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fangirl challenge: [3/5] cartoons/animes - Death Note.

"The real evil is the power to kill people. Someone who finds himself with that power is cursed. No matter how you use it, anything obtained by killing people can never bring true happiness."


Young Jonathan Toews with a dinosaur stamp on his cheek (X)

Alex forgets how to human


Regina Mills Appreciation Week

↳ Day 4 | Favourite heartbreaking moments


HeyUSA Trailer: Road-trippin ‘round ‘Murica with Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart

I hear it all too often: “I’m not racist, but I just wouldn’t date [insert race/ethnicity].” If you have to start a sentence with a clarification that you’re not racist, that’s a pretty good indicator that you need to reevaluate whatever you’re about to say. You can’t know whether or not you have chemistry with someone unless you get to know them. So be open-minded.

I just got off an hour-long argument with a friend over Skype about this topic when I should have just shoved this article in their face and have done with it.


24 days of louis: day 8: ot3(s)


This is an open apology to anyone who followed me expecting me to be a single fandom blog, I am so sorry


Miles & Monroe | 2.16

"So, Neville’s with the Patriots?"


It is going to be a very, very long time before you ever see them again
- All right. You win.

I finished watching the whole playlist of AVGN episodes earlier today, so I thought to myself that I needed something new to watch.

After digging around for a while I found what I was looking for.

I told you I was gonna draw more of these guys.

Also Akira is 187 cm, Nick’s 176 and Roger’s 178-180.


I kind of find the whole “he saved me” (“while I was at a dark place” “he brought laughter into my life” “I owe him my life” etc.) thing that is so common in the youtuber fandoms a bit creepy. I completely understand the intent of such comments, and I understand why you feel the need to express them, and I just understand the whole concept. (hey, when I started watching Toby’s videos I was at a pretty low place myself, so trust me, I get it.)

But I think it’s the wording that skeeves me out. It’s the phrase “he saved me”. Is this a fandom or a cult? These people are awesome, but they’re just humans doing their job, and I feel really awkward when people raise them into the skies like they were motherfucking holy prophets.

And you know what? If you were strong enough to back away from a suicide attempt, or get out of that dark place you were in, you goddamn deserve to take credit for that yourself. Even if this youtuber and the laughter they brought into your life helped, in the end you were the one doing all the fighting. Give yourself some credit. A youtuber didn’t save your life, you did.