i just watched a sappy movie

For once, I’d like to be the oblivious one.

The one completely unaware of how someone feels, until he is standing there, shifting his feet, asking me to go to dinner, or to dance, or to drink tea and watch the sunset, or just anything lovely like that.

Call me old-fashioned, but for once I would like to be the one pleasantly surprised, to be the one saying yes. To be the one adored.

Just once. That’s all it would take.

I’m the type of person who will watch an entire movie just for that one scene, listen to the whole song for that one melody, read an entire book for that one sentence, drive the long way for that one dip in the road. I think living is to enjoy every detail. The build ups, and the climaxes. Even the smallest ones.

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can you do one where you make luke CUM IN HIS PANTS OMFG PLEASE THANKS

OH YA NASTEH LIL SHIT MHM DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW ABOUT THIS??? lmfao so uh idk if you want a blurb or an imagine so i’ll go with the first ok?

hmmm so you and luke are all cuddled up together in bed just watching whatever sappy movie you’d like to watch with him, and so moments later there was a scene where the two whatsoever couple in the film are all lovey-dovey in bed and he couldn’t help but stiffen when you moved your hand from his chest to his stomach and you couldn’t help but smirk mhm so you’d be teasing him a little by uh drawing little doodles on his wee lil tummy making him a bit uneasy “babe,” he’d say to warn you, and you couldn’t help but feel a bit pissed bc it’s been weeks since you and him had done something fun and so you thought you could play with him a bit as your hand stopped making shapes and moved from there to his thigh running your hand up and down making him squirm, but when he still wouldn’t budge you’d roll your eyes and climb on top of him smirking saying “i don’t wanna watch anymore” and he’d just look at you with wide eyes as you bite your lip and leaned down to kiss him softly then kiss his cheek, his chin, his jaws and his neck and collar bones making him squirm more but still not making a sound and so you’d grind on his obvious hard on and he’d be throwing his head back you managing to make him whimper as you continued your sweet sweet torture to him as he gripped your waist, and he’d prolly groaning and moaning your name now as the movie continues to play and both of you wouldn’t mind and you’d still be grinding on him a bit harder now and later on you’d feel him twitch and shit and he be blushing and all and he be so embarrassed when you felt the wet feeling down there on his pants and you’d just chuckle and take your shirt off and good lord it’s prolly turn into some submissive sex mhm goodbye world


I am going to do the shipping questions thing for maxicest even though no one asked, okay?

who beefs up their stories to sound cooler and who talks over them to tell the truth?
Pietro. He likes to be super dramatic to sound like a huge bad ass and Wanda just rolls her eyes and laugh at him.

who comes up with really bad, sappy pet names?
Neither? Occasionally they will both use nicknames but they aren’t really super sappy? 

who secretly really likes being called sappy pet names?
Neither. I think they would both enjoy hearing the other say their name more.

who makes one dish like amazingly well and who tries to get them to make it for every meal?
Pietro is literally never allowed to cook. He is way too impatient. 

who watches shitty sci-fi/romance/drama/horror/thriller/etc movies all the time?
Wanda would definitely watch like every movie about witches ever made, good or not.

who complains about the shitty movies but watches it all the way to the end of the credits every time?
He won’t complain about shitty movies, but if he doesn’t like the movie he just starts kissing her.

which one isn’t allowed to do the laundry and they know why (too many overflows, too much soap, etc)
Probably Pietro? TBH I have a hard time seeing him being super useful around the house simply because of his impatience. 

who keeps ‘borrowing’ whose clothes and why?
They both have very different styles, I can see her occasionally borrowing a shirt from him in the early morning but not much else.

who surprises the other/s by chilling naked/in revealing clothes every now and then?
Pietro. Hands down. He especially likes doing it in public spaces he knows Wanda may or may not walk through just to make everyone else uncomfortable. 

who is banned from throwing surprise parties?
The Avengers. All of them. Surprised superheros\super spies leads to them thinking they are being attacked and it just always ends badly. 

You move on so quickly

I’m sorry but is there any specific period of time of moving on that I’ve to abide? 6 months? a year? 2 years? And in that phase, what do you expect me to do? Cry every day? Think about my ex who clearly doesn’t even think about me? Watch sad movies while crying my eyeballs out? Tweet sappy sad stuff? Sit at home and isolate myself from society? Hate boys and diss each and everyone of them? If that is what I am expected to do for a year or 2 years then I apologize for not being absurd.

To be honest, I’ve done all of those. It is just a matter of fact that I am smart enough to detach myself from that suffering. If you think it was easy for me then you are wrong. I ached so badly, I became numb. And what is even worst than not being able to respond to sadness? Nothing. I was very defensive and thus, I missed out on knowing a lot of amazing people. Not only that, I could have gotten better grades and less people would get hurt by my actions. You don’t even have the slightest clue on what I went through for I only showed so little.

If you think by me, meeting a new guy is wrong, then you would agree that I shouldn’t be with someone who cares about me (a lot). You would also agree that I shouldn’t be with someone who’s willing to sacrifice a little just to see me and I shouldn’t be with someone who is not only academically smart but physically too. I also clearly shouldn’t be with someone who makes it clear that he loves me, not only just by words though but through actions as well. Because I should soooo be waiting for years and cry over someone who loves me (i think) but doesn’t do anything to keep me, right? :-)

However, whatever your opinions are, it should not bother me anyways because I have every rights and freedom on how I should live my life. Instead of criticizing everything that I am doing, how about you live your own life instead. Cheers!

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Relationships: Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Eleanor Calder/Louis Tomlinson
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Summary: I wanted to write a one shot fluffy piece about Louis’ drunk vine confession…so here it is. I’ve been watching sappy movies all day and I just wanted a grand declaration of love.

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Chuffery and Glinda

OTP Parent(ing) Meme… Send me a pairing and I’ll tell you who:

  • packs the lunches
    Chuffrey, Glinda is literally useless.
  • blows raspberries while cuddling
    Glinda, the lil cutie.
  • is the tickle monster
    Glinda, Chuffrey is far too serious.
  • gives life lesson speeches
    Chuffrey. He wants to make sure his kids are prepared.
  • kisses the boo-boos
    Glinda, she’s so sweet.
  • breaks the bad news
    Chuffrey because Glinda would just cry.
  • joins the PTA
    Both of them.
  • crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories
  • gives the crazy nicknames
    Glinda. She’s such a dork.

{If only he weren’t “as dry as two baked walnuts” in the words of Glinda herself. SOBS}

Watching AoE when in my worst moods somehow make me feel a bit better? idk, the movie at least cheers me up for over three hours. I love it.

The problem is I cried because I remembered that one promise to Crosshairs. And it seems I’ll be unable to keep it up for too long. Felt sorry and just… cried.

Would hate to disappoint my beloved Crosshairs… Then again, if he were real, he’d probably understand instead of coming up with the sappy and condescending bullshit everyone always uses with suicidals.

watching sappy movies and listening to The Smiths on repeat wondering if I should get myself together or just sit back and enjoy the vulnerability a little longer

( ✉ to sehun ) ↷ 

I miss you. Are you busy again? I was pretty busy too for a while there. It’s weird not being able to see you every day like before but I guess I’m getting use to it. You need to come by again and we can watch dumb movies while eating good foods. Don’t laugh at me either for being sappy. Even if we’re both busy I don’t want to lose contact again, okay? So if you don’t reply to my text I will come after you and make you pay. Don’t ask how because you know I don’t know. But I will figure it out. Next time you’re over bring Soojung if she isn’t busy. That way I’m not the only one being picked on. Anyway, I have to get back to work! Just wanted to see a really long best friendy type of text. I don’t do it often enough.

sometimes I just don’t know what to do, it’s like one day I’m so damn happy and then I’m in the deepest pits of darkness and I don’t know how to pull myself out of it. I don’t know how to tell people about it especially the ones I love. I don’t know how to talk. I wish I did. Things would be so much easier if I did. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m so up in my feelings today I don’t know what’s wrong. I’m just so done. I wanna just sit home and drink and watch sappy ass love movies all night. Which I never do. I just don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just don’t know. My god I just wanna tell someone but I don’t want them to judge me.

mutablemimic replied to your post “cora got almond coconut milk and frosted flakes yesterday and. it’s…”

omgsh i’m so jealous

i had a dream last night that i finally got to meet you at a pride day festival and we hugged and you were so big and soft and nice to hug and your hair was so nice and your voice was really high and i was so happy for you like. omg she’s so cute and pretty and looks great and sounds great and feels great and im so happy!!!

i know it’s gonna be just like that sasha!! and then we’ll go get almond coconut milk and frosted flakes and spend the night watching sappy movies and cuddling and ahhhhh i love you so much!!! im sorry im crying a little haha

It’s 3am so I will most likely post this again later BUT

today is my one year anniversary with theprettyboywonder and I can’t believe it.
I have found my soulmate. The one who gets me and deals with my insanity. The one who persevered with me through thick and thin. The one who I love with every fiber of myself.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life dicking off with you and watching stupid sappy animes and even more scary movies. It’s gonna be a blast.

Thank you for loving me Avis.
I know this is just one of many many many more years but we all have to start somewhere ♡

i just watched the cutest fucking movie it was so sappy and there were singing fairies it was obscenely adorable

Sappy time ❤️

I’m sorry if this turns out to be poetic trash or just absolutely horrible, but I feel so in love tonight. My boyfriend came over and we watched The Fault in Our Stars. We didn’t really enjoy the movie all that much but instead of watching it we kissed… A lot. At one point he was giving me these soft little kisses while also saying I love you. I have literally felt the words I love you on my lips and it’s beautiful..

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ooh i like this ship

who cooks normally?: Francis!! Arthur tried once and nearly burned down the house.

how often do they fight?: Not very often. They bicker a lot, though.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Arthur knits Tom Baker-style scarfs while Francis is away. Francis is hella worried about Arthur when he’s gone ;^; he probably watches sappy romance movies until his boyfriend returns

nicknames for each other?: Francis probably has some cute French nickname for Arthur… idk I don’t speak French. Arthur probably just affectionately swears at him like wow arthur pls

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: they’d end up fighting over who pays for dinner. The waitress/waiter has to break it up.

who steals the covers at night?: ARTHUR OMG

what would they get each other for gifts?: Francis spoils Arthur rotten omg flowers, chocolates, everything. idk what Arthur would buy Francis… Something terribly sappy though.

who remembers things?: FRANCIS holy shit Arthur is terrible at remembering things

who cusses more?: do I even need to answer this?? Arthur swears all the time and it drives Francis insane.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: both would flip their shit no matter how mild the situation was. Arthur probably carries around a First Aid kit just in case.

who kissed who first?: I like to think that Arthur kissed Francis first. It would be super awkward and sudden but but Francis would think it was v cute

who made the first move?: Francis; Arthur is a nervous wreck when it comes to romance.

who started the relationship?: ^^

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sobs. #45

They had been lazing around his house. Levi was staying over for a few days before he had go out to visit his mother out of province. It had been a slow day, they were going out later tonight. Levi hadn’t recorded much since they had been just doing gross sappy couple stuff. Plus it wasn’t anything interesting. Laying on Mike’s couch, watching movies on Netflix. They had just finished a foreign drama and Levi was getting up. 

The man rose up, hair slightly astray and he had this cute look to him. Beginning to speak, Mike was quick to cut him off with a kiss, pushing him back down. Small sweet little kisses were shared. “Mmm. You look adorable, Lee.” 


You see, actually it’s not hard to make me happy; in fact it’s super easy. Give me food. Be it hamburger, fried fries, pizza, potato chip beef flavored. Or just ask me to eat with you. Take me to art museum. Or art market. Art festival. Take me to watch movie with you. Or animes. Or TV series. Talk to me about anything that I’m interested in. Art. Music. Game. FooOOod. Film. People. Social Issues. Woman. Animal. Anything related to Japan.

And you.

You see, falling in love is silly. You get self-conscious. You do embarrassing things. You smile when you’re alone. You get excited and start jumping at the mere mention of their name. You do things outside of your comfort zone. You go out of your way. Your patience grows. Things that may inconvenience you, you’re happy and excited to do them. You actually take joy in making that extra effort to please them and show them how much you care. You miss them. You just can’t bring yourself to say goodbye to them. You want to stretch the goodbye for as long as you can. You can’t get enough. Hell. Love makes you weak. And look like a dumb. It’s bad for you.

Falling in love with the wrong person is even worse. Nothing is worse than starting a relationship that you know is going to be over anyway. Being with the person you love makes you happy, but being with the person that is not supposed to be with you takes the happiness away the second you feel it.

You see, at first I thought it’s not going to last this long. I thought it’s just a temporary emotion. I thought I will get bored quickly. I thought this will end up soon. That’s why I let myself started this. I mean, it’s always been like that. But here I am. It’s still here. It’s not vanishing at all. Not even a bit. It’s growing. It’s still growing. And I can’t stop it. It’s out of my control.

And I’m terribly afraid of it; of you, the knife I turn inside myself.

…love really is doomed from the beginning yet we continue to nearly kill ourselves anyway just to taste it. — Unknown