to do with it or how to wield it until Connie took over and helped him

Later on she’s seen carrying the sword (which is super adorable tbh)

In “Open Book” once again she’s seen wielding a sword (and she’s darn good with it)

If anyone who has the most potential to wield Rose’s sword, it’s Connie. I think it’s very likely that she’ll be the wielder of Rose’s sword while Steven sticks to the shield, the weapons also suit their personalities respectively in my opinion. So maybe if there’s another battle in the future or just some adventures maybe she’ll get involved and will have to wield Rose’s sword.


In “Bubble Buddies” the first episode she made an appearance, after getting launched off from the moving roller coaster they landed right at the side of the sword which belongs to the temple’s statue

Foreshadowing? Maybe

and OH what’s this?

Ok now I’m hyped.

I just talked to a guy that interviewed 1d before. It went like this:

Me: You said you interviewed One Direction?
Him: Yeah.
Me: Was Louis beautiful?
Him: They were all good looking. They made me self conscious.
Me: But was Louis beautiful?
Him: *laughs* Yes, Louis was very beautiful.