i just want to run away from all this shit like

I’m so sorry, guys, but I don’t really have the motivation to even view this dumb ass site anymore, much less do requests right now. I could never leave the Hidashi fandom ever, I love you guys too much to do anything like that, but this is getting ridiculous… I was hoping that this war would soon end, but the antis don’t want to let us be free to ship what we want to. Clearly they’re too blind by their own ridiculous, pathetic rage to see that there were people behind those blogs that they so selfishly got terminated, people who probably feel like utter shit now that months and months—maybe even years—of blogging and making people happy have been ripped away from them, all because some self-centered, ignorant people couldn’t just ignore it and move on. That’s what I do when I run into something I don’t like, I just ignore it to the best of my ability and move on.

I’ll still be around on Twitter and AO3, but Tumblr has become a disgrace for me to continue to stay on. I will be taking requests here (if the people haven’t decided to target my blog next) and posting them to AO3. Thank you guys for being understanding, but hidashi-drabbles has to come to an end…

I thought this would all blow over and maybe one day the antis and the shippers could possibly befriend one another despite their likes and dislikes, but apparently, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. I hate to do this, but this will be my official last post. Feel free to request things before the blog is gone forever, whenever that will be… no doubt anytime soon.

I hope you whiny, bratty, childish, piss-baby antis are proud of yourselves. You guys aren’t “protecting CSA victims” or whatever bullshit you guys conjured up just for a reason to hate on a fictional ship, all you’re doing is being complete assholes. We were doing absolutely nothing wrong but trying not to start a war with you guys, but you have made it absolutely impossible.

To the shippers/people whose blogs were deleted/Hidashi fandom:

To the antis:

EDIT: Here are the links to my alternative blog and my AO3 account.

Seattle. let’s just go there already. we talked about it, and I know you were probably joking, but I swear to God I already see the creaking apartment with the perfect view of the mountains, and it’s like I already smell the rain that sneaked its way into our ceiling. you could forget all about your girlfriend and I could leave behind my demons, and it could finally just be you and me. isn’t that what you wanted? or was that just what I wanted? fuck, you can’t kid about these kinds of things with me. I’m a very fragile optimist. it’s already breaking me to think of being there with anyone else, or being there alone. can’t we just run away from all this shit? don’t you want to leave this town?
—  whiskey diaries | a.v.

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Bitch can you please just stop doing what youre doing can you not see that more people are starting to hate you and all these other faggots because youre tearing their favorite blog apart? This rouge shit is so unnecessary you pretween like cmon nigga can you not just work together and run a successful blog like a decent non-terrible human being? smh niggas makin me sick. Flat out ditch AllTeensRelate or stop being a douche.

This is why I’m staying away from the drama, this has nothing to do with me, or any of the other members really. You want to know what this is really about it’s a dick measuring contest between mxcleod and asvprock who can’t put their differences aside and decided to battle it out for the blog instead.

i’m still so about suddenly superhero au where blake is the first to realize she’s developed powers (by leaving a shadow while running away from people who bully and abuse her regularly) and the only one she’s not scared to tell is sun whos the trademark powerless dork best friend who tries to convince blake to wear a costume (”all heroes wear costumes blake!” “i’m not a hero, sun! i’m a freak!”) and do hero-y stuff which she doesn’t really want to do but kind of falls into doing anyways (not the suit tho)

and then sun’s like “HOLY SHIT BLAKE you know know that really popular jock girl?? the only girl on the football team?? xiao long?? she just kept getting pummeled and she got up ever time and hit back?? she was perfectly fine?? and blake’s like “don’t say it” and sun’s like “THERE ARE MORE OUT THERE THAN JUST YOU”

and sunnybees eventually do turn into a crime fighting trio and blake’s like “okay. i can do with this. just you two tho.” and yang and sun are just like “yeah of course blake!!”

and then yang and sun keep bringing in more kids discovering they suddenly have powers (”your SISTER yang?? your SISTER??”) and blake accidentally becomes the grumpy leader of a misfit band of superheroes.



Imagine Patroclus and Achilles being reincarnated as princesses and instead of exile Patroclus runs away from a marriage she doesn’t want and Achilles becomes a really awesome powerful Margaery tyrell type queen who is talented and a total babe and Patroclus hides in her kingdom and becomes one of her maids and the minute Achilles sees her she is like Holy Shit and calls on her all the time and Patroclus is basically with her all the time ((the king is just like “haha gal pals” he doesn’t really Care)) and Patroclus is a little Unsure like she Knows that the Queen is so important to her but she can’t remember why but like seeing her for the first time was like being able to breathe for the first time and basically stuff Escalates U Know but anyways they’re laying in bed after the first time and Patroclus is like “why me” and Achilles smiles, brushes back the part of her hair that always sticks out in any life, traces the curve of her neck, “don’t you feel it? I Knew once I saw you” and Patroclus knows but she says “knew what?” because she has always liked to hear Achilles say it, even though in this life she’s only saying it for the first time, so Achilles says, “I knew that I’d found you again” and Patroclus doesn’t say anything and Achilles has the faintest moment of uncertainty, one of those rare moments where she needs reassurance, says “didn’t you?” And Patroclus smiles and says, finally, “I would know you in any life.”

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Do you like Dylan O'Brien ?

gross, i hate him so much i run a twitter account for him, (under the name dylansupport, just in case u want to follow my account, ~self promotion~) he’s so gross get him away from me

ok but in all serious-ness, i love him so much it hurts, it’s gross, he’s gross juST WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SO FAMOUS, ive wanted to and have been trying to meet him since 2011 IT MAKES ME SO SAD CAUSE I’VE BEEN IN THE SAME ROOM AS HIM AND EVEN TALKED TO HIM AND SHARED A FEW LAUGHS WITH HIM AND ACTUALLY MADE HIM LAUGH AND ????? ALL I WANT IS A PHOTO WITH HIM AND A HUG FROM HIM AND HE KNOWS MY TWITTER AND ITS LIKE ????? I JUST WANNA RUN INTO HIM AT COMIC CON WHEN HE DOESNT HAVE A SHIT TON OF SECURITY GUARDS, WHY IS THAT SO HARD, HE KNOWS MY TWITTER LIKE all the old twitter accounts seem to have already met him and im just here like “pls let me meet u finally” im gonna be like 30 and still havent met him

dONT taLK TO ME ABOut dylan o’brien!!!!!!!! 

depression is like this thing that lurks under the surface of everything i do even when im smiling or laughing and like everything i do is an attempt to run away or escape from it then i get triggered and  surrender and say fuck it and just let it swallow me whole and wash over me

its gonna take me a minute but honestly

depression can just go fuck its self

i cant think of a single reason to keep on living and minor accomplishments dont mean shit if i cant think  of a  reason  to get out of bed in the morning 

i know i want to be alive but i rly dont know why

i hate myself and the life i feel im inevitably doomed to live but like

 middle fingers up while turning drizz y all the way up and attempting to heal and transcend whenever possible and riding this life wave straight into the fucking apocalypse i guess 

Blackened wishes

She held out her hand and said “come and play”
we’ll run away and let it all go away
Let us stray away from all this
All this pain that’s found its way
Into our way
So stay…
Stay with me today
For now and forever
Let’s just fuck what they say
This is what you want
Isn’t it now?
And then it all went black
and her face began to fade
She kept walking closer
And I wanted her away
I told her “don’t come near me”
And then she began to cry
I felt like shit
And then a voice said “then just die”

 - - { H } 
      Conversation came easy
      to her; jokes slipping carefree
      from full lips. She was a touch
      too cocky at times, other times
      simply too drunk to recognize 
      that some things should just be 
      kept to herself.

      Flirting, however, was an art
      all in its own. She knew how to
      bat her eyes to get what she
      wanted easy enough, but admit
      her feelings? Yeah, right. 

      She stammers, cracks her knuckles
      and tries oh-so-hard not to stare or 
      give away the fact her heart is beating
      like a frantic hummingbird. One hand 
      running through dark locks and a 
      light smile give the appearance that she’s
      under control. That’s all she needs. 

The past week

I can soliloquize about the events all that I want but somehow I know that it won’t be concrete until Friday when I have to explain to my mother that for the past week I’ve fled from my home in fear after a glass was thrown against the wall, slept in several different places that welcomed me without hesitation, crashed my bicycle, sang one of my favorite terrible dance anthems with a favorite person, and then got “laid off” so in two weeks I won’t have a day job.

Forthcoming: find a job? Find a new place to live? Sell a lot of my goddamn shit. Run away to the mountains and pretend to be a bear and just eat a diet of huckleberries and long grass.

I’m just spitballing here but the bear thing seems the most likely.

Sometimes i feel like i want to be a bird too, i want to fly away, far away from all this shit. I want to run from all of the problems in my life. But i need to be realistic here, that all of these might not be possible. What i really need to do is to just face all of this, cause that’s the reality of this life, we cannot hide and run from all the problems that we have right now.. Sooner or later we need to make things clear for us to feel better and be free again.

  • Me:I'm so depressed I just want to disappear and run away and never look back and leave it all behind...
  • Non-melanin person:Black people get depressed!?
  • Me:No of course we don't I'm just a melanin man in America who not only already has two strikes against him since birth, I also have to deal with being judged daily, racist remarks and actions from ignorant people, people take me for granted, insult my intelligence, act like I can't be intelligent and melanated, they call me weird cause I don't act "thuggish or gangster", I get told I talk white because I use proper English or like white people have their own language, and then it's hard to follow and pursue your dreams when everyone is telling you you not gonna be shit without a job or school. Then I'm single as fuck had my heart played with two times too many, I'm a struggling artist, who only wants to do poetry music and model for the rest of my life, and people are so shallow they never actually get to experience the depth of me because they're so worried about judging me or categorizing me. Other than that and plenty more I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to feel superseded without it being made to seem like because of my color I can't feel some type of way!!!

Lately, I really just been going so much to the point where I don’t care about anyone or anything. It’s like I hurt people but at the same time they don’t know what I’m going through and shit. It’s nice to try and talk to me about it but honestly half the time I don’t even listen. My thoughts just tend to take over and I just don’t worry about what’s being said because it’s not going to help me in the long run. In complete honesty I really don’t want to be here on Earth but I also am not willing to take my own life either. I feel like I’m here for a great ass reason but at the same time I’m like is this reason really all that or is it just me making it seem like that? Like I just want to run away from the world my problems my life everything just to start over completely. I really came to the understanding of that life is only what you make it so live it how you want to but I can’t do that bc I’m not living. I’m just going through the motions of life with little happiness and joy but nothing is ever written in stone. I do think that I struggle with depression and anxiety but my coverup for my life is so damn good that nobody knows that. The only way I think I will be able to be the person I want to is to start over and try again. It’s just hard bc I’m not the type who like to be around a lot of people nor sit there and talk about my feelings to others. I rather just hold everything in and pretend that my life is great. I’m sorry if I hurt you in the process but it’s just how I can handle things, which is why I try not to get close to people.

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"I trusted you!"

        Amethyst irises were peering down at the other as he shook his hand free from his ankle- retorting with a slight kick to the head before reaching down to yank him up by his hair. It was pathetic how he was acting. He’d of thought the blond would just give up and submit already, but it didn’t seem like he welcomed what was going on. With his fingers tightly gripping the other in a firm, hard grip, the younger male was practically at his mercy. Whether he wanted to end him now was entirely up to him, and with two of his slaves keeping him from escaping it was highly unlikely he would be getting away anytime soon. “Aw, what’s wrong, Alibaba? Running out of ideas?” He laughed mockingly, putting more pressure on his hold as he jerked him up more roughly- to the point that he could easily yank his hair off his scalp.

       He looked down at his expression all the while in slight merriment as what could be seen on Alibaba’s face was vast devastation, eyes-widen with disbelieve shock. Was being betrayed by the slaver really that shocking? Someone who tortured innocent people since he was but a little child, with a gleeful expression all the while was actually trusted so easily? That just made his betrayal that much enjoyable. He never seen Alibaba so shocked before, even he was shocked, yet Jamil didn’t allow it to show on his outer surface. Instead of showing sympathy for what he done to him, the male was just smiling away in absolute triumphant over how much superiority he had at the moment and how much pleasure he’ll get by making him feel like complete shit.

      He had never forgotten how smart-assed Alibaba was to him in Amon’s dungeon, and how much he ridiculed him, so this was more revenge than it was betrayal. Nevertheless, he should of seen this coming- Jamil would never forget such embarrassment he endured thanks to him. Nor would he let it go unpunished. Befriending him, and betraying him in the end instead of getting someone to kill him was a good idea. If he did the opposite he wouldn’t of gotten the chance to torture him like this. “To think you can trust someone who harmed a friend of yours for years so easily is really something. I don’t know if I should feel sorry for you, or just laugh at how stupid you really are.” Jamil said darkly, reveling in his expressions as he decided to belittle him further.

        “Did you really believe I cared even the slightest bit about you? That I actually was going to change my ways so easy? It should’ve been obvious since the moment we first met that I didn’t care about you. Had you of been a good little boy and did your job correctly and just died for me back when we were in the dungeon this could of been avoided…Now you have yourself to blame for whatever it is I do to you now~” His tone menacing, Jamil let go of the other’s hair, replacing it with his foot as he pressed the other’s face against the muddy surface of the ground. Then leaning closer to the other, he whispered. “Just face it; I never cared for you, and I never will. You were just something to pass the time.”

        A grunt could be heard slipping from the smaller male, cheek turned and a grimace of slight pain crossing his complexion. But the slaver felt nothing, he just chuckled and decided to have his way with him. Grinding his foot further, to the point where it can hurt he gave one of his scarring smiles. “No hard feelings though, Alibaba. I don’t hate you as much as before. Well, not to the point where I want to kill you too quickly~ I actually see some potential left in you. Which would just seem too foolish to waste. So…How about becoming my slave?” Ignoring the new look transitioning on the other’s face, Jamil just smirked and moved his head up and down, as if to make it seem like he was nodding in agreement. “Excellent~ It’s settled then~!”

I figured out a lot about myself this weekend and it was kinda crazy. On the way to Spartanburg my car decided to take a shit and prevented me from making it. Which really upset me. I mean this thing is only 15 years old. Ha. So I pretty much had a nervous break down and locked myself in my room for a couple hours and talked to my mother through the door about life and how being an adult was shitty and that I missed my dad. And how all my friends are happy and moving forward in their lives and I am litterally going no where. I have no idea what I want to do, or what I want to be. All I know is I want to marry Claire and just run away. But I guess I have to fill the time in between with something. I really wish I could go after one of my passions and I explained this to my mom and how I felt like school wasn’t for me, and she well, agreed with me. She told me that I was going to school to make her and my dad happy and I’m not doing anything for my own happiness. And it’s funny how I lay here sometimes and think about quiting and just finding something to do that I actually like and think, “no, I can’t do this I promised dad I wouldn’t quit.”. I guess I’m not as over this whole him being gone thing as I thought I was. So my plan, save up go after my passions. Try gaming, and acting and music and stay in school, sadly. And I’m going to figure myself out. I swear.

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"More importantly you do not get to judge marginalized people for how they feel towards a lack of representation." Sure I can. Don't want to watch/support something? Fine. Writing about how much you hope it will bomb, though, makes you a piece of shit. Just like I'd be a piece a shit for wanting, say, How to Get Away Murder with to bomb because it doesn't represent me. Not everything has to be about ME, ME, ME all the time. And crapping on others' representation is fucking selfish as hell.

sure, you CAN. nobody is physically stopping you from judging it. but should you?

you’re acting like characters of color are on an equal playing field as white characters and they’re not. the scales are not balanced.


mod m here, 

you’ve literally run the gamut from trying to change your position on what you said to throwing black people under the bus (despite the fact that their hypervisibility doesn’t benefit them at all because most of the time its in the form of harmful stereotypes). To calling us pieces of shit.

And you know what? I’m done with trying to show you how your belief in reverse racism (because make no mistake trying to claim that a white woman led show needs to be protected from PoC who aren’t even calling for boycotts just venting their frustrations is actually to believe in reverse racism) is harmful to us.

Instead of calling for representation for yourself, talking about this on your own blog to spew your beliefs to other White Feminists (whether or not you’re white you’re only defending yourself and White Feminists), or finding some way to vent your frustration constructively you are just harassing us. 

So tell me Nonny what is the point of your arguing with us? Besides to tone police us, harass us and in general protect White Feminism. 

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*gives url and runs away ;-;*

Send me a url and I’ll answer the following:

Opinion on:

Character in general: I like Mito, because since she’s such an obscure and undevelopped character, one could portray her in many different ways; so depending on the RPer, fanfic author, or fanartist, she could be a completely different character in each portrayal. It’s kinda refreshing, because as much as I love main characters with tons of screentime and development, if you follow 3 different, say, Narutos, you can be pretty sure of what you’re gonna get from each different portrayal.
How they play them: Your Mito is pretty 3-dimensional, which is kinda nice compared to all the “personified trope” Naruto characters XD I also just kinda like your writing.
The Mun: I don’t know you very well, but you seem really nice! ^.^

Do I:

RP with them: Unfortunately nooo
Want to RP with them: Yee

What is my:

Overall Opinion: Nice theme, really good writing. Kinda makes me jealous because my writing is mostly the narrator making bad puns and similes, but oh well XD

im a fucking bourdon to my family. it be better off if i was gone anyways. i cant seem to do shit right. im this big disappointment to my parents. all i fucking do is disappointment. its been almost a fucking year and i haven’t gotten any better. ive got a hell of a lot worse and i doubt i’ll be able to fix it in less than 3 days. fuck i dont even know what im doing anymore. i just want to run away from everything. i guess thats what im doing though. im tired of feeling like this and hating myself and every little thing that i fucking do. god i cant fucking stand myself. i piss myself off more than anyone else. i absolutely hate the person i am. i already have everything planned on what im going to do friday. fuck thats all ive ever thought about. different ways that i havent tried before. ive put so much thought into this so i surely wont fail. im not even a tad bit scared anymore. i just feel empty and i feel like i have no one. i cant talked to anyone about this and i need to so badly but i guess its too late. im just done with everything.