i just wow this is such a cute photo


I was feeling pretty icky about my body/appearance lately like “gee maybe I shouldn’t cosplay so much anymore since I’m so much chubbier than everyone else, and I always prioritize studying over my health…” AND THEN THESE PHOTOS GAME BACK AND WOW I FEEL SO PRETTY WITH OTHER PRETTY GIRLS CHECK IT OUT. Just in time for Colossalcon to come around again <3

Photo by Ithilnar Photography
Bubbles is rinachur
Blossom is me!!

I tried a little bit of editing on the second photo and I think it turned out alright.

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Can you do a madtown reacts when you tell them your pregnant? Thank you!

Moos: Wh-… seriously?

*imagines being a dad*

*does a little happy dance*

Daewon: *immediately introduces himself to the baby*

*screams with excitement*

Lee Geon: *can’t believe it*

*goes hyper*

Jota: *looks at you proudly*

Wow, that’s fantastic!


You: You don’t know what?

Heojun: If I’ll be a good enough dad…

You: You’ll be a great dad!

Heojun: I’m joking! Of course I’ll be great!

Buffy: I don’t know about this…

You: O_o

Buffy: I can do it though, it’ll just take time.

You: What are you talking about???

Buffy: Brushing up on my cuteness of course, what else?

H.O: *gif explains all*

Gifs/photo ARE NOT mine. All credit goes to the owners.

[TRANS] D.O.’s hair color

1. [PANN] What if Do Kyungsoo…

goes blonde? Fans might die right? ㅇ<-<

Post Response [+178, -24]


1. [+111, -3] It will be like this

2. [+51, -2] I think it’ll be nice! The photo above is photoshopped but it’s pretty

3. [+51, -1] I can’t imagine it, it’ll be pretty though

4. [+43, -1] Please dye blonde just onceㅠㅠㅠ♥ It’s going to be freaking cute and legendary photos will be taken..

5. [+16, -0] This is not blonde but I want to see this

6. [+15, -0] I cannot forget his red hair


2. [PANN] Wow I wasn’t the only one

Everyone is longing for light-haired Kyungsoo… Please just onceㅠㅠ

Post Response [+144, -3]

1. [+40, -0] Might die of cuteness overload

2. [+34, -0] Hair designer, we don’t ask for a lot, this much is fine

3. [+25, -0] He really haven’t tried any colors other than black and brown. The lightest was the reddish one.

4. [+20, -0] We all want this, right?

5. [+9, -0] He starts shooting from June. There’s no possibility of bright hair color before repackage… (tears) Do your best for the shooting, Kyungsoo-ya

6. [+8, -0] I liked this color too

7. [+5, -0] We used to cry for Sehun’s black hair too but now that he finally got it, it wasn’t that surprising because we got so familiar with photoshopped black hair of Sehun lol


okay but i luv mothers day bc everybody posts baby photos and even if theyre candid they’re so cute because our moms are usually just looking at us smiling endlessly like those are my favorite photos where the kids have no idea what we’re doing but the moms just stare at us lovingly like imagine how much love they have for us just imagine it and its probably half of what they actually feel wow moms are great 

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omg omg i love jami so much (and yeah her url is harajukuuhowell haha) and tbh we would be cute together wow omg I’m just like omg okay haha 

(but yeah she’s perfect)

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pap=post a picture



this is my girl

just bein cute & gay as usual

meeting new found glory 1 of her favorite bands, if not her absolute favorite (she’s so tall look at her.  look how cute.  what a lil bean) (also that’s my best friend next to jordan) (right side of jordan) (chad is not my best friend)

and the most important of all

here she is after falling asleep on skype a few weeks ago.  she literally fell asleep like this.  it was incredible

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"Wow Professor, going through these old photos, you look like James McAvoy."

“…I look like who?” Charles asked, confused. “And where did you find all these?” Not that he was upset, just curious. The dusty old photos of his youth featured himself, a young Erik, Raven, Hank, Sean, Alex, and even Moira, Armando, and Angel. Those were the good times.

thewarnersibs replied to your photo “I submitted this to rainbow-the-zany, but it is a stunning piece of…”

wtf ur so cute….. ur smile is so cute i cant believe this

I present to you: my actual and literal chronological reaction. In screencaps

I don’t know why this was necessary. Btu, honestly, does any artist know why their art is necessary? Probably, actually. Just another reason why I’m a bad artist.

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Hi! I've been following your cosplay stuff for a while, but I had no idea you worked at American Apparel in Little Tokyo! I was there the other week, and you are so cute and beautiful in person, photos really do not do you justice!! I was way too fucking shy to say anything haha, but I just want to say I love your work (both cosplay and modeling), and I hope you have a lovely weekend!! :)

Oh wow! thank you so much! next time you are in you have to say hello! I’m really nice in person and I love meeting people with similar interests! haha aww maybe I’m not that photogeneic but I appreciate the compliment all the same ><

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idk how many of these youve watched but. love live school idol project, madoka magica, mirai nikki (this has a lot of gore tho if youre not into that), k-on is very cute and light hearted, akuma no riddle if you want something kinda trashy but really gay (not like ecchi trashy just not super quality)

huh. i wonder if ive seen love live. hm. gotta think about that while i stare longingly at photos of hoshizora rin. (#sarcasm, but yeah ive seen love live, it took over my life, very cute feel good anime, rin is best girl)

madoka was like. ok. like. the more i learn about it the less i like it. ive seen it a couple times. i dont think it really deserves all the hype it gets for bein ~dark and edgy~ bc utena did that years before it did and did it better. and at least ikuhara, for all his weird faults, doesnt think young girls deserve to suffer for their wishes (side-eyes the fuck out of gen urobuchi)

ive seen some of mirai nikki and its not really my jam (like u said im not TOO into gore, also like, i couldnt get attached to the characters so i didnt care during the horror aspect. im more for psych horror than for blood and guts horror)

k-on i couldnt get into, as much as i am here for cute girls doing cute things, i am more of a love live person. idk the love live girls had more personality i think.

i haven’t seen akuma no riddle but i’ve heard of it and might watch it someday :0

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You look so so SO cute in that photo with your hoodie and drink just wow I wanna cuddle that

^_^ I was going for that


May 22 2015 || senior rally
Today was the last senior rally of the 2014-2015 school year. It was a really crazy day considering the fact my class was insane on spirit. Like wow.. The top 3 dudes are my “senior baes” which were basically the guys who I was like wow they’re rly cute lol.. Welp.. Then the rest are just me and a couple of my friends today. Austyns photo is up there because we have the same last name and that is very important. Steven is up there because we take a traditional pic every year so -shrugs-

Not pictured is the pizza I had and the friends I shared it with.

But over all pretty good day

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Look! You have gained more experience and ability to express yourself and your drawing themselves. You just have to except it and say "wow Im improving!" At your own pace of course! I wish the best! - your sweet angel ( jk ) Blanket-kun

MORE CUTE FENNEC FOXES FOR U (no copyright issues the photos are mine I visited a zoo earlier heheh ;v;) 
thank you sweet angel blanket kun… >///< I should be more patient, yes! Sixteen years from now, I’ll be a lot better than how I am now (if you ask why sixteen I’m listening to Juby’s cover of izayoi seeing) like that song, everyone grows so, I too will in many ways. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you better things for you and everyone by that time XD even better, in less than 16 years WOAH that’s pretty far away, right :3

Have a nice weekend Blanket-kun! >v</